Wealth Fortress Trust – For the maximum asset protection, implementing Wealth Fortress Trust into your plan offers you the utmost security. We offer Wealth Fortress Trust in many offshore jurisdictions like Belize, Nevis, Cook Islands, and many others depending on the situation and client preference. By having your assets owned by an offshore entity, locating the assets becomes nearly impossible. There are also significant tax benefits if properly structured. It can even reduce your cost of insurance you spend on excessive liability or malpractice insurance. Included in our fee you will receive:

  • Complete anonymity
  • Bulletproof asset protection
  • Full control of your underlying assets
  • US domestic entity

Perfect for ownership of the following assets;

  • Investment real estate
  • Segregation of your operating business from the real estate (if you own your building)
  • Investment or trading accounts
  • Large cash, or cash equivalent accounts
  • Owing shares or membership interest of privately held companies
  • Private investment partnerships
  • High value business assets like equipment and machinery