An Appeal to the Hardworking & Rational Minded

April 29, 2013

By: Paul Seymour, Director of Client Services

In a Galt-ish plea, Paul Seymour appeals to hardworking, rational-minded individuals.  He recalls some of the ideological influences of his time who, while observant and often prophetic, still fail to acknowledge the connection between modern-day US and 1930’s Germany.

Ultimately, with the illusions of freedom and liberty – once presented as fact in his elementary and secondary schools – having all but faded away, only a cold reality remains: one which offers options you might once have considered crazy, but now sound intriguing.

Appeal to hardworking rational mindedI’m sitting here on the 2nd story deck of a weather-beaten old beach house, overlooking the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean, on a never-heard-of island, and at a price you wouldn’t be able to fathom.  While drinking a beer and smoking a cigar, I’m charged with the task of convincing a rational-minded human being that they should consider moving their assets to a freedom and privacy-respecting jurisdiction.  My initial reaction is to laugh like hell.  I mean, I don’t really understand the question.  Is it that there are really rational people in the world who actually want their hard-earned money to get ripped-off?  Or do they hold themselves in such low regard as to think they don’t deserve basic human rights like personal privacy, or the ability to travel as they please?  Apparently so.  So the laughter ceased, and the rambling began as follows:

I had to regress a bit – back to the days when I was also in harm’s way (US subject), and feeling trapped – in order to give those of you, who still feel that way, a bit of leniency for your reluctance to take the plunge.  Specifically, I had to go waaay back to the 90’s, when I started out reading Roger Gallo of Escape from America Magazine fame.  I still remember some of Roger’s quotes from 15+ years ago, one of them being — even if paraphrased after so many years – “only animals in a cage live without any personal privacy”.   That was in the 90’s, my friend.  Before the Department of Homeland Security schwastika, ICE etc. ad nauseum.

That struck a chord with me, even while I was still an unwilling subject of Washington.  Even back in the 90’s, I was quite disturbed to discover the fact that Barnett Bank was sharing my personal information with government bureaucrats in an automatic, and systematic manner.  It didn’t matter that I had “nothing to hide”, because I happen to believe, like Roger, that my personal financial information is sacred, and not to be posted on a bulletin board.  You know, like all that silly Bill of Rights, and Constitution business used to hint at.  Kind of like a letter an old lover might mail me.   When did you guys – as United Statians – give Uncle Sam, your public servant – the right to read such personal information?

I happen to believe such information is between my bank, or my old lover and me, and is certainly no business of any of my employees.  As a constitutional matter, I consider a government bureaucrat to be an employee of mine, who is charged with the constitutional duty of serving my best interest.  If you think otherwise, then quite possibly you’re a traitor, and certainly no friend of mine. 

I read, back in my days while hanging out in Thailand, ten years ago, a quote in a Grisham novel.  “How do you define a democrat? A Republican who’s been arrested.”  That, of course, was from the 90’s.  Today one might say instead; how do you define a Libertarian? And the answer would be: some poor slob who’s had his life destroyed by the central party.  What a difference twenty years can make.  I shudder to extrapolate that out another twenty years.

Back in those days, I also read guys like Jim Rogers, Bill Bonner, and Harry Browne.  So not only am I an old-style Libertarian, but also a long time contrarian investor.  I particularly like Jim Rogers, as he and I share similar ideas about international lifestyle (albeit I somehow have done it with significantly less cash on hand).  As a contrarian investor, I did reasonably well during the period while I actually had funds to invest.  The fact that I currently don’t is much more down to my equally unimpressive record with women, than to investment failures.  Hey, we can’t be good at everything…

Contrarian investing isn’t hard really.  Buy fear (read low), and sell greed (read high), as in duh.  Very basic, I always thought, and almost always fruitful.  In the beginning though, believe it or not, it takes some guts to buy that fear, and some discipline to sell that greed.  Don’t forget the stop-loss order, either, unless you’re speculating on a really low trading-volume, high price volatility stock, and you’re sure you’re right (ha ha).

Could it be these extremely primordial basics that have subconsciously kept me out of the investing game for a while, awaiting the obvious upcoming buying opportunities?  Naaah.  I’m just broke, but it sounded good, and almost fooled even me for a minute.  I’ve also recently noticed some of my heroes/mentors comparing that which is currently unfolding in Amerika to that of 1933 Germany, but with a big disclaimer that they don’t believe it could possibly happen in the USA.  Huh?

At this critical point in US history, I’m afraid that it might be time to break away from that old guard, at least on a geo-political basis.  As much as I respect those men, and what they’ve contributed to the Libertarian cause over the past 20-30 years, to say that fascism couldn’t occur in Washington, in the face of such direct and incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, is a bit irresponsible.  I mean look at what’s actually happened.  Indefinite detention, state-sanctioned murder of Americans citizens without trial, state-sanctioned torture, extraordinary renditions, the persecution of Julian Assange simply for exposing the truth as ALLEGEDLY reported by Bradley Manning, who as I understand, like Assange, has yet to actually be charged with any crime, but yet is enduring what any rational human being would classify as daily torture, etc., etc.  I, for one, will simply have to move on and confront the current reality.

It all makes me wonder, boys and girls, was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Donnelly, at Nimmonsburgh Elementary School in Binghamton, NY wrong when she told me all that crap about my forefathers, freedom from tyranny, the bill of rights, and why they fought and died for such ideals?  I guess if I weren’t so old-fashioned, I’d try to find out if sweet ol’ Mrs. Carter from Hill Crest High School were still around.  If so, I could most likely sue her for so irresponsibly teaching me such garbage as that I have a right to free speech.  That, not only was it my right, but my duty, to scream “Tyranny!” when I saw it.  After all, according to research done by my patriotic colleague, Kelly Diamond, such “reverence for personal liberty” makes me a potential terrorist in the eyes of the current tyrannical regime and, under their recently passed legislation, a target for legal assassination.  Therefore, are Mrs. Donnelly at Nimmonsburgh and Mrs. Carter at Hill Crest liable to me for putting my life in danger?  I’d bet almost anything that in Amerika, I could find a lawyer to take that case (I hope they have off-shore trusts set up).  Thankfully, though, I’ve long since gotten out of that hell-hole that once was the late, great, America.  At least partly because it wouldn’t even occur to me to sue my former school teachers for trying to teach me what once was (history).  Therefore, I’m just Un-Amerikan.  I’ll say it again: thankfully.

Although it hurts me more than anyone, the bottom line is, if you want to very rightfully keep what you’ve worked for, you have to adapt to the current geopolitical environment.  It’s no longer the 1960’s nor 70’s.  Unless you’re undergoing a terminal acid flashback, it really is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

In case I need to spell it out for you:  Put your hard-earned IRA’s, savings accounts, everything, under an off shore company, and then in a bank account under that company name, both in jurisdictions where they’ve learned since 1776 what freedom is, and still haven’t given up on the concept.  Want an example?  Here’s one:

Nevis.  Pronounced (nee-vus).  Birth place to Alexander Hamilton.  You know, the guy of twenty-dollar-bill fame.  He was also a true patriot in case you didn’t catch Mrs. Donnelly’s history lesson before it was outlawed.   I say that much more in regards to the risking of his life in the Continental Army, than as founder of the nation’s financial system, and the founder of the first political party. 

By the way, you can still currently legally convert your IRA to Self-Directed status (i.e.  get it off Wall Street and take responsibility for your own life, not to mention rescue it from the very real dangers of “save Amerika from its fiscal cliff” status), move it offshore, and maintain IRS qualified status.  The legality to keep your own savings may be fleeting.  Don’t hiccup and hesitate.  Contact me at [email protected] to learn how.



P. S. In case you were wondering, I give my complete name, including middle, for two reasons:  First, it’s a family name I share with my grandfather.  I’m 100% certain he would be very proud that I’m at least making some effort to, at a minimum, wake up the sheeple who’ve so utterly let the old America down.  I’ve heard him (and 10 other previous American generations) turning over in his (their) grave(s) quite a bit lately.  Second, I wouldn’t want anyone to ever think I’m trying to hide behind an avatar or pseudonym, nor get me confused with a distant cousin.  I’d put my SS# too, but thankfully no longer wear that bar-code.

4 thoughts on “An Appeal to the Hardworking & Rational Minded”

  1. Seymorebutts

    Well, I least you tried. Enjoy the scenery, the cigar and the beer! Don’t look back, just forget about it.

    I just hope for your sake the U.S. military doesn’t buy that island your on to do shell practice and bombing runs.

    High risk, high reward. Well, at least I tried to tell you.

    Please excuse me now while I continue drinking my Grey Goose on the rocks over looking the lake.

  2. All truth, we just have to open our eyes, left / right, same slaughter house. The government is supposed to work for us, but everyone trembles at the thought of, being looked at / investigated / audited / watched !

    1930 German’s also saw their freedoms evaporate, also thinking that it was for their own good, and the good of the country. Well how did that work out for them, and the rest of the world ? History just keeps repeating itself. That’s why the government controls the education system, to control what is taught ! We want workers, not thinkers ! Smart / creative people cause problems.

    What this country goes through, the rest of the world will feel.

    If you have the thoughts of free thinking, you are a threat to the great corporation known as the United States. We are given birth certificates, which entitles you to one share of voting stock, We have to pay to get permission and a permit to get married, drive a car, get a pass port, etc. Then once we have property that we paid / paying for , we are taxed on / for, the privilege of owning it. If we don’t pay the taxes, the great corporation, takes it away, sells it to get their taxes. The end. We the people of the US are enslaved, the only free ones, are the ones who have nothing ! And they are now voting to get what those who have something have through higher taxes filtered through the corporation. And the corporation directors, CEO, senators, congressmen, president, willingly do this to continue to get elected / stay in power , and milking the cow.

    The funny thing is that, when originally elected, this president, and 99% of the congressmen & senators were, when originally elected, were poor individuals, not wealthy. But by the end of their first term, they have offshore trust accounts, and are worth millions, all during a period when the citizenry, are unemployed, loosing their homes, taxes are soaring, and gas prices are rising .
    They are no better than the bankers, leaders in the communist party, or dictators of so many of the 3rd world nations. Getting theirs while they can, via packs, insider info, campaign contributions, stealing, or plain out payoffs,

    I am tired of all these brainwashed sheeple saying that it’s the best system out there ! B.S. ! It was the best system, but after 200 years of corrupt mismanagement it has been turned to crap !

    I am a positive person, just frustrated at the direction things are going, also frustrated at still being here, trying to get out, but just keep getting delayed !!!!!

    GET … Out …..
    Save your selves !

  3. After a recent dating disaster, I’m thinking there might actually be something to the pseudonym concept. But otherwise, totally agree with you.

    See you at the fast lane

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