July 8, 2015

Borderless Podcast interviews Bobby Casey, covering various topics of interest to anyone who is looking to internationalize their lives!

From: The Borderless Blog w/ James Guzman and Jonathan Lockwood

borderless blog interview


In this episode we talk to him about the creation of GWP and some of the specific ways that he helps entrepreneurs save money on taxes.

There is some very good, actionable information in this one, so get ready to take some notes.


Take your business to the next level with Bobby’s private club GWP Insiders. 

Show notes:

  • Bobby’s background (2:50)
  • The creation of Global Wealth Protection (6:45)
  • Expats life in Latvia (12:40)
  • What is offshore strategy (17:20)
  • At what point does it make sense to go offshore (23:55)
  • Global trends (34:07)
  • Good offshore jurisdictions (46:25)
  • How to use paper checks with an offshore account (51:00)
  • Will the government cause trouble for those going offshore (58:20)
  • GWP Insiders (1:06:05)
  • Bobby’s advice to those wanting to become new entrepreneurs (1:10:00)

About Borderless Blog: The site is for those wanting to expand their horizons and think outside their own cultural boxes. Borders are the things physical or psychological which hold us back from our true potential. In order to progress individually and as a species we must learn to recognize these traps and find ways around them. The focus of the Borderless Blog and Podcast is on practical information for those that are interested in traveling, investing and living in non-conventional markets. I hope that the information here can be helpful in the lives of those who wish to live beyond borders.