Russia Rolls Out SWIFT Alternative to Global Community

More evidence of a global demand for decentralization: Russia opens up its alternative to SWIFT to international partners. October 22, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Last week we discussed how individual freedom is helped by decentralization technology. But really that is the entire premise behind capitalism, the free market, and individual freedom: that with greater choice and competition, comes greater freedom. This isn’t to detract from last week’s claims, but rather another chapter in how forced monopolies have … [Read More...]

Technology Leads the Way to More Freedom

Technology has been the key to freedom and economic equality for many around the world. The market turns to technology to get out from under the foothold of government and crony corporations. October 15, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Without question, modern civilization has introduced and commoditized many creature comforts. Computers and cellular phones are commonplace. Plumbing in developed nations is a foregone conclusion. Some would even go so far as to say that a poor person in the US lives better than a king several … [Read More...]

“Five Eyes” Sharing “Backdoor” Access to Your Computer…

October 10, 2018 Trust us, we’re from the Government. - FBI If you’re reading this on a computer, there could be someone from one of the “Five Eyes” Nations listening in (U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). Not many people fully understand what that means. TechCrunch describes the secret memo aiming for exploitation of your privacy: … known as the so-called “Five Eyes” group of nations — quietly issued the memo last week demanding that providers “create customized solutions, tailored to their individual system … [Read More...]

US Interest to Exceed Military Spending in Ten Years

US annual interest set to exceed military spending within ten years due to reckless and unbridled spending. October 8, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP A little over three years ago, we published a blog called “Top Heavy Economy” in which a rather shocking reality was discussed: “Government employees outnumber manufacturing employees by nearly 2 to 1.” Government employees produce zero wealth. They are an economic black hole, and they outnumber the manufacturers 2:1. That’s is a shameful testament to US economic policy at … [Read More...]

Brett Kavanaugh is a Lesson and Warning in the Importance of Due Process

Brett Kavanaugh is both a lesson and a warning when it comes to the importance of due process. His treacherous record when it comes to due process is the biggest reason to deny him the SCOTUS appointment. October 1, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The hearings surrounding Brett Kavanaugh have brought to the forefront several issues confronting the US. First there is the very serious nature of sexual assault. As a society, I truly believe people understand the severity of such crimes. That some see more shame than nobility … [Read More...]

The Tolls of Tariffs… So Far

Americans will feel the inevitable ripple effect of Trump’s tariffs, as prices go up, and industries shrink under the strain of these new costs. September 24, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP We are going from prediction to observation of the effects Trump’s tariffs are having on the US economy. Over the past two years, we’ve absolutely seen a remarkable growth in jobs and reduction in unemployment. Even by U6 standards, unemployment is approximately 7.4 which is lower than the U3 numbers in back in 2010. Wages are slow … [Read More...]

Trojan Horse: Censorship Disguised as Copyright Directive in EU

Is the controversial EU Copyright Directive a Trojan Horse or just a policy meant to target large corporations? September 17, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP It’s said that if the government dismantles your gun rights the rest will follow in short order. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what is happening right now in the EU. The EU recently passed a Copyright Directive with a 438-226 affirmative vote. It will still need final approval in January 2019, and how the legislation is interpreted will be left to the individual … [Read More...]

Google and FBI Work Together to End the 4th Amendment

September 11, 2018 You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile. -The Borg In another episode of privacy “bait and switch,” Google offers a variety of free software services (Gmail, Google+, Google Docs, etc.). But what they want in exchange for that is nothing short of “in your bedroom,” “let’s see your bank information,” “We’re storing all of your data” details about your life. And recently, the FBI requested a real-time location data stream on a number of private citizens — from Google. Normally, the U.S. Constitution … [Read More...]

The “Stop BEZOS Act” Won’t Help the Poor

Bernie Sanders had Jeff Bezos of Amazon in his crosshairs when he introduced the “Stop BEZOS Act” in the Senate last Wednesday. September 10, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP It’s a page right out of Atlas Shrugged, Bernie Sanders set his sights on corporations with 500 or more employees whose workers may be on some form of public assistance. He’s calling for Specifically, if, for example, an employee must resort to receiving $2,000 in public assistance, then the corporation would pay $2,000 in taxes for that. It's called … [Read More...]

State Department Denying Passports to Americans!

The State Department is denying American citizens their passports because they don’t believe the authenticity of their birth certificates. September 3, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP I’ve been writing about some pretty gruesome things coming out of various governments. One was the IRS being able to revoke or withhold passports from those who are delinquent in their taxes. Some balked at the idea that the IRS could theoretically interfere with gun ownership or adoption; and further at the idea of that sort of authoritative … [Read More...]

Big Brother is Now Invading Your Body…

Your body is being tracked, and you could be unwittingly building a case against yourself! August 28, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Looks like Big Brother isn’t just invading your home and car… he’s now invading your body. More specifically, your heart. During a fire at his home, Ross Compton was glad he had a pacemaker. Unfortunately, the same device responsible for keeping him alive “tattled” on him. Of course, other suspicious circumstances helped get him arrested for arson, but it was the data inside his pacemaker … [Read More...]

Ten Years in Prison for NOT Incriminating Yourself?

In the US, the 5th Amendment protects your right to not self-incriminate, and essentially defend your privacy to some extent.  Australia isn't so lucky. Could you imagine getting up to ten years in prison for not turning over your phone or computer passcodes? August 27, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The right to privacy has become a rather controversial topic of late… around the world. Perhaps it hits a different chord for Americans because we’re taught that in order to search someone or someone’s property, there must be … [Read More...]

Facebook Wants Your Bank Info – To “Increase Engagement”

Facebook Wants Your Checking Account Balance by Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Sometimes it’s hard to fathom just how far organizations will go to get your private data. It’s also creepy to think about what is being done with that information. In another episode of “That won’t get many Likes,” Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is asking large banks to share account information, including account balances. (I can’t believe I’m even writing those words). Of course, using typical PR spin, the Facebook statement on the WSJ … [Read More...]

Trump’s Trade War Hits Businesses and End Users, but Spares Steel Lobby Cronies

Trump’s trade war is taking its toll. The tariffs are hitting end users and businesses hardest, but the steel lobby cronies seem to be safe. August 20, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Nothing invokes change quite like a swift kick in the pocketbook. There are a few folks out there (myself included) who are entitled to a hearty “I told you so” with regards to Trump’s trade war. How is this trade war coming along? Economic Hardships for Business A recent Forbes article runs down the series of failures begotten by this … [Read More...]

Entrepreneurs Hold the Solutions for Market Problems

Entrepreneurs and innovators are the key to solving social and material problems. Rather than being met with fines, fees, and regulations, governments should be facilitating their integration… even if that means getting out of the way. August 13, 2018 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP It seems like whenever an entrepreneur discovers a market demand and decides to build a little business around it, some busybody swoops in and heroically dashes any hope of that solution going unpunished.  As a small business entrepreneur, this is … [Read More...]