3 Trends to Get Much Worse in the US

The MSM says the economy is fine, but three key trends are spiraling into much worse: taxes, inflation and interest rates.

trends If you’re living in the U.S. right now, and watch mainstream media, you might think the economy is “fine” right now.

But it isn’t…

In fact, there are three key trends that are likely to get much worse in the U.S. as time goes on: Taxes, inflation, and interest rates.

This trifecta of bad trends will make living in the U.S. more costly than it’s been in the last 30 years… while making certain countries more popular than ever for expatriates looking for lower cost of living and better investment opportunities.

You might even call it the “highway robbery of the American people.”

Let’s take a fast look at each of these three trends, and then I’ll reveal how you can create an exit plan to get away from it all.

Starting with inflation…

The Worst “Inflation Nation” in Decades  

If you look at the final reported inflation rate, you might think inflation is easing back towards normal. See for yourself on the graph below:


But there are three big problems with the official numbers: 

First, U.S. inflation is still higher than it has been in decades. 

Second, this inflation permanently robs you of your wealth every month your income doesn’t increase to account for inflation.

Finally, there is a kind of “shell game” being played by the Government here. Jeffrey Tucker explains it well:

“So on it goes, and each month we get a report, and the intensity shifts from one sector to another. The perception that this is cooling is based mostly on the weighting scheme that yields the final number. This is no world in which we are watching the problem gradually disappear.”

For example, the inflation intensity that Jeffrey mentioned has currently shifted away from gas prices and toward food prices again, which have increased 10.6%. That increase is much higher than the final reported inflation number of 7.1%. 

Gas prices are also likely to start rising again soon because President Biden can’t keep tapping into the U.S. emergency reserves to artificially ease them. That’s because U.S. gas reserves are currently sitting at the lowest level they’ve been since the 1980s.

I could go on and on about inflation, but you get the point. Inflation is bad inside the U.S., and could take a decade or longer before it eases back below 2%. 

In short, “Inflation Nation” is likely to get worse before it starts getting better.

Since I already addressed how the IRS would be raising taxes and widening its dragnet even further in a previous message, let’s take a quick look at mortgage rates before moving on to your “exit plan”…

Mortgage Rates Make Living in the U.S. Expensive

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell just raised the federal funding rate again. In turn, U.S. mortgage rates are the highest they’ve been since the last recession in 2008. You can see just how high they are (and how quickly they’ve risen) on the chart below:


Bottom line: This signals the end of “cheap money” in the U.S. for a while. 

Of course, there’s the possibility that the housing market will crash, and mortgage rates might come back down. But if Powell stops raising the funding rate (which affects credit cards and personal loans), then inflation could heat up again.

To sum it all up, living in the U.S. is already quite expensive and it appears taxes, inflation, and interest rates will all continue to rise. But GWP Insiders have an advantage…

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