Biden Proposes Highest Capital Gains Tax Since 1922

The US economy is hobbling along, and its president is on a crusade to hike small business and capital gains tax.

capital gains tax The American Uniparty, struggling to get U.S. debt under control, now wants to collect more taxes to pay it down. That’s on top of the ridiculous amount of taxes it already collects!

So what is Biden proposing? He’s proposing…

The Highest Capital Gains Tax in More than 100 Years!

If this Biden tax proposal is enacted, the Uniparty will start to collect more taxes. I say “start” because if this tax proposal comes to fruition, I suspect many wealthy people and high income earners will begin to leave the U.S. for more favorable locations.

Look, if you make more than $400,000 annually, your income is a target right now. But like a recent WSJ piece makes clear, it’s never enough:

This is a familiar tax bait and switch. Democrats promise they’ll tax only the rich, but there aren’t enough rich, and the rich don’t have enough money to finance the Democratic Party’s endless spending schemes. Millions of the Americans Mr. Biden wants to tax aren’t rich. They are successful Americans, typically at the peak of their earning lives, who might make $200,000 for a few years.

This means that what you’re about to read will very likely apply to you, no matter what income bracket the proposed legislation targets now. OK, let’s look at the nitty gritty details…

The Chinese Communist Party Has a 20% Capital Gains Tax.

Biden: “Hold My Ice Cream Cone”…

President Joe Biden recently proposed a top capital gains tax of 44.6%. By comparison, Communist China’s tax is “only” 20%.

Throw in state capital gains tax, and in California, the top rate is a staggering 59%.

It appears to be part of a globalist effort to raise taxes and tackle soaring debt in a few different nations, according to Mario Nawfal in a post on “X”:

Biden is pushing for a 44.6% capital gains tax, the steepest since 1922.

The move, part of a global trend with leaders like Canada’s Trudeau ramping up taxes, aims to tackle the soaring national debt.

Critics warn this could backfire, stifling spending and worsening the economic outlook with potential austerity, rising defaults, and unemployment spikes.

The critics are right in one sense, this plan could backfire. But the potential for financial disaster is quite a bit larger than anyone might think.

That’s because Biden’s proposal also includes quite a few other taxes on small businesses, individuals, and even electricity. All just to potentially extract…

$5 Trillion From American Households And Small Businesses!

According to the “Americans for Tax Reform” (ATR) website, over the next decade, Biden wants to tax people in just about every way you could imagine.

On top of that, if this proposal is enacted, he wants to increase the size of the IRS juggernaut even more than he already has through the Inflation “Reduction” Act.

That means even if what you read today doesn’t apply, at some point in the near future you’ll probably have more of your hard-earned income ripped away by the Government.

Here are a few highlights from Biden’s newest form of highway robbery of the American citizens. One of them even attacks those of us who invest and trade crypto:

  1. Small business tax rate hike to 39.6%
    Small business owners pay business taxes on their individual tax return. Biden’s budget raises the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6% from the current 37%.
  2. Unconstitutional wealth tax on unrealized gains
    Biden’s budget calls for an annual 25 percent minimum tax on the unrealized gains of individuals with income and assets that exceed $100 million.
  3. 30% federal excise tax on electricity used in cryptocurrency mining
    Biden’s budget imposes a 30% excise tax on the cost of electricity used to mine digital assets.
  4. An even further-supersized IRS
    The Biden budget shovels another $104.3 billion to the agency.
  5. Global tax cartel with 21% minimum tax rate
    Biden wants to yoke the U.S. to an international tax cartel and impose a 21% global minimum tax on American businesses.

The bottom line is this: The IRS gets more stormtroopers, small businesses pay more taxes, and this Administration is even going after gains that don’t exist yet!

It also looks like the noose would be tightening even further on anyone who might have some of their assets invested in digital currency.

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P.S. The IRS could get another big boost from the Biden Administration. The Uniparty is coming up with new ways to tax you to death. That means now is a good time to form an exit plan, in case they come after your hard-earned money!

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