The 9 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Offshore Companies and Offshore Banking

From The Desk of Bobby Casey

Dear Friends,

Are you an entrepreneur or investor? Do you have a virtual business? Maybe an ecommerce store? Does your business sell products or information online? Maybe you do consulting to a client base around the world? Or maybe your brick and mortar business has some intellectual property that can be transferred to an offshore company and leased back to your domestic business?

In this 9 part video series, you will learn the most frequently asked questions about taking your business or investments offshore:

  1. What is an offshore IBC and LLC and what are the key differences
  2. What are the differences between operating an offshore and a domestic company
  3. What are the benefits for taking your company offshore
  4. What are the things I need to know before taking my company offshore
  5. Which are the best countries for offshore companies
  6. Who can benefit from moving their company offshore
  7. Why should I have an offshore bank account
  8. How can I legally more money into my offshore bank account
  9. What do I need to know having an offshore bank account

Most importantly you will learn how you can take your whole business, or maybe a piece of it, offshore and simplify your business, devote more time to adding value for your clients, and add ZEROS to your bottom line.

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