Profiling is a Slippery Slope

Wanting to reduce crime, and seeking justice are noble intentions. Using profiling policies which violate people's civil liberties is not. October 14, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Public policies which try to capture bad actors always seem to sweep up innocent people in the process. It's not the guilty criminal I'm worried about, but the individuals who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or "meet the description". Couple that with this innate presumption of guilt on the part of state agents and … [Read More...]

Are American Unions Helpful or Destructive?

Much like government, unions claim to be all about the members. But when it comes down to it, are Americans unions just parasites that ruin things for everyone? October 7, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP I want to preface this by saying: I'm not opposed to individuals organizing. We see it all the time where the result is phenomenally productive. Researchers organize, and we get advancements in technology and scientific discovery.Businesses organize, and we get mass production of goods and a boost in our quality … [Read More...]

What About “We The People”?

Most people feel under-served by their governments; but maybe the problem is waiting on governments to solve problems they are often responsible for creating. September 30, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There's a lot of discussion and hysteria going around about the interests of "The People". Whether it's the people of the US or the world, people are frustrated across the political spectrum. And rightly so. If you're like me, you realized a long time ago that "We the People" was a gimmick, and it was never … [Read More...]

Armenia Presents Excellent Opportunities for Digital Nomads

The nation of Armenia is adorned with a rich history, culture, and countless breathtaking sceneries. Interestingly, this small country of 29,743 square kilometers is home to some of the most accommodating people in the world. Armenia is a landmass defined by countless historical artifacts and a host of charming attractions. The country is situated somewhere right between Asia and Europe, a geographical factor which adds to its unique culture. Bordered by Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, and Georgia (which happens to be another country recently … [Read More...]

How is the US Going to Pay for That Spending?

Top Democratic contenders are suggesting $22.25 to $47.2 Trillion in spending with no significant cuts to anything other than private sector wealth. September 23, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP I'll ask the Democratic candidates the same question I asked Trump regarding his tariffs, wall, and military spending: How are you planning to pay for that exactly? Trump said Mexico is paying for the wall, China is paying tariffs, and military funds would be redirected toward immigration control. He was dead wrong on the … [Read More...]

When Will Altcoins Catch Up to Bitcoin?

By Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Confidential I’ve gotten a lot of mail recently from people wondering, “When will altcoins catch up to Bitcoin?” Before I answer that question, I need to talk about Bitcoin… We’ve seen Bitcoin go as high as $14,000 this year before dropping to $9,180. Despite the pullback, it’s still up 160% year-to-date—making it among the best-performing assets in the world. Now, I’ve been saying since April 2019 that the “Crypto Winter” bear market is over. Institutions are coming into the crypto space—and … [Read More...]

Emerging Market Citizens Turning to Crypto

By Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Confidential Emerging market currencies are getting hammered… China’s yuan recently fell to fresh 11-year lows amid trade war worries with the U.S. In August, the Argentine peso crashed 30.3%—in one day. And last year, the Turkish lira lost 30% against the U.S. dollar. (And it continued to fall—plunging over 4% back in March.) In the currency markets, a 5% annual move is huge. And all these moves are more than three times greater than that. Keep in mind, if your home currency drops 40% … [Read More...]

What Is ICE Up To?

The priorities of ICE are clear, their strategy is aggressive, and their tactics pose a threat to every American with this new "urban warfare training facility". September 16, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Here are some things we are told to be scared of, for which we should therefore support all-out prohibition -- at any cost: Drugs and "illicit" substance possessionImmigrationGun ownership"Terrorism" The policies to ban these activities are so Machiavellian, the government preemptively violates the rights of … [Read More...]

Russia to Launch First Yuan-Dominated Bond

The China-Russia partnership just got kicked into high gear with Russia set to launch the first yuan-dominated bond in the next few months. September 9, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP China has been busy printing money and buying gold, engaging in a precarious game of cat and mouse with the US. Before Trump threw his hat in the ring for presidency, China was buying up gold. The last five years, have been particularly active for the People's Bank of China: "In the last five years, China’s M2 money supply – a … [Read More...]

How You Lose Money if You Keep it in a Bank…

Banks can slowly rob account holders through a cashless agenda and negative interest rates. You stand at a fork in the road: In one direction, your money stays safe. In the other direction, your money could get slowly taken from you by banks and any Government. McAlvany ICA shines a light on the big way “they” could make cash irrelevant: The Fed and the banks would like to make holding cash and gold as difficult and inconvenient as possible. The goal is to have those funds deposited in the banking system where they will be … [Read More...]

ICE & FBI Using State DMV Face Recognition Databases

ICE is accessing local surveillance tools and data in their effort to track down undocumented immigrants. The problem is, it puts American's privacy rights on the chopping block. September 2, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Rights come from our humanity. Human beings have a unique ability to recognize moral agency in others, and to that end, we define our social limits. We are free to do as we wish provided it does not infringe of the rights of others. That is the only qualification. Individuals owe no … [Read More...]

Is the US Headed Toward Greatness?

Economic tinkering, more of the same with the surveillance state, and a precarious trade war isn't what one would expect on the path to greatness. August 26, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP When the MAGA slogan first came out, it was criticized for the same reasons as Michelle Obama's statement, "for the first time in my life, I'm really proud of my country". This is saying that up to that point, she had never been proud of her country. Semantically, MAGA suggests that America was once great, it no longer is, and … [Read More...]

Where Is the Price Transparency in Healthcare?

Healthcare costs are high, but we don't know that until we see the bill. Accountability and transparency would go further than socialization in fixing the cost problem in healthcare. August 19, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Mangeing Director GWP Part of what makes the free market the best solution to meeting the needs of others is the freedom to succeed or fail. Success and failure don't have to be all or nothing. It could just be a tick in either direction in the bottom line. Sales are down. That's a small fail. Sales are up. … [Read More...]

U.S. Clamping Down on Passports (Here’s How)

The US is denying and revoking passports in much greater numbers. The time to get a second passport is now. August 15, 2019 Imagine how life may be in the U.S. if you couldn’t travel outside of its borders. In any free society, you should be able to travel, well… freely. But if the Government took away your passport, or denied your passport application, you would be trapped. So imagine if the Government made it almost impossible to get a passport in the first place. What would you think if you were told, “Your passport has … [Read More...]

Unintended Consequences of Trade War with China

The trade war is escalating to what might become a currency war. Other unintended consequences have followed, making global markets nervous. August 12, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP In this battle of will between the US and China, inevitably, the victims will be the private consumers. At the G20 Summit in Japan, it there was hope that some sort of resolution was possible between the US and China and their trade war. Trump agreed to suspend tariffs while they were in talks. Then Trump took to Twitter and … [Read More...]