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My name is Bobby Casey. I am a 20+ year location independent entrepreneur with an international perspective. My educational background and experience is in law, finance and economics and I am an unapologetic capitalist who believes entrepreneurship is the economic engine that drives all human progress. I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs protect their assets from frivolous litigation, cut their taxes by 50-100%, create structures for wealth perpetuation, and properly structure their company for simplicity and tax optimization.


We work with location independent entrepreneurs (digital nomads) and investors on properly structuring their business and residency. Our focus is on tax minimization and asset protection while creating privacy for our clients’ business and personal affairs. We do this through proper business and asset structuring and legal residency options.


We provide company formation, resident agent service, company management and trust administration services in all 50 US states, Anguilla, Seychelles, Nevis, Panama, UK, Estonia and others. We have offices in the US, the Caribbean and Europe.

GWP Insiders

This is a premiere membership program for location independent entrepreneurs and investors serious about internationalization strategies. If you want to learn how to minimize or potentially eliminate your tax burden, find the proper jurisdiction for company formation and personal residency, as well as get one-on-one personal consultations, this is the program for you.

Private US LLC’s

We provide US company formation and registered agent service in all 50 US states. We are not your cookie-cutter online incorporator as we provide LLC and corporation formation and registered agent service with asset protection and privacy as our primary goals. For non-US persons, this is often the best structure for managing your location independent business.

Offshore Company Formation

We offer offshore company formation in Anguilla, Seychelles, Nevis, Panama, UK, Estonia and a few others. We provide a full service package that includes all fillings and annual reports, document creation and certification as well as bank account introductions if necessary. An offshore company can be a very useful tool for asset protection, privacy and tax minimization.

Global IRA

Exclusively for our American clients looking to take direct control over their IRA, Roth IRA, or solo 401k accounts. This product opens up your options to invest in virtually any asset you like while retaining full control of all investment decisions and at the same time creating an asset protection structure to protect your retirement accounts from predators.

Offshore Trusts and Private Interest Foundations

For higher networth clients looking to create the ultimate asset protection structure while implementing their estate plan at the same time, we can offer trust and administration services in Anguilla. For our trust and private interest foundation clients, we can also offer asset management.

Private Consultations

For those of you that have an immediate need and are not interested in joining our membership program, we can offer hourly consultations, or a full Global Escape Hatch consultation package with discounted hourly rate where we will go through your situation step by step and offer actionable solutions.

The Offshore eCommerce Guide

In this free report we provide step-by-step actionable solutions for taking your virtual business offshore. You will learn why you may want to consider an offshore company, how to go about doing it, and how it saves you on taxes plus offers a level of privacy and asset protection otherwise not available.

Step-by-step Guide to Going Off The Grid Without Leaving Your Couch

This is the report private investigators and skip-tracers (and their clients) don’t want you to read. Learn how to go off the grid without having to sacrifice the luxuries of modern life.

Offshore Banking Report book cover

Offshore Banking Report

With this report you will get insider access to offshore banks, traditional international banks, fintech platforms, plus some bonuses for international investments, foreign residency, and why FATCA matters even if you aren’t American.

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Private Chats STILL Aren’t Safe. Here’s Why…

Government is using a network of private citizens to spy on others to report the wrongthinkers, this time in private chats. Remember the movie Minority Report? It imagines a future in which a pre-crime division arrests people for crimes they’ve thought about committing – but haven’t actually committed yet. While the idea seems crazy, we’re actually much closer to this

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Kelly Diamond

Taxpayers Voting and Paying for Their Own Oppression

Taxpayers vote for programs sold as a solution to a problem, but are implemented as further oppression at their expense. May 20, 2024 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program” ~ Milton Friedman “If authoritarianism is on your side today, rest assured it will not be tomorrow.” ~History. Put those two together

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Kelly Diamond

Corporations Continue to be Enforcers for Government Regulations on Individuals

The government imposes regulations on individuals through private corporations, relying on them to enforce rules people would never otherwise approve of. May 13, 2024 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director Most people remember how the poor retail employees were put in the very unenviable position of having to enforce distancing and masking during the pandemic. A part of me thinks that

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Kelly Diamond

US Policy Defies Common Sense, Unless…

U.S. policy doesn’t make sense, until you reevaluate and question what the actual endgame is, and ask if this isn’t intentional. May 6, 2024 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There are several podcasters and bloggers who suggest a lot of the economic melee we’re seeing is deliberate. It doesn’t make sense if you are looking for something to function

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Kelly Diamond

Why YOU Are Now Under Surveillance (Without a Warrant)

Another temporary government program becomes permanent, as the surveillance state persists, complete with warrantless searches. When it comes to the U.S. government’s intrusion into the private lives of its citizens, useful idiots will often defend the government by saying, “Well, if you’ve got nothing to hide, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.” This superficial statement fails to distinguish between

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Kelly Diamond

The Reality of Unrealized Finances

Whether it’s unrealized wealth or unrealized losses, any time discussions of unrealized outcomes shows up in headlines, it’s bad news for everyone. April 29, 2024 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The word “unrealized” isn’t necessarily a bad one. One could say, “That person has a lot of unrealized potential”. That would mean that person has all the indications of

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