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Congress Re-defines “Financial Institution” Targeting Cryptocurrency Users

Congress secretly decides to change the definition of “financial institution” targeting cryptocurrency users. December 11, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Congress certainly has a special vendetta against money launderers; the policies for which are careful to target cryptocurrency accounts as well. We have brought these stories to your attention over the years, and indeed these polices are intensifying. In June of this year we addressed the “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017” … [Read More...]

Senseless Cronyism Has Dark Implications for Market Participants

The United States is riddled with cronyism that needlessly interferes in the market’s activities. December 4, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The cronyism is THICK in the United States and it is meddling with market trends that are better left alone. Three states caught my eye, all of which set a very dangerous precedent. Regardless of whether you lean liberal, conservative, or libertarian, these three cases all are quite disturbing. New Mexico There’s a prison in New Mexico that pretty much is the pulse of a small town … [Read More...]

Government Monopolies Hindering Progress

Government monopolies as with the USPS or over local rights of way for competing ISPs, prevent us from advancing as efficiently as possible. November 27, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP One of the biggest arguments against capitalism is the inevitability of monopolies; worse still monopolies over essentials like food or utilities. The defense of government is never louder than when someone is fearful of private businesses owning large holdings of important assets. Oddly enough, their solution for monopolies is a monopoly. … [Read More...]

Cryptocurrencies Offer Safe Haven for Citizens Around the World

Constituents around the world turn to crypto-currencies as a safe-haven from unstable and corrupt governments. November 20, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There will always be the skeptics, but crypto-currency has no doubt had an indelible impact: especially to constituents of smaller countries whose governments are unstable and corrupt. After the major expropriation that happened in Cyprus, small businesses turned to Bitcoin to remove themselves from the Euro and protect their assets outside the thieving central … [Read More...]

Paradise Papers Have Offshore Under Scrutiny Once More

First the Panama Papers and now the “Paradise Papers”: offshore asset protection and corporate structuring is once again under fire and scrutiny. November 13, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Much like the Panama Papers in the Spring of 2016, the Paradise Papers have drawn the scorn and scrutiny of “fair share” advocates around the world.  Offshore asset protection and corporate structuring is either met with great appreciation, or great disdain. I’m castigated on a daily basis for advocating and assisting in legal tax … [Read More...]

Debtors’ Prisons in the United States

Debtors’ prisons were supposed to have gone out with the 19th century, but there is evidence that they still exist today in the United States. November 6, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Do an internet search on debtors’ prisons, and the top searches will take you back to 19th century Western Europe. Search something like “debtors’ prison United States” and you will find something disturbingly different: multiple stories of the country’s poor rotting away in jails over fees and fines they had no chance of being able to … [Read More...]

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Just Went on Sale in St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis have temporarily reduced the price for citizenship in an effort to rebuild after the hurricanes came through. November 3, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Unless you are living under a rock, you know the past few weeks have been exceptionally difficult for the Caribbean region. Many islands suffered unbelievable damage. Everything from houses, retail centers, to municipal buildings were destroyed. In some cases, the infrastructure completely collapsed leaving the power grid and water supply totally … [Read More...]

More Property Right Encroachment from All Levels of Government

Right to private property is being attacked from just about every direction, with property owners being punished and even vilified in some cases. October 30, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The right to property is sacrosanct and a cornerstone to individual liberty. This is a fact which has not only proven to keep the peace, but has also fostered prosperity and true progress. It’s also a fact which governments local and federal in the United States refuse to acknowledge and respect. I do what I do because of my profound … [Read More...]

What is the Republican Agenda in Congress?

Republicans have a narrow majority in Congress but even amongst themselves it’s difficult to figure out what their agenda is. October 23, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The United States currently has a Republican led Congress in both House and Senate; but It is quite a challenge to figure out what their agenda is moving forward. Their failure to repeal Obamacare doesn’t bode well for anything else that may follow. The Trump administration talks about tax cuts by doubling the standard deduction and reducing an overall … [Read More...]

Catalonia Attempts to Secede from Spain

After pacifying Catalonia for generations, Spain strikes at this once autonomous nation’s effort to secede from Spain once and for all. October 16, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director To varying degrees, the nation of Catalonia has been trying to secede from Spain since the mid 1800’s. With a population one million shy of New York City, and a geographic area roughly equivalent to that of Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined, this movement packs a punch. Within the country of Spain, it is of great consequence what happens to … [Read More...]

Canadian Middle Class Concerned About Morneau Tax Proposal

The “consultation period” on Bill Morneau’s tax proposal is closed and the Canadian middle class is rightly concerned. October 9, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director In the 75-day consultation period on Canadian Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau’s, tax plan leading up to October 2nd, I happened upon a petition in firm opposition to it. Naturally, I looked into it because I also oppose taxes no matter where I am! This plan looks like a disaster. Morneau recently conceded that some “tweaks” and “changes” will be needed to serve … [Read More...]

US Debt Tops Twenty Trillion, With No Spending Cuts in Sight

The US topped twenty trillion dollars in national debt and the Republicans want to cut taxes but not spending. October 2, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The US just surpassed the twenty trillion dollar debt mark, and there’s little prospect of that turning around. Republicans who were once very critical of the fiscal condition of the US budget and economy, are now content to offer tax cuts without any cuts to spending to offset it. I’m all for tax cuts, and to varying degrees economists agree that there is some level … [Read More...]

Disastrous Government Response to Disasters

The policies and responses by government when it comes to natural disasters is disastrous! September 25, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP In the wake of natural disasters, government has proven to be the greatest enabler of poor choices, and hindrance to rebuilding and healing. Natural disasters and riots should be a Keynesian’s dream come true! But in point of fact, there is nothing economically stimulating about destruction of that nature. Rebuilding after something like a riot or a hurricane is anything but economically … [Read More...]

State Level Single Payer Healthcare?

States dabble in Single Payer Healthcare policies with little regard for the costs. September 18, 2017 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director at GWP New York and California both are considering measures to indulge a single payer healthcare system within their respective states while dodging the very important question of costs. Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders’ impeccable timing to introduce a single payer system federally with the recent ascension above $20 Trillion in the federal debt cannot be ignored either.   Vermont tried, in fact, … [Read More...]

Interview: Entrepreneur Decoded

September 15, 2017 Interview with Bobby Casey & Siimon Sander of Entrepreneur Decoded Being an entrepreneur absolutely has its perks; otherwise Bobby would not be one.  But there are difficulties, too.  While he absolutely encourages people to take the plunge, it's equally important people consider the advice and experience of those already in the pool: be honest about the ups and downs. He discusses his experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner with Siimon Sander, as well as gives some insights on how he keeps his … [Read More...]