Do you think your data is safe on the internet? Believe it or not, you are always being tracked on the Internet and all your data is always at risk of being scooped up, sifted, sorted, bought and sold.

Always keep in mind that nothing on the internet is offshore unless you make it offshore. So, what should you do? What are the security options for protecting your data privacy online?

Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software – Gives You The Peace of Mind

Cryptohippe is a superlative Internet Security Tool that can protect your Internet traffic and that of your family and customers.

Cryptohippie gives you military-grade technology in an easy-to-use form. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use this system because even though it was built by top professionals, it was designed for average computer users.

The installation of Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software on your computer takes about 15 minutes; after that you can use the Internet immediately – as you always have and with peace of mind.

Why Global Wealth Protection?

We, at Global Wealth Protection, understand the significance of your precious financial and other business data. This is why we bring to you the Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software for the absolute safety and security of your wide array of data.

7 Days Free Trial: Our friends at Cryptohippie have graciously agreed to offer Global Wealth Protection clients a free 7-days trial of their amazing software. Click the link below for your free trial.

Now, don’t fear of hackers and trackers, who want to intrude and break into you data through the cyber world. Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software will save you from any such attack ensure 100% protection against intrusion. Here are some of benefits that Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software offers –

  • Complete safety from Internet hackers
  • Surveillance against scooping, sifting, sorting, buying and purchasing of your online data
  • High grade technology that is easy-to-use but difficult-to-break-in
  • Easy and hassle free operations
  • Designed and devised by top notch professional considering every nuance involved
  • Rapid installation and instant execution with cent percent result

Get peace of mind and online security instantly!

Global Wealth Protection brings you Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software that comes with one of the most sought-after thing the “Complete peace of mind”. Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software, under the umbrella of Global Wealth Protection, does not come alone. It comes with a lot of additional facilities like secure email, encrypted chat and money-back guarantee in case clients are not satisfied with its performance.

What is Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software all about?

Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software is a securely encrypted connection from an individual’s computer to Cryptohippie anonymity network. Now from that destination, the client’s traffic passes through dual national jurisdictions and mislays all association with the identifiers. After this, the traffic and all other data entities emerge from clients’ network over to a distant location.


  • Easy to install and use software
  • Available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux
  • Works in almost any environment
  • High speed (3.5Mbit/s median)
  • All protection methods enabled
  • Protects web surfing, email, VoIP
  • Closed group network access
  • Includes secure email account
  • Includes secure network disk
  • Includes secure instant messaging
  • Install on multiple computers allowed
  • 25 GB of monthly traffic included
  • Telephone and email support

The best thing is that the client can still check his or her mails and surf the Internet while the security procedures of Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software are in progress. Interestingly, until you decide to disclose your identity, no one in the world can come to know who you are.

Why Global Wealth Protection?

We, at Global Wealth Protection, come across diverse kinds of clients, such as business personals, financial professionals, small and big investors, medicos, attorneys, realtors, students, scientists, parents, homemakers, national and international travelers. What they have in common is their concerns for their data and traffic security and privacy of cyber profile.

With Cryptohippie Internet Privacy Software, Global Wealth Protection guarantees privacy protection to every client. Get hold of this superlative Internet security solution and an ultimate tool for making your cyber life hassle-free. No need to get any other spy-ware, as all you need is a comprehensive data protection service from Global Wealth Protection.

Our friends at Cryptohippie have graciously agreed to offer Global Wealth Protection clients a free 7 day trial of their amazing software.   Click the link below for your free trial.

Cryptohippie – Internet Privacy