American Asset Protection…Really?

You are probably reading the title thinking I have lost my mind. Your thoughts are probably something like this; “He promotes offshore asset protection as a necessity in these tumultuous times. How can he rationally recommend asset protection structures in the US?” While it is true, I do think offshore companies, offshore banking, offshore trusts […]

Who Really Owns Your Shares

by Jeff Berwick Do you own stocks in a brokerage account?  You may be surprised to find out that you don’t.  Your brokerage owns them. It is one of the dirtiest little secrets in the brokerage business.  And 99.9% of people have no idea it is even being done to them.  It’s called “street name […]

I’m Mad as Hell…

…and I’m not going to take it anymore.  This is the sentiment expressed around the US through the recent ‘Occupy Wall Street (OWS)’ movement that seems to be flaring tempers on both sides of the argument. Living in Eastern Europe, I am somewhat sheltered from this, but with Facebook and all of the news outlets […]

Are You a Fascist Troll Lurking in the Shadows?

Asset Protection – Is the US a Fascist Police State? This week I want to share with you two separate news items that are both frightening and disgusting.  The first one occurred just about two weeks ago and involves a court case where the CA appeals court approved cell phone searches during traffic stops.  The […]

I’m Buying Call Options on Entrepreneurship

Asset Protection – Entrepreneurship Over the past week I have been working with one of my asset protection clients developing a strategy for him to minimize his risk.  He is a commercial real estate entrepreneur with a fairly large 8 figure net worth.  Every time I work with successful entrepreneurs like him I can feel […]

I Felt Like Tiger Woods’ PA This Week

I want to start today’s discussion with a few comments I received from last week’s newsletter, “Putting a Band-aid on a Bullet Hole”. For those of you that have been reading my articles for any length of time, you should be aware by now that I am an ‘equal opportunity political hater’.  I am happy […]

Hi, I’m Bobby and I’m a Playaholic

I want to keep today’s newsletter short and sweet (or at least short).  I have a bit of work to do to prepare for the webinar I am hosting later today with my good friend Tres Knippa. I’ve known Tres now since 2005.  We both started (and finished in ‘07) a Master’s in Entrepreneurship at […]