Offshore Bank Accounts Online – Having an offshore bank account is the first step towards establishing an asset protection plan. If you are looking to start your offshore company, the first thing you will need to consider is finances, for which you need local and offshore accounts.

Don’t be fooled thinking the US banking system is still the best in the world. With the US banking system in so much turmoil and the US court system eager to freeze bank accounts for little or no reason, you are gambling with your wealth and future, if you keep all of your liquid saving in the US banking system.

Experts Advice on Offshore Banking helps you with:

  • Easy access through political economical jurisdictions during turbulent times
  • A regulated and secure banking system that conveys every financial procedure with great transparency
  • Lower operational cost
  • Limited as well as lower overheads
  • Minimum government intervention
  • Offers convenience despite remote and geographical lurches
  • Help in redistribution of world finance easily
  • Availability of many such facilities and services that may otherwise not be available in domestic banking sector.

Offshore Banking – Minimize Your Risks, Protect Your Assets

Now you can get worldwide banking at the snap of a finger. Yes, we offer our clients a wide range of offshore banking solutions that comprehensively covers your banking, investment, savings, and mortgage requirements.

Enjoy and operate your offshore bank account with superlative world class service. Global Wealth Protection prides in its Offshore Banking service for the wide spectrum of conveniences it brings along, such as –

  • Small or big money deposits
  • Credit procedures
  • Electronic or wire enabled fund transfer
  • Dealings in foreign exchange – deposit, withdrawal or conversion
  • Trade/business finance handling
  • Issuance of letters of credit
  • Management of funds and investments
  • Funds’ management and
  • Corporate financial administration

Whether it is for business or for personal use, we can help you open offshore bank accounts in Cook Islands, Singapore, Belize, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Hong Kong, Lichtenstein and many others.

Why Global Wealth Protection?

Global Wealth Protection is a licensed offshore service provider which offers offshore company formation (offshore incorporation), offshore foundation formation, offshore bank account introduction services, nominee services (directors and shareholders), offshore shelf companies (incl. vintage companies) and a variety of supplementary services in the most desirable tax havens.

Global Wealth Protection wants every customer to enjoy their financial freedom and pursue their banking objectives anywhere in the world. Our offshore banking services are regulated, long-established, and authenticated by the superior bank authorities worldwide.

Get hold of your own banking portfolios and pursue your offshore accounts all by yourself. With guaranteed security and safety, Global Wealth Protection provides offshore banking solutions that providing many benefits including:

  • Compliance to global standards
  • Perfect banking solutions for small, medium as well as large business ventures
  • Unconditional confidentiality maintained
  • Unfaltering 24×7 customer care
  • Licensed and authenticated offshore banking procedures that bring convenience and ease into offshore business procedures
  • Committed service
  • Consistent offshore banking solutions
  • Long term credibility
  • Safe financial transactions and most essentially
  • Peace of mind

Global Wealth Protection is trusted by its numerous global clients for its commitment and dedication. We strive hard to maintain our reputation of being a leader in offshore banking and other associated services.

Reduce overhead costs, protect and maneuver wealth and maximize profit through Global Wealth Protection’s Offshore Banking service.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.