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In this guide, you will learn:

  • 8 Offshore Banks where you can open an account in the next 10 minutes….all online
  • 5 Traditional Banks that accept non-residents….even Americans
  • 8 Offshore Banks in excellent jurisdictions where you can open accounts without a personal visit
  • Why FATCA matters…even for non-US persons
  • What is CRS and why it matters for everyone, especially digital nomads

  • 5 Banking options for non-US persons who need to do business in the US without a personal visit
  • 4 Bonus Crypto Options you can access immediately



Our Offshore Banking Report has everything you need to research the financial institutions around the globe that are exactly right for your personal and business banking needs. You will have contact details on banks you can open in just minutes, banks that are perfect for your business or transactional use, and private banks that deal with investments from around the globe. We have distilled the information into one easy to read report with actionable information to save you time and money allowing you to get down to business.

“I searched for months for an offshore bank that had everything I needed. I tried opening accounts at bank after bank with no success. I finally opened an account at one bank and just months later my USD account was frozen due to the bank having some technical problem. After reading this report I had 2 offshore bank accounts opened in the same day and a third business account opened in 2 weeks. This report saved me countless hours.”
J.W., Online Entrepreneur
“As a digital nomad, I always seem to struggle finding the right offshore banking options for my ecommerce business and also for me personally. I bought this report as recommended by a friend and was blown away at the information and simplicity of the report. Before it took me months getting offshore bank accounts opened and frequently the accounts were terrible. After this report I had accounts opened very quickly and couldn’t be happier with the banks.”
M.K., Digital Nomad and Ecommerce business owner

“As a remote worker, I travel to new places every couple of months but I am fortunate enough to be able to work remotely for my clients.  This has always presented a problem for banking since my clients paying me can be challenging.  I purchased this report and found 2 solutions within the first 5 minutes and had bank accounts opened within days.  This report saved me tons of time.”

V.V., Remote Freelancer

A Word From The Author – Bobby Casey

“I have spent many years in the offshore business world. Without a doubt, finding quality offshore banks and financial services is the most difficult part of my job. My team and I have spent years working with dozens upon dozens of banks from around the globe – some great, and some terrible. We wrote this report to help you find the banks we have found to be worthwhile so you can get to work doing the things you love.”



Why waste your precious time researching a topic that is difficult at best for someone not in the offshore industry? Take advantage of our decades of experience and learn which offshore banks are right for you and your business today.

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