The pandemic is the guise under which certain powers are centralizing at a rapid pace, and leveraging resources to gain global compliance.

leverageIt’s not important whether you’ve heard of the World Economic Forum (WEF) or its overreaching set of ideas known as the “Great Reset.”

What is important is that you understand that humanity is at a crossroads right now. Not tomorrow, not a month from now, but right at this very moment.

Because if the WEF gets its way, the way the world works is poised to change dramatically. Here’s a snapshot of what the “Great Reset” is intended to bring about:

This ‘Great Reset’ is presented as a change at global level towards a sustainable economy, but this is a deception. Actually the companies of the WEF, which is mainly controlled by the financial and digital industries, want a centralisation of political power in supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Obviously, a broad overview like this conceals the potential impacts on ordinary people. To give you a better idea of what “centralisation” of power for major global institutions can do, consider this mob tactic by the IMF on the small country of Belarus:

The IMF, as the long arm of the banking sector, offered the economically stricken state 940 million in June 2020, demanding in return that the small country institute Corona measures such as lockdown, compulsory masking and quarantine.

A pandemic-impoverished country that needs funds to operate is a perfect target for the IMF, who can come in and dictate policy in exchange for that money.

Low and middle income earners are likely to foot the bill in the form of massive tax increases to pay back the “protection money” coming from the IMF’s banking arm.

Enough of these smaller countries being “funded” through IMF channels could create ripple effects that may impact larger countries. And an economic crisis in a large country could also make “dealing with” the IMF necessary. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… 

Ready for a Cashless Society?

Sebastian Friebel, former parliamentary adviser to the German Bundestag, summarized the possible move to a cashless society: 

“Influential forces, which even before Corona were already intensively lobbying for global cash abolition, are now exploiting the [COVID-19] crisis to achieve their goals.”

Digital cash, Fedcoin, China’s CBDC, and Libra are examples of centralized “digital currency” that are intended to replace the paper dollar at some point in the future.

If that replacement happens fully, you can wave goodbye to your privacy. Every purchase you make, every house payment you issue, and every bank deposit that gets made… will all be tracked.

Worse, if paper currency is no longer available, you can’t just “put money under the bed” in case of an emergency — because all money would be digital.

Digital currency, in the hands of the wrong Government officials, could mean handing them an “on-off” switch on your personal money supply.

I don’t want to travel down that road, and neither should you. We are certainly heading into a Brave New World.

The good news is there are options if you start making preparations now.

Keep Your Personal “Emergency Exit” Open

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