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For the first time ever my team and I are going to personally help you create and implement all aspects of a true offshore strategy.

Here’s The Deal:

August 10th-19th we will meet in Panama City, Panama where we will hammer out all of the steps necessary to:

    • Open your offshore bank account. We will literally walk you into the bank and facilitate opening your own account SAME DAY!
    • Open a Panamanian IBC (International Business Company).  Next, we’ll create the offshore company that’s necessary to apply and obtain residency in Panama (and you can certainly use this for other purposes which we’ll explain in detail).
    • Apply for residency.  Next, we will walk you in to the migration office and take you step-by-step through applying for your residency.
    • Tour a top-security offshore metals vault.  One of the strategies we are personally implementing as fiat currency goes through the next phase in it’s cycle is purchasing and investing in physical assets such as real estate and metals.

To top it off, since we will have some down time in between visiting the lawyer’s office, running to the migration office, and the bank we’ll also be there to personally work with you one on one and share strategies and ideas we’re giving to our top clients:

    • Bobby Casey: Asset Protection Presentation.  Bobby will give specific step-by-step advice for all of us to apply to our offshore and domestic asset protection strategy.  Including what’s working now and some of the best and easiest ways to create a veil of privacy and protection around everything you own.
    • Gordon Haave: Economic Presentation.  Gordon will be there to give a macro and micro analysis of the economy today.  What’s going on behind the scenes, where the opportunities are, and what to avoid in the immediate and foreseeable future.
    • Knut Andersen: Rare, Precious and Strategic Metals Presentation.  As we go through the next predictable cycle of the economy our team and our clients are implementing hard asset strategies to protect and grow our wealth.  Knut is one of the top experts in the world in rare and strategic metals and the supply and demand of each from gold all the way to indium.  He’ll be close by to show you how to purchase, move, and store metals offshore.
    • One-on-one Consultations.  Because our group is limited to 10 we’ll be able to spend ample time with each and every person to go over your personal situation.  This includes structuring your assets, planning trusts and foundations, and just about anything else you can think of.

Where and When?

August 10th-19th we’ll be hanging out at our favorite hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City, Panama.  The Hard Rock Hotel is in a great central location, has multiple restaurants and nightlife on site, a gorgeous rooftop pool and adjacent to a shopping mall.

You might be wondering why we’re spending a little over a solid week there and that’s because you will leave Panama City with your bank account open and your temporary residence permit in hand.  These processes take time, but we will be with you every step of the way.

We have streamlined this process down so that you can get your bank account opened, your IBC registered and your residency process started all in one visit.

While it’s subject to change slightly, here is the tentative schedule:

  • Everyday.  Breakfast 7am – 8am
    The breakfast at the Hard Rock is always amazing.  It’s a good time to meet, chat about the day, share ideas, and network with the group.
  • Monday August 10th.  8am – 2pm
    Visit the bank to get your accounts opened.  Next stop – migration office to begin residency application process.
  • Tuesday – August 11th.  8am – 2pm
    Asset protection presentation, Economic opportunities presentation.  Work with Lawyer, paperwork and questions
  • Wednesday – August 12th.  8am – 2pm
    Presentation and tour of the vault.  Work with Lawyer, paperwork and questions.
  • Thursday – Tuesday – August 13th – 18th.  One-on-one meetings and Lawyer

We are leaving plenty of flexibility during the day because….let’s be honest here – it’s Latin America and things don’t always happen on OUR schedule.  This flexibility allows us ample time to spend with each attendee – one-on-one discussing your asset protection, offshore structures, investment strategies and more.

It’s not the most intense schedule due to the nature of our visit.  We’ll have to walk into the bank.  Come back to deposit funds.  Walk into the residency office, show proof of the company.  Come back to the residency office, etc. etc.

You’ll have free days to enjoy beautiful Panama.  Head to the beach, hang out at the pool.  It will basically be a working vacation.

But as we already stated.  The process normally takes months to accomplish all of this — the benefit is we’ll have everything set up ahead of time for you to come in, enjoy yourself and leave with everything turned on and working.

Warning: This is NOT for everybody (Cost and Time!)

Now that you have a little better idea of what this implementation boot camp is all about — I have to tell you — it’s not for everybody.  Here’s where we need to weed out the people who aren’t serious.

First.  There’s only 10 spots.

Bottom lines is we can’t handle more than a handful of people for this process at any given time.  It is logistically impossible for us to walk a large group into the bank for account opening or the migration office for residency applications.

We just cannot do it.

Second. To open a bank account the minimum deposit is $5,000USD.

If you can’t stand to let $5,000 sit in a bank account for a while without touching it — I’m sorry to say — this isn’t for you.

Third.  Ticket Price.

We’re keeping it simple.  The ticket price covers everything but your transportation and food.  It includes setting up your Panamanian IBC, opening your bank account, legal fees for the residency application, ALL government fees for your residency, the private vault tour and the consultation time with Bobby, Gordon, and Knut.

You won’t find this bargain anywhere for what you are getting.

For a single person the cost for everything is $7,500.

The cost for married couple is $10,500.

If you plan to attend and apply for residency with your dependent children, please contact me directly for the additional fee based on the children’s’ age.  (You can email me here: [email protected])

Keep in mind this is the least expensive option available in the industry.  You will never see something like this anywhere else.

Fourth.  Time.

To get all of this done it will take a solid week.  We’ve planned for the 10th-19th which will give us AMPLE time if there are any hiccups.  But if you cannot be there for that amount of time, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to take a different route.

Still For You?

We’d love to have you on board with us.  There’s more information involved in this little implementation boot camp than we can really fit on this page and once you make the commitment to join us, we will schedule a call within the first couple of days to make sure you get started preparing all necessary  information (yes, you have homework to do before arriving in Panama).

We are going to help you properly set up and implement an offshore bank account, company, and obtain residency in Panama.  You’ll be 100x further than most people and you’ll feel a lot more safe and secure knowing you have a rock-solid asset protection fortress set up.

You can reserve your spot right by clicking this button now:

Single – $7,500


Couples – $10,500


If you need more than 2 (for children or family) — Or, if you have questions, e-mail us here:

[email protected]