Reading the headlines over the past two weeks was like riding a roller coaster with no seatbelt – exciting to say the least.

We read about the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Libya and pretty much the rest of the Middle East. In about one week we have seen oil spike from $83 per barrel to nearly $100 per barrel.

We have seen gold go up about $60 per ounce. Silver is on a rocketship.

The public union workers in Wisconsin think they deserve $100,000 per year even though there is no money to pay them. Indiana and Ohio have now jumped on the ‘screw the taxpayer’ freight train.

The US treasury auctioned off 5 year notes today and had difficulty finding any buyers causing the bond prices to fall and yields to spike.

Today I got a call from a buddy of mine who is desperately trying to find someone to sell him a truckload of 100oz silver bars because he thinks that sometime in the future there MAY be a panic…..

I have to be honest, I actually laughed at him out loud on the phone (hey Scott).

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a panic. No, the sky is not falling, but we are living in turbulent times. I have coined this as the “Great Reset”.

I don’t want to sound doom and gloom, but if you are resting on your laurels hoping everything will just work itself out, you are woefully mistaken and likely in the poor house in a few years (or months at this rate).

Now is not the time to relax and enjoy. Break out of your comfort zone and improve yourself. Learn to build websites, trade options, write a book, start a farm, or anything thing else that can add value to your fellow man.

This week I am in Arizona meeting with several successful entrepreneurs from all around the US. Some are seasoned business owners that have been around the block. Some, like Steve who I had dinner with tonight, is a young gun running a successful business and in process of starting another business. But each of them have something in common – they provide value to their clients.

But not just value for now, but they are building businesses that provide value for years to come. They are building businesses the will thrive in the “Great Reset”.

I am speaking to this group this week about how to not only grow their wealth, but how to keep it and diversify as well. I am talking this week to the group primarily about what I call “Geo-Arbitrage”.

This is the method of structuring your life to minimize your geographical risk. Specifically I mean establishing your business in one country, your residency in another, your citizenship in another, your banking in another and your investments in another. This is easier than it sounds and just like the cliché, “how do you eat an elephant” the answer is “just one bite at a time”.

I hope you are taking the time to properly structure you own asset protection plan and create your own “Geo-Arbitrage” strategy before it’s too late.

After reading the news over the past couple of weeks, I feel that the US government, and others, are going to take drastic measures to raise funds to pay for their own poor decisions. If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect yourself, you may end up being their beast of burden.

Don’t be the beast of burden. Live your life as it was meant to be lived.