In this guide, you will learn:

  • How you can save 10’s of thousands, 100’s of thousands or more on your taxes by properly structuring your virtual business

  • How to protect your assets from frivilous litigation and preserve wealth for you and your family’s future

  • How to obtain and maintain anonymity for your business and investment dealings

  • Why using jurisdictional diversification is critically important in the new global economy

  • Included are several case studies to illustrate real world examples of properly structuring your business offshore


If you are operating any type of virtual or location independent business, this report is for you. For those of you running any type of online business; ecommerce, consulting, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, publishing and more – this guide can help you understand how to properly structure your business saving you 10’s or even 100’s of thousands (or more depending on your business size) in tax. This report can teach you strategies to make your business or investment endeavors anonymous and create an asset protection fortress. You do not want to miss this.

“Last year I paid nearly $60,000 in taxes for my online business. I sell products on various platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and others and make a very nice profit. I have been living the past few years abroad and didn’t understand how to structure my business until now. After reading this report and taking the necessary action, I saved over $40,000 last year in taxes.”
W.W., Ecommerce entrepreneur
“I have been writing and publishing books now for several years and make a very good living from both my old books and my new titles. Two years ago I decided to move to Hong Kong for the adventure but realized based on my current business structure I would be paying over $100,000 in federal taxes alone. After reading this report I restructured my business and this year paid almost zero.”
T.W., Author

A Word From The Author – Bobby Casey

“I have spent many years in the offshore business world. One of the most common questions we hear in this industry relates to properly structuring one’s company to minimize risk and taxation. Due to an ever changing legal landscape, this remains one of the most confusing topics in the industry. There are many providers out there willing to sell you an offshore company, but in order to remain fully legal and ensure you are getting exactly the structure that’s right for you, it takes more than just someone willing to rubber stamp a few papers on your behalf.”


Why waste your precious time researching a topic that is difficult at best for someone not in the offshore industry? Take advantage of our decades of experience and learn strategies to ensure your business is properly structured to maximize your return and put the most money in your pocket.