Property Rights Struck Down by SCOTUS

Property rights dealt a heavy blow by Supreme Court affecting equitable compensation for land. June 26, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director On June 23, 2017 the Supreme Court made a ruling that undermines property rights by allowing governments to avoid just compensation for private land for public use. The 5th Amendment to the Constitution clearly states: “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” So imagine taking the word “just” out of that clause. Eminent domain laws have … [Read More...]

War on Currency Continues Against Cash & Cryptocurrency

Bipartisan support for new bill seeking to further the United States’ war on cash and cryptocurrency both domestically and abroad. June 19, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director The war on currency continues: more specifically the war on cash and cryptocurrency. No policy of this caliber would be complete without some offshore account component. The latest tactic (S.1241) was introduced in the Senate by Republican, Chuck Grassley, called: “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017”. Who … [Read More...]

Non-Bank Private Sector Lending Solutions

Private sector is clutching up to deliver free market lending solutions: this time with small businesses! June 12, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP As a small business owner myself, I’m always heartened when I see an alternative to government hoops offered by the private sector in the form of free market solutions. Amid all the negativity out there, capitalism wants a shot at turning it around. Not long ago, I wrote about the free market solutions emerging for the healthcare industry. Doctors and medical centers are coming … [Read More...]

Corporate Welfare is Still Welfare

Corporate welfare is still welfare.  There is no excuse for it as it only distorts our market. June 5, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Just because I help people with their corporate structuring, doesn’t mean I’m in any way a proponent of corporate welfare. If you’re drawing from the largess, you’re costing taxpayers. I make no distinction between the family of five on food stamps, government employees, or large industrial corporations. If you receive a dime in taxpayer dollars, you’re on welfare. I do make a distinction … [Read More...]

Rolling Back Net Neutrality

The FCC decided to take steps in rolling back net neutrality.  Does the end user ultimately suffer, or hold the solution? May 29, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Net neutrality has waxed and waned over the past several years as yet another necessary evil to “level the playing field” in business. The purpose of net neutrality is the treat the internet as a utility service and regulate it as such. In so doing, the telcom corporations would no longer have discretion as to where the bandwidth would be allocated. That … [Read More...]

Student Loans and Prisons: Two Multi-billion Dollar Policies Costing Taxpayers

Student loans debt collection and prisons are costing American taxpayers billions of dollars per year. May 22, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP American taxpayers are paying for broken government polices from student loans to prisons. As it turns out, people with no plan or collateral are lending liabilities. Who knew? Likewise, it is a greater burden on the economy to imprison people for drug possession and dealing than it is to just leave them alone. Go figure. While those things might not come as a surprise, the numbers … [Read More...]

DEA Stole $4.15 Billion in Cash Through Asset Forfeiture

Inspector General report finds DEA stole $4.15 billion in cash alone over the last decade through asset forfeiture; most of which is not tied to any criminal investigation. May 15, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director The DEA has stolen approximately $4.15 billion in cash alone in the past ten years through asset forfeiture. This doesn’t include hard assets such as vehicles or real estate! That’s roughly $415 million per year in cash. Here’s the real kicker: over 80% of those seizures never were connected to any criminal … [Read More...]

$2.4 Trillion in American Corporate Offshore Wealth

With $2.4 trillion in wealth sitting in offshore accounts, the United States government needs to reevaluate it’s 35% corporate tax rate. May 8, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director Large corporations are reluctant to repatriate $2.4 trillion to the United States because it still has the highest corporate tax rate in the world of 35%. Is anyone surprised? According to the Swiss bank UBS, as of the end of fourth quarter 2016, American corporations have approximately $2.4 trillion stored offshore. And of that, Apple, Microsoft, … [Read More...]

US Shift in Spend & Drop in GDP

The US economy is seeing some shifts in consumer spend and drops in GDP. May 1, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP We witnessed a considerable shift in consumer spending habits, as well as a significant drop the US GDP. Consumer spending accounts for two thirds of US economic growth, so when that undergoes any changes – positive or negative – its effects are noticeable. The shift we are seeing is AWAY from retail spending. This isn’t some phenomenon that just surprisingly turned up in the last 4 months. It’s something that … [Read More...]

SCOTUS Ruling Could End Asset Forfeiture

SCOTUS makes a ruling that could put an end to civil asset forfeiture as we know it. April 24, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director The SCOTUS made an incredible ruling on April 19th that could end civil asset forfeiture as we know it. The case itself wasn’t directly to do with civil asset forfeiture, but the wording of the opinion hardly lets on to that fact… which means a precedent was set. The case had to do with two people who were convicted of a crime and sentenced, but later exonerated. Shannon Nelson and Louis Madden … [Read More...]

Russia & China Collaborate to Work Around US Dollar

As the China-Russia relationship continues to grow, so too does their collaborative efforts to work around the US dollar and the petro-dollar. April 17, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director Russia and China laid another building block in their partnership on March 14, 2017 when the Russian central bank opened its first foreign location in Beijing. On the 100 year anniversary of the US entry into World War 1, the US committed an act of aggression upon the sovereign nation of Syria. President Trump ordered a cruise missile air … [Read More...]

How an Offshore Account Can Keep You Out of Prison

While offshore accounts carry the stigma of getting people INTO legal trouble, the truth is, it could be the very thing that helps keep you out of it! April 13, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP I want to tell you a story. A few years ago, I was asked to speak to a group of entrepreneurs at a private event in Minnesota. The topic for the event was offshore asset protection. During the event, I talked about the usual topics like offshore banking, offshore companies, offshore trusts, etc. After the event, there was a … [Read More...]

Battle for Digital Privacy – ISP Regulation Rollback

Trump and Republican Congress roll back FCC privacy policy which once allowed customers to opt-in to allowing their ISP providers to sell their browser history. April 10, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The “private” sector got a little less private, with the passing a bill that repeals a recent FCC regulation requiring ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give an opt-in for information sharing and selling to third parties. A free market is about choices. But in many cases there’s only one ISP per geographic location. So if … [Read More...]

Six Reasons You Need to Open an Offshore Bank Account NOW!

There are several practical reasons to get an offshore bank account now! April 3, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The ongoing offshore banking public relations battle continues… Unlike the mainstream media that likes to operate in a vacuum with various distractions and incomplete context, I’m going to give you the full view. Are there criminal applications of offshore banking? Absolutely. Look, you can use a knife to slice tomatoes or a knife to stab your neighbor to death. The media only focuses on the killing, not … [Read More...]

Profit Incentive – Earning VS Stealing

The incentive to profit has the private sector meeting demand, while that same incentive has government penalizing these consumers and businesses. March 27, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP One of the greatest criticisms I see about unfettered capitalism is the “profit incentive”. Of course the same people who make this criticism are some of the first people who respond to images like the one featured here with: “IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!” They don’t make the connection that profit is often what gets us to do things that we might … [Read More...]