What we offer

Below you can schedule a 30 minute or 1 hour consultation with Bobby Casey where we will discuss your personal and business needs to find a solution relevant to your specific situation.

30 Minute Consultation


With a 30 minute consultation you can expect an introductory discussion about your specific needs. We will discuss topics like your business overview, current structure, citizenship, residency, client base, and your goals. If you have a simple situation, we can often times come up with a preliminary solution for you. However, keep in mind this is meant to be an introductory call for us to get to know one another and establish a comfort level both for you to determine if I can help you with your needs, and for me to determine if you are a good fit for our practice.

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1 Hour Consultation


With a 1 hour consultation, we will go into further depth about your business, discuss your future plans both personally and in business, potentially your asset protection and privacy needs, as well as come closer to determining your best solutions.

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In each case, either me (or my team) or one of our recommended partners will be able to facilitate your recommended solutions. We offer company formation services in both the US and offshore, trust and private interest foundation administration, drafting of legal contracts, self-directed IRA and solo 401k products, residency and citizenship packages, and more.