Digital Nomads Living The “American Dream” … In Mexico?

The digital nomads are finding alcoves in the world where they can maximize their freedom and live very well.  Mexico is high on that list!

Mexico The idea of the “American Dream” has changed quite a bit since World War II.

Back in the 1950s, someone could picture the dream as owning a nice-sized house, white picket fence, and having a family with two kids.

The idea of the American suburbs was born during this era. Quite a lot of time has passed since the “Baby Boom era,” and millions of people have grown up in a suburb somewhere.

According to some sources, the cities actually started growing faster than the “burbs” during the early 21st century. What was once known as the “American Dream” started evolving into something more urban.

But then came 2020, and the COVID pandemic, along with the summer riots in every major U.S. city.

The cities started emptying back into the suburbs and some rural areas. According to a Brookings study from 2022:

[…] the data show a new dispersal to large- and moderate-sized metro areas in the middle of the country—especially in the Northeast and Midwest. If these shifts continue, they could call into question the sharp clustering of the nation’s population—in large metropolitan areas and their cities—that characterized the first half of the 2010s.”

But last year and now this year, things have been getting much worse financially for many Americans. Many people have started looking for an escape.

So instead of staying trapped where inflation has been running hot for two years and the economy is on the verge of recession, smart digital nomads are saying…

“¡Viva México!”

Most people hear the word “immigration” and think of people from various places coming across the Mexican border into the United States.

But beginning last year, the floodgates opened the other way. Thanks to a much lower cost-of-living and remote work, Americans are moving into Mexico at a furious pace.

The Mirror provided one example of the economic potential for digital nomads that might choose to live in Mexico:

“One U.S. dollar is roughly 20 pesos. The U.S. federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. For a typical 40 hour work week, a person gets roughly $1,160 a month, or 23,200 pesos. Mexico increased their national minimum wage to 178.87 pesos a day, or roughly 5,340 pesos a month, roughly $260 U.S. If someone is earning more than $7.25, they are in a different tax bracket entirely.”

Sounds great, right? Not so fast…

The immigration is so intense that Mexico is running out of plastic to print the id cards because of so many Americans and Canadians immigrating.

If you go today to get residency, it takes 2 months for them to print up an ID card.

In fact, I just renewed my residency in Mexico in October 2022 and it took two months to get my new card. Instead, they gave me a paper document to prove residency until the card was printed.

And even if you manage to gain residency in Mexico, don’t forget how hard the United States government is making it for people to leave.

This is not to discourage you. Rather, it’s to stress the importance of getting expert advice based on your situation so things go as smoothly as possible. And the good news is…

Your “Stateside Exit” Can Start With One Phone Call

You might have your own “dream” of living a truly free lifestyle with as minimal expenses as possible. Somewhere where inflation and taxes aren’t robbing you blind. It could be Mexico, somewhere in eastern Europe, or another “hidden paradise.”

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People from all walks of life become GWP Insiders, like:

  • A Canadian ecomm entrepreneur living in Portugal making 6-7 figures net. He needs to know where to register his company and how to get out of the Canadian tax system without owing much (or anything) in Portugal.
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  • A Brit who is nomadic with a digital marketing agency.
  • An American with a digital products business living in Mexico.

Even though my clientele is diverse, they’re all facing similar challenges.

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Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

P.S. Places like Mexico are continually getting “backlogged” with requests for residency by U.S. citizens who are “pulling the plug” on the traditional American Dream. That’s why I strongly encourage you to become a GWP Insider right now.

When you do, bring me your toughest questions about setting up your digital nomad “expatriation plan” to get away from it all.

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