Where’s the Truth?

by Steven Hilgart, Director of Marketing and Conference Operations Every so often tyranny rears its ugly head. Like a weed, it always seems to find a way through the cracks of the sidewalk.  In places we never would have thought. But at what point do we call it tyranny?  When the people are stripped of […]

Twitter Arrests Are Here

Has modern law enforcement gone a bit overboard with the recent Twitter arrest? by Paul Rosenberg, Cryptohippie We’ve been warning for a long time that Twitter was fully monitored by the local branches of Big Brother, Inc., but most folks didn’t pay attention. Now, stories are starting to come out. On July 30th, a man […]

Public Perception of Having Multiple Passports

by Adam Wolf, Director of US Operations Second Passport – Good or Bad? There have been several stories in the lamestream media lately of high-profile American citizens renouncing their citizenship, giving up their U.S. passports (or slave cards as Jeff Berwick calls them), and moving overseas. Specifically, the big stories have been about Eduardo Saverin, […]

Sidestepping Control to Achieve Personal Freedom

by Adam Wolf, Director of US Operations – Global Wealth Protection LLC Achieving personal freedom is just one small but vital step to achieving independent wealth However it is that you define freedom, there’s one, tiny little obstacle standing in your way: there are people in the world who do not want you to truly […]

Even Hair Stylists Need Asset Protection

by Adam Wolf, Director of US Operations – Global Wealth Protection LLC Using a Wyoming LLC for Asset Protection We are certainly living in interesting times. Never before has it been more important to establish an asset protection strategy, and never before has it been easier to do so from the comfort of your living […]

Senate Amendment Allows IRS to Revoke Passports

by Brian Mahany, Esq. Each day we lose more and more of our fundamental rights. Many of these rights were given up in the name of “national security.” It’s a very slippery slope. Scholars have debated the erosion of civil rights caused by the passage of the Patriot Act. A recent unanimous amendment to a […]

Using Geo-Arbitrage to Stop the Acceleration of Destruction

After last week’s asset protection newsletter, “The United Corporate Statism of America”, the resulting backlash from readers was to be expected.  It seems some people, regardless of the clear patterns in government today, remain sheeple and think the president deserves a certain level of respect exclusively linked to his position of power. It just seems […]