A Break From the Distractions

January 24, 2014

By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher

distractionsWhile Justin Bieber was getting hauled off for drag racing, DUI, and egging a house… or football fans determine they will no longer root for the Seahawks because all of a sudden it’s classless to talk smack to your opponents… other things were happening.

So, I bring you, a brief run-down of events… as I assume those reading this are not so easily lulled into the coma of the masses.

  • The Swedes are doing an about face on their socialized healthcare.  As it turns out, employers find it more beneficial for their employees to get their health issues taken care of quickly, than to have to wait around for a year or so.  For now, much of the private policies are being purchased by employers for their workers, but that’s not to say private citizens aren’t getting on board.  They are actually heeding the economic warning signs of uber government.  Their education system is a robust and competitive; they’ve reduced their overall government program spending by nearly 20% of GDP; and they’ve cut their income taxes dramatically.
  • A teacher locked a kindergartener in a closet and left for the day with her still in it… and the teachers’ union believes that is totally acceptable.  It would seem that the pool from which public school teachers are drawn is as desperate and depraved as the pool from which cops are drawn.Even if you want to make the “bad apple” argument, that such behavior would receive the full backing of the union indicates that the entire barrel is rotten.
  • The “private” Prison Industrial Complex is growing exponentially.  According to Zerohedge.com:

There are 2.3 million people living behind bars in the United States and the prison system cost the federal government $55 billion every year. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of privately operated prisons in the US increased 1600%…

The following infographic outlines the motives, means, and opportunities (click to enlarge):

Prison Industrial Complex

  • Cities are militarizing their police with tank-like vehicles.  According to RT, the Pentagon is either selling at deeply discounted rates or sometimes even giving away “MRAP” vehicles to small and local police departments.  What’s an MRAP?!  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle.  What the hell does Mayberry need with one of these?!  Wait.  What does ANY local agency need with one of these???  It would seem that we are normalizing Marshall Law before it officially arrives.

For those who might not be in the US to hear local news from Fullerton, California, Kelly Thomas was a docile homeless man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Evidently, he made the deadly mistake of sleeping on a public park bench (totally uncharacteristic and therefore suspicious of a homeless man, right?).  He wouldn’t leave fast enough, which resulted in him getting a charge of “resisting an officer”.  Yadda yadda yadda… three cops beat him to death until his face was unrecognizable as a human being.  He died… the cops were acquitted within a day… Kelly Thomas died with a guilty charge of “resisting an officer”.  The entire thing was caught on video… you can hear the officers threatening him… but the saddest part was listening to his pleas.  I personally could not stomach the entire video at once.  I could only manage some of it along with the transcripts of what was said. 

Anyway, this rabid, monstrous, sorry excuse of a human being and total waste of cells wants his job back.  How much do you want to bet he gets it?  *I feel sick…* (It is literally impossible for me to remain glib or objective about this particular story… so if you are looking for a Blue Line High Five, you won’t get it from me.  Ever.)

did you know cops don't serve and protect

  • And finally, in the last few weeks, the DEA struck a deal with one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels.  And just how seriously did anyone think the DEA was about this ridiculous “war on drugs” anyway?  How you going to get more funding to fight the war on drugs if you stop the war on drugs?  And how on earth will we meet the “private” prison quotas?! 

To recap…

  • Swedes are smartening up on their welfare state situation.
  • Teachers’ Unions are still unscrupulous thugs who defend sick teachers over innocent children.
  • The “Private” Prison racket is fueled by your tax dollars… and lined with the bodies of individuals who’ve harmed no one… and it’s growing!
  • Small towns are getting ready to occupy their communities like military and treat them like insurgent towns in Afghanistan.
  • Murderous cop wants his job back since he was acquitted for beating someone to death… even though he did in fact beat someone to death.
  • Ed Snowden knows better than to deal with Holder.
  • War on Drugs is a farce (not news), and is further proven by collusion between DEA and cartels (is news).

If you happen to still care about Justin Bieber, well, you’ll be happy to know he would not cooperate with the cops when asked for the security code on his phone.  And Richard Sherman is actually better at life than some folks, and there’s nothing classless about overachieving. 

4 thoughts on “A Break From the Distractions”

  1. Dear Kelly,
    First, please understand that teachers’ unions are not all bad. You generalize with one specific incident. It’s true that unions protect their members from school board abuse. But when the abuse comes from a teacher, the rules don’t apply anymore. I submit to you 2 cases: the first one in my own school board. A high-school teacher was caught by police with a large quantity of drugs. He was suspended without pay. When he was convicted, he was fired. Did the union raise a stink ? No, it did not. Another case that I know of is a teacher seducing a high-school student. Their affair lasted 2 years until the young boy admitted the whole thing to his parents. The teacher is facing sexual abuse charges. If convicted, she will lose her job. And that’s the right thing to do. The union did not complain. After all, how can you defend the unacceptable ?
    The Supreme Court decision is really bizarre, to say the least. In a way, it’s damned if I do, damned if I don’t. When the ex came to bother (or more…) his ex-wife, what were her recourses ? Calling the police ? No can do. If things went bad to worse, pull a gun and shoot the guy ? Let’s hope that self-defence is still an accepted statute in the US. Today, who knows ?
    A suggestion: ask the police departments to remove the “To protect” logo on their police cars. Let’s hope they don’t have to remove “and to serve”…

    1. I realize you are in Canada, and perhaps things run differently, but I would submit to you a google search for the following: New York rubber rooms.

      The police unions (at least in the US) are literally the 10th ring of hell Dante never had a chance to write about. They actually DO raise a stink if they do wrong and are faced with charges or penalties.

      The UAW is why the big three American auto companies are struggling to operate in the black.


      My claims about unions are not as isolated as you might think. I only provided one example, but if you are interested in more examples of how defunct and irrelevant unions are, check out the link above.

  2. “A 2005 Supreme Court decision declared that is is NOT the duty of any police force in the US to protect citizens, just enforce laws.”

    What specific case did this ruling emanate from?

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