Land Trusts – An Ideal Tool For Real Estate Investments!

Land trusts are the ideal tool for real estate investors looking for maximum privacy.  As a standalone tool, land trusts offer little to no asset protection benefits but when combined with a properly structured LLC, land trusts can become the perfect tool for privacy and asset protection at a very reasonable cost

How Can Land Trusts Help Protect Your Assets?

A land trust is a real property title-holding vehicle, a trust agreement under which the beneficiary directs the trustee in all matters affecting title to the trust property. The beneficiary also holds the trustee free from liability.

The trustee usually prepares the deeds and assignments of beneficial interests, whereas the managing beneficiary usually prepares the leases, loan documents and instruments, and other papers for trustee review and signature. In all cases, the beneficiary remains liable for trust property operations.

This type of trust agreement is not recorded, and the deed conveying the property to the trust does not identify the parties involved. The ownership of the property simply assigns the beneficial interest under the trust.

The interests of the beneficiary are considered personal property, similar to owning stock in a corporation. This is important in avoiding probate of out-of-state property and in asset-protection planning.

What makes Land Trusts a powerful tool?

  • A safe haven for the savvy real estate investor
  • Extreme privacy so that others do not know what you own
  • Effective alienation of the owner or the seller from the property thus getting protection from the liens too
  • Personal protection from title claims
  • Discouraging unnecessary litigation
  • Making assignable contracts where the beneficiary of the trust can be altered without changing title to the property
  • Making a non-assumable loan effectively assumed

A land trust also provides a convenient means of mortgaging and selling a trust property without having to obtain deeds from all of the beneficiaries and their spouses.

Land Trusts are powerful and effective tools for such passionate real estate investors.  A Land Trust is a revocable trust that is primarily used for holding titles to real estate. Every property is entitled in a unique trust thus imparting maximum protection as well as privacy to the investors.

Why Global Wealth Protection?

Global Wealth Protection offers the enterprising tool of Land Trusts for diverse kinds of real estate investors like investors buying single family home rental properties, apartment buildings or commercial property. We are able to help anyone who has been on the lookout for an easy way that would help them purchase large land portions in a legible yet discreet manner.

“Global Wealth Protection works with real estate investors who despite making some heavy real estate investments want to remain invisible and yet enjoy the benefits from their investments,” says Bobby Casey, Managing Director, Global Wealth Protection LLC.”

We understand why individual entities or business corporations want to buy large tracts without inviting curiosity. Global Wealth Protection offers Land Trusts that will help them make heavy real estate investment without gaining publicity.  In addition, we ensure;

  • Complete anonymity
  • Ease of transfer of real estate assets
  • Ease of control for multiple owners
  • Does not trigger due-on-sale clause

If you are interested in learning more about how to properly structure your real estate assets for complete privacy and bulletproof asset protection, contact us today.