Al Gore Attempts to Silence Mainstream Dissidents

In a desperate effort to remain relevant, Al Gore jumps on the censorship bandwagon to fight “disinformation” by defending the mainstream media.

Al Gore The supposed “free market of ideas” – where the best ideas tend to float to the top – is in jeopardy.

In fact, if people like Al Gore, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama get their way, then your ability to speak your mind could also be put in jeopardy.

Here’s why…

During a speech at the COP28 climate conference, the alarmist Al Gore said that vaguely-defined “mainstream” ideas are the only ones that count.

In other words, he wants to force you to use only “mainstream” sources to get all of your information. He also wants you banned from social media if you share information that comes from outside “official channels.”

Furthermore, he thinks that any information coming from any unapproved media sites are, as he dishonestly put it: “The digital equivalent of AR-15s – they ought to be banned, they really ought to be banned!”

Let that sink in for a moment.

Al Gore actually thinks that “mainstream” online information is somehow automatically correct, and wants any data or opinions that might challenge it to be removed from the Internet under the deceptively dishonest moniker of disinformation.

He thinks you’re too stupid to think for yourself, and do your own research. More importantly, he seems anxious to eliminate any dissenting opinions.

In short, he’s bonkers. But the sad part is, he might actually get his way at some point in the near future.

Al Gore Isn’t the Only One, Either!

Former President Barack Obama also gave a speech in 2022 about the supposed “dangers” of disinformation, where he said:

“Solving the disinformation problem won’t cure all that ails our democracies or tears at the fabric of our world, but it can help tamp down divisions and let us rebuild the trust and solidarity needed to make our democracy stronger.”

Two things to note about Obama’s speech are:

  1. He called for strict regulation of “the online spaces” under the deceitful guise of “stopping disinformation.”
  2. When the Uniparty says “democracy,” they don’t mean a fair democracy, they mean “their” democracy, to be run their way.

The Biden Administration actually tried to take Obama’s ideas one step further, by forming a “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Thanks to pressure from the public (on social media sites like Twitter/X), the board was disbanded three months later. But that didn’t stop Biden and his Uniparty cronies from allegedly trying to leverage the FBI to pressure social media companies to suppress certain content…

Your content. Your ideas. Your opinions.

The lawsuit resulting from Biden’s “free speech suppression by proxy” effort gets a hearing from the United States Supreme Court in March.

But there is an important lesson to be learned here…

History Warns Against Stifling the Ability to Speak Freely

From the early 1900s to the late 20th century, communism ruled the Soviet Union (now Russia). Here is one of the most important lessons:

The approved “mainstream” source of information during most of the regime was called Pravda. According to Wikipedia, 11 million people paid attention to it.

It was 100% pure, grade-A, Government propaganda, and nothing else. But communist party Apparatchiks (bureaucrats) made sure that no other information challenged the “official” narrative. They stifled any dissent.

One of those Apparatchiks was a useful idiot that went by the name of Trofim Lysenko.

The short version is: He claimed to have a way to produce a much greater crop yield by leveraging a pseudoscientific version of genetics. Amazingly, his version of “the science” became the official mainstream version.

Today, Lysenko’s “science” is what Al Gore would want you to accept as the truth.

But the critical lesson here is this: Anyone who challenged Lysenko’s mainstream “science” was denounced as a saboteur, executed, imprisoned, or exiled. This is what happens when the ability to speak freely is squashed.

“Soviet agricultural research spent over 30 years in darkness,” said Nikita Khrushchev at the time Lysenko was dominating the science world. During that same 30 years of darkness under Lysenko’s “science,” millions of innocent people died of starvation.

The dissenting scientists and other people who tried to share the “disinformation” of the time could have saved some of those lives.

I’m sure you can see that the warning is quite clear for present-day Americans…

Al Gore revealed his “inner apparatchik” during the COP28 speech. On top of that, Biden and his buddies sure look like they want to give Lysenkoism another try.

But whether they succeed or not, if the United States has decayed enough to seriously entertain this insanity for even one second, then…

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