Climate & Covid: Partners in Tyranny

Global elites hit the jackpot with Climate and Covid as mechanisms to create fearful, controllable masses eager for their ill-founded policies.

August 28, 2023

By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP

climate I​t used to be when natural disaster struck, it had a unifying effect. Everyone puts their differences aside and in that interstice of time, we were all just human beings with a common goal.

I​t’s the kind of fraternity you see on sports teams or even in the military. Regardless of your feelings about sports or the military’s role, the commeradery is an undeniable virtue.

T​he roots of their bonds are much greater than people who just happened to meet and get along for a bit in high school.

T​here used to be something unifying about adversity and getting through it together.

N​ow, adversity is politicized, along with a myriad other things like diet and exercise regimens. It’s getting to a point where if you do anything responsible, you’re part of some right wing cabal. This has many people who once considered themselves of the left to find their way to the right. Ironically, making the right the new diverse and inclusive political wing in some cases.

I​t’s a strange phenomenon to observe while living outside the US and the political spectrum myself. The forces I see causing this, however, are important to understand. I might not want much to do with politics, but politics wants a lot to do with me. My lifestyle and business apparatus reflects that.

Politicians, bureaucrats, and policymakers aren’t actually selling a solution. They can’t. What they are doing is selling a problem. And when people become sufficiently fearful of that problem, indicating their buy-in, then people begin to beg for any solution.

T​here’s nothing marketable about wind turbines and solar panels. Hell, there isn’t anything marketable about locking down economies. But, if I can work you up into a big enough frenzy over climate change and a cold, then anything that will abate or assuage the terror of those things is worthwhile.

Relatively intelligent people have been asking the wrong question. That is: how is it that we keep getting large amounts of people pushing for really worthless policies? It makes no sense.

Right. That’s because it wasn’t the policy that was being pushed. It was the blind fear being invoked to usher in the policies that needed no real sales pitch at all.

And this amalgam of elites hit the jackpot with weather and pestilence. It used to be the existential threat of terrorism… before that it was drugs… before that it was poverty. Those things still linger a bit. Immigrants is a big one too for some.

W​e’re shadow boxing with our fears rather than tackling whatever the root problem might be. In fact, the root problem of pestilence and weather aren’t really insurmountable problems for humanity. While they do take a few of our numbers, that was never not the case.


T​he Net Zero agenda is a farce. It’s calling on developed nations to lead by example and eliminate carbon emissions. The way in which they do so isn’t by reducing carbon emissions on net. Rather they eliminate carbon emissions within their boarders by outsourcing to countries that don’t have the same requirements.

Agendas like these take us from interdependence, to codependency on developing nations. Ultimately, countries cede economic strength to places like China. If you look at developing countries as entry level workers, then you have to expect that at some point they will outgrow the role they have, and learn to do more in the trade itself.

T​hat’s what happened between Germany and China. Germany became elite in automobile engineering. They relied on China for raw materials, and as customers of German cars. But now, China builds their own cars, and sees no reason to pay the premium to have a German car.

I​t’s not that you can’t outsource the labor. It’s that you cannot rely on the same people staying in their entry level position forever, as Germany is quickly learning. Germany recently abandoned all of its nuclear power, and had an unhealthy reliance on Russian energy as well.

W​hat once made Germany strong and independent was ceded to a climate agenda and industrial shortsightedness.

Climate fears have people believing that disasters like fires are from the angry weather gods, rather than poor grounds or equipment maintenance.

I​f you just google “California Insurance Crisis”, the first several headlines will read like California has become a liability due to fires… fires which of course are caused by angry weather gods.

T​hat’s not what is happening at all. The state Insurance Commissioner wanted to be reelected a few times through the Covid-19 era, so he told insurance companies they couldn’t raise their rates. They very recently allowed a slight increase but not nearly enough to offset the losses.

With inflation and supply chain issues mounting, the costs to build homes and cars has gone up exponentially. Which means, the insurance premiums must go up commensurate to replacing those things at their cost and value.

S​o if everything is going up, and insurance is expected to pay out when those things are destroyed at the current market value, quick and simple math tells you, this is a losing proposition.

Insurance companies are leaving California and the ones that remain, aren’t taking new clients; in fact they are finding ways to drop clients. It’s not the fires, per se. It’s the fact that they cannot charge the premiums needed to cover for those liabilities.

Last month, California’s insurance market was rocked by announcements from State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, and AIG, saying they would stop sales of new policies, citing headwinds brought on by catastrophic weather events, inflation, and economic conditions.

You might be able to make a meandering case for fires causing the losses and the divestment of this industry. But how do you explain car insurance also leaving? Cars aren’t spontaneously combusting.

Car insurers are backing away, too, Theodorou notes, as losses increased 25 percent in one year, while premiums rose only 4.5 percent. That statistic offers insight into the problem. In 1988, California voters approved a ballot measure backed by consumer groups (read: tort lawyers) that turned the insurance commissioner into a rate-setting czar. The California Department of Insurance gives a simple description of the measure: “Proposition 103 . . . requires the ‘prior approval’ of California’s Department of Insurance before insurance companies can implement property and casualty insurance rates. The ballot measure also required each insurer to ‘roll back’ its rates 20 percent. Prior to Proposition 103, automobile, property and casualty insurance rates were set by insurance companies without approval by the Insurance Commissioner.”

T​he fire liabilities in California are not due to angry weather gods either. Its abysmal maintenance of state and federal lands. The fire in Maui wasn’t caused by angry weather gods. It was caused by twenty years of electrical negligence. The negligence was part of a larger “Green Agenda” initiative that deprioritized conventional electric delivery systems in favor of alternative and renewable electric systems. The WSJ reports:

What both utilities have in common is that they prioritized growing renewable power to meet government mandates over hardening their systems and reducing fire risk. In 2015 Hawaii lawmakers required that 100% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2045.

The flooding in New Orleans during 2005 wasn’t angry weather gods. It was the state and federal governments ignoring the Army Corp of Engineers’ repeated warnings of weak and low levies to a city that is literally several feet BELOW sea level.

While these are horrible events that took a lot of human life and did a lot of property damage, they weren’t insurmountable or unavoidable. We aren’t unsophisticated creatures who failed to sacrifice a virgin to the volcano.

We knew good and well what needed to be done and just didn’t do it. There’s ignorance, and there’s negligence. This was indeed negligence.

A​gain, the Climate Madness strikes in the UK:

The windfall tax, the so-called Energy Profits Levy, has prompted many companies operating offshore the UK to cut investments and review projects.

After the UK raised the windfall tax to 35% at the end of last year, Harbour Energy, the biggest oil and gas producer in the UK North Sea, backed out of the latest licensing round aimed at awarding more than 100 new licenses. Shell has said it would be re-evaluating each project comprising its $30.5 billion (25 billion pounds) planned investment in the UK energy system, and TotalEnergies has said it would slash its investment in the UK by 25%.

H​ow does the UK think this is going to shake out in the winter months of 2023 going into 2024 exactly?


People are not coalescing over these things. They are instead politicizing them and balkanizing even more. How on earth does a cold become political? Well, when you poll people and you get an outcome like this, it’s understandable:

A large percentage of Democrats in polls supported even more extreme policies, including:

  • 55% of Democrats wanted fines for unvaxxed Americans.

  • 59% of Democrats wanted the unvaccinated forcefully confined to their homes.

  • 48% of Democrats wanted prison time for anyone that questioned the vaccines.

  • 47% of Democrats were in favor of government tracking of the unvaxxed.

  • 29% of Democrats were in favor or taking children away from the unvaxxed.

T​here are murmurs of a new strain of Covid, and alongside that, some jurisdictions are looking at reinstating mask mandates, while some areas actually have reinstated them. There has been quite a bit of coverage on the new booster for the latest new strain.

I​f all the media needs to do is show you images of people at hospitals and video footage of a fire, to get you to go along, then a new boogieman is really behind each telecast.

I​’d like to think that people have wised up to the ridiculousness of the pandemic era. That they wouldn’t fall into the same trappings. But it also seems like we’re on a bit of a loop. Much like the movie industry, there’s no new plot lines, just new spins on old stories.

T​he best we can do as individuals is carve out a path for ourselves that dodges these Trojan Horses of tyranny.

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