CISA Buries Evidence of U.S. Censorship Program?

Whether people are more aware of it, or the government is more brazen about it, government censorship is on the rise and the CISA is one of many agencies doing it.

CISA You have probably heard of the NSA, FBI, and CIA. But few people have heard of another (perhaps more nefarious) member of the U.S. alphabet agencies: CISA.

Otherwise known as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

This “sister” agency operates as a division under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). So you already have a clue as to how insidious it is.

CISA is employed by the DHS to control political information that is spread through online social networks. Specifically, the CISA targets “threat actors” that spread disinformation, which is supposed to be information that misleads.

You and I both know that any government agency is suspect when they use vague terms like “threat actor” and judge which political information allegedly “misleads.”

Want an example? Here’s one…

In October 2019 the CISA targeted American citizens as “threat actors” for making satirical memes about Colin Kaepernick. Yes, memes!

Obviously, such speech is supposed to be protected under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but no matter. CISA had a job to do!

Up until the end of February this year, the CISA had been operating to censor both foreign actors and American citizens.

Worse, after their attempts to stifle Americans’ free speech were made public and started to be investigated, CISA was caught red-handed scrubbing their web presence of any incriminating evidence:

The public-private domestic censorship operation coordinated by the federal government has quietly been organized to quell the online opinions of everyday Americans. Although DHS began to tout their coordination of such efforts publicly on their website, groups like Foundation for Freedom Online have exposed the backbone of this taxpayer-funded domestic censorship apparatus. As a result, it is no surprise that DHS appears to be backtracking on the public display of their domestic censorship efforts.

The First Amendment recognizes that no one has a monopoly on the truth. It’s one reason why freedom of speech is essential inside the U.S., and any free society for that matter.

But CISA sees no obstacle in the First Amendment. To the point…

CISA Has Been Monitoring & Censoring Americans Since 2016!

The CISA started shortly after Trump was elected in 2016, and ramped up operations in 2018, according to their own document:

“Since late 2018, civil society groups, scholars, and investigative journalists have made great strides in identifying ongoing disinformation campaigns and sharing findings with social media platforms, who then remove inauthentic accounts. However, these campaigns are often identified after the disinformation has already entered and been amplified inside the information environment, too late to fully negate the harm.

Take special note of the bolded parts above. It reads like a Minority Report movie script, where the Government wants to “fully negate” disinformation before it happens.

This stuff creeps me out, and I’m already prepared for it.

And, unfortunately, it looks like CISA’s censorship operations will continue despite whatever may be said or not said on the DHS website.

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