Elizabeth Warren Corporate Enterprise

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Propose Nationalization of Private Enterprise?

Nationalization of private enterprise is on Elizabeth Warren’s agenda. While her bill might not pass as is, a federal corporate charter could put private corporations under federal control. January 21,2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP US Senator, Elizabeth Warren, proposed last summer a massive seizure of assets, and the media was relatively silent on the matter. Considering what this bill plans to do, it would have expected a little more exposure. But perhaps since seizing property has become par for the course and this is … [Read More...]

Russia China Sanctions Trade

Russia and China Still Paving the Path Around the US

Between trade wars and sanctions, Russia and China continue to find ways around the US both as a consumer and a reserve currency. January 14, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The maverick decisions coming out of the White House are quite astounding. I can’t help but marvel at some of the recent directives Trump has signed off on: Hemp legalization: while LONG overdue, no president in recent history – republican or democrat – has had the guts to go for it. This could mean a huge boon for US agriculture. Withdrawal of … [Read More...]

app tracking location

You Won’t Believe What Your Apps Know About You

Apps track your locations which can give a lot of insight into who you are, what you like, and what is happening in your life.  Imagine if that information was sold... January 10, 2019 Do a Google search of “your name” in quotes, and there is likely some database on the Internet that stores your home address. No big deal, right? Except that is the starting point for anyone who wants to track you down by following your daily habits. And your smartphone apps help deliver a good portion of the “digital dossier” being formed on you, right … [Read More...]

africa china

Economic Strategies: China Lends While US Spends in Africa

While receiving minimal and often negative press, China is forging strong relationships with African countries, which will further its economic long game. China could be putting the US in a corner by helping Africa to prosper. January 7, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director Whatever your opinions are of China, no one can deny they might be the reigning champions of the economic long game. They aren’t without their misgivings and mistakes, but their evolution as a global player should not be underestimated. China has been … [Read More...]

facebook privacy data sharing

How Facebook Shares Your Data (Even if You Disable)

Facebook is at it again... or more accurately, they never really stopped sharing your data with their corporate partners. January 4, 2019 Back in 2014 a research paper was produced that revealed Facebook manipulated the emotions of its users without their consent. It seems like that Facebook experiment never stopped, and it’s getting even creepier than the original paper could ever conclude. Worse, this egregious violation of your privacy could even top the Cambridge Analytica scandal I mentioned a while ago. Facebook can no longer be … [Read More...]

US Economy 2018 Ups and Downs

The Good and Bad News of the US Economy in 2018

The US has seen some ups and downs in 2018, but if the ups were temporary economic sugar highs, and the downs are a constant, then what happens when the dust settles in 2019? December 31, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Time to check in on 2018! It’s not all gloom and doom. I’m hearing some good stuff, and I hope that continues into the new year. The US is seeing very low unemployment both overall as well as state by state and across demographics. According to Trading Economics, unemployment rates are steadily holding … [Read More...]

insurance data collection

Your Insurance Company Could Be Spying On You (Here’s How)

Health insurance is one of many industries where data collection has become normalized; and current regulations and laws are proving insufficient in protecting your privacy. December 25, 2018 The idea that your insurance company should know everything about you, no matter what reason it may give, is kind of creepy to say the least. A society where insurance companies could use your private data to deny you coverage, charge an “arm and a leg,” or take it upon themselves to broker your data for profit… is a dystopia. It’s an Orwellian … [Read More...]

brexit hard soft

What Is the Latest On Brexit?

What is in the best interest of the UK: a Hard or Soft Brexit?  And what has Theresa May set her country up for? December 24, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Those familiar with American history will remember that the original structure of the United States was that each state be its own nation state, and that the federal government was more of a cooperative. Its purpose was mainly to facilitate interstate commerce and provide a defense. The Constitution was a restraining order on the federal government, but most states … [Read More...]

Farm Bill 2018

The 2018 Farm Bill is an $867 Billion Welfare Scheme

The 2018 Farm Bill, which was ushered through both houses of congress by a landslide despite its $867 Billion price tag, is just a fat welfare check with some bells and whistles on it. December 17, 2018 The Farm Bill passed with overwhelming support from both chambers of congress: 386-47 House and 87-13 Senate and awaits final approval from President Trump. At a glance, here’s what’s in the bill: The much-talked-about work stipulation for SNAP (or food stamp) benefits did not pass. Some minor tweaking to the way the benefits are … [Read More...]


Interview: Expat Money Show

December 12,2018 Interview with Mikkel Thorup from the Expat Money Show Bobby Casey talks us through how in 2007,  his company Global Wealth Protection came about.  Where he started, why it was so important for him and who he works with.  As Bobby realized, he needed to plug his holes, so his friends were likely in the same boat. In this interview with Bobby Casey we spend a ton of time talking about the Blockchain and Anarchy, also:   Crypto Currency Gold & Silver Stock Market Overseas Real estate Block … [Read More...]

US Government Play Nice

Who Pays When the US Government Can’t Play Nice?

The US government really has no idea how to play nice with others, and it’s taking a tremendous toll on the global economy as well as its own. December 10, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Something you learn about capitalism and free markets very quickly is: it guides everyone to play nice… or at least nice enough. What you don’t get in cordial service is often made up in pricing. No one goes to TJ Maxx for the service. They go for the deals often on high-end name brands. No one goes to Nordstrom for the deals. They go for … [Read More...]

surveillance privacy intelligence

Surveillance State Versus Individual Privacy: Which Will Triumph?

Many don’t realize the vast extent of the surveillance state, which is why we should be vigilant in protecting our most precious asset: Privacy. December 3, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Private property is the cornerstone of freedom. And one of the most important assets any and all individuals should protect is privacy. Asset protection is my business, and it’s sad that it’s even necessary, but this is the world we live in. One of the biggest criticisms that came from Ron Paul over the US response to 9/11 was that no … [Read More...]

23andMe DNA Privacy

Don’t Use 23andMe Until You Read This…

23andMe offers an alluring service, but it might not be worth the risk to your privacy. November 30, 2018 The idea of spitting into a vial, sealing it up, and sending it off to a company like 23andMe seems cool at first. You can discover what you can about your genetic background, family, and the probability of getting certain diseases. Talk about technological advancement. People said the same thing in 2006 when Facebook had people "... start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know." Now it’s 2018, … [Read More...]

sin tax

Sin Tax: Government Profiting Off Your Good Time

Chicago, Illinois is in the headlines again for their latest sin tax, but they aren’t the only guilty jurisdiction targeting lifestyle choices. November 26, 2019 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Never underestimate the stupidity of large groups that vote. Happy Cyber Monday folks! Just in time for the holidays and here comes another sin tax, this time it’s video game consuls. The government keeps squeezing the people with regulations and taxes, and people find a way to escape. For example, there seems to be an inverse … [Read More...]

TSA Creepy Surveillance Screening

TSA Takes Creepy to Another Level (Here’s How)

It's hard to say if the TSA is getting creepy or lazy with their screening and surveillance, but either way, they are getting far more intrusive. November 21, 2018 When you went to the airport before 2001, you would go to the airline ticket counter if you had bags to check … then go “through security.” At security, they would put your carry-on luggage through scanners to see if there were illegal objects or chemicals. You would get your ID checked. Then you would get on your plane and travel to your destination. After 2001, when the … [Read More...]