The Cook Islands provide some of the strongest legal statutes available for privacy and protection from financial predators or frivolous legal action. The domicile has just introduced the next level in their legal structure portfolio, the Cook Islands LLC. So, for maximum asset protection, you must implement Cook Islands LLC offshore LLC into your plan and achieve utmost security in your business.

Why Cook Islands LLC?

The Cook Islands International Limited Liability Companies Act 2008 (“the Act”) follows the model adopted in a number of U.S. States. It goes further, however, to give statutory certainty on several key issues of concern to US attorneys using domestic US LLC statutes. The Act also introduces several unique asset protection features, consistent with the importance of this industry in the Cook Islands. With this Act, numerous features were put into the Cook Islands LLC laws that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  • Any member of a Cook Islands LLC with a charging order can still act and exercise their rights as a member so there isn’t a lien on a member’s interest.
  • A creditor with a charging order cannot interfere or participate with the operations of the company nor can they seize, transfer or liquidate any company assets or force the dissolution of the company
  • Foreign judgments on interest to satisfy a claim are not recognized
  • Ional Businesses can opt out of any asset protection statutes
  • Absolute confidentiality provided

Why Choose Global Wealth Protection?

The Cook Islands LLC is an offshore Limited Liability Company that is one of the more outstanding solutions for optimum and lucrative wealth management and effective asset protection.

By having your assets owned by an offshore entity, locating the assets becomes nearly impossible.  There are also significant tax benefits if properly structured.  It can even reduce your cost of insurance you spend on excessive liability or malpractice insurance.

  • One year of consulting from our team of experts
  • One year registered agent and registered office service
  • Preparation and filing of the Memorandum of Association with the Registrar of Companies in the country of your choice
  • A physical business address
  • A Cook Islands LLC operating agreement that has been written by one of the country’s most prestigious asset protection attorneys.  This operating agreement has been written to provide the utmost protection of your assets from creditors in case of a judgment
  • One year of nominee director service

At Global Wealth Protection, we help in asset protection in the form of Cook Islands LLC. Now you can diversify your offshore businesses and enjoy the innumerable benefits of Cook Islands LLC.

“With a solid reputation and experienced offshore experts, our clients come to us knowing they will be dealt with in a prompt and confidential manner,” says Bobby Casey, Managing Director, Global Wealth Protection, LLC.

With ‘customized offshore asset protection solutions,’ we help our clients to establish their own Cook Islands LLC. Giving accurate advice and suggestions at every stage of the process, we make sure that every demand of our client is met with promptness.

At Global Wealth Protection, we offer offshore company formation in the form of Cook Islands LLC with:

  • Complete secrecy and privacy of your offshore business strategies
  • Safeguarding of liquid assets so that they get legally merged in the investment portfolios
  • Ideal business solutions for expatriates who invest in offshore businesses and want their deft management
  • Immunity from high risk of capital and investment

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more about how we can help you establish your own Cook Island LLC today!

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