by Bobby Casey, Managing Director

February 11, 2013

Economic Collapse is UnavoidableSitting by the beach here in Nassau, Bahamas today I am reflecting on the common thread that ran through every one of the speakers from this week’s Freedom Fest: Global Financial Summit.

Economic collapse is unavoidable. There is no stopping this monstrosity created by parasitic governments from around the world.

I have been at this conference for the past several days listening to and mingling with some of the brightest people I know. Each one had their own topic, but the common idea was how to protect you and your wealth in the coming economic collapse.

While no one can possibly know the “when”, there is no question of “if” anymore. With the US government Trillions of dollars in debt and the Federal Reserve printing money as fast as they can cut the trees to buy this worthless paper, the snowball has achieved so much velocity only a crash will be able to stop it.

The ideas presented were the same things we have been discussing in this newsletter for years. You need to seriously consider a defensive strategy for you and your wealth at this point. In my view though, the opportunities that will be available over the next few years are going to be tremendous.

More millionaires were created in the decade following the great depression of 1929 than in any other period in American history. I hope you take advantage of a similar transfer of wealth that will occur.

Where turmoil exists, opportunity persists.

For me, the strategy is simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple.

I am living in a country that respects the property of the people and where people control the government, not the other way around.

My businesses are completely virtual, allowing me to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

My investment portfolio consists of large, industry dominating companies that pay consistent and growing dividends.

My savings are in precious metals and foreign currencies (HKD, NOK, CAN).

And now I am looking at some real estate projects in a couple of different countries.

As I said, these steps are simple, but not necessarily easy. It takes time to accomplish them. But anything worthwhile isn’t easy, or everyone else would be doing it.

Additionally, we are using the same asset protection strategies we utilize for our clients that gives us anonymity, legal protection, and geo-political diversification.

For us it is “sleep-at-night” insurance. I hope you are taking similar steps to protect you and your family as well.