IRS: No One is Too Old, Too Poor or Too Sympathetic to Avoid Prosecution

by Brian Mahany, Esq – Legal Correspondent We have long said that the IRS and Justice Department is not letting up in their assault on taxpayers with unreported foreign accounts. Despite our warnings, many people with offshore wealth are still sitting on the fence. That “wait and see” approach could land them in jail. Why? […]

NPR Questions My Morality

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director A few weeks ago I read an article on NPR’s blog about how the authors decided to look into the world of offshore companies and offshore asset protection. Overall, it was a decent article, but there was some misinformation. After sending a brief email to the authors regarding their article, […]

Global Monopoly: America vs. The World

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director The news stories from the past couple of days have been interesting to say the least. Just yesterday, the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was murdered, and even possibly sodomized, by the very people he was there to serve. According to Hillary Clinton, “He risked his own life to […]