England Lifts Covid Restrictions, Now What?

England closed its chapter on Covid restrictions, and with it came a valuable lesson in how far governments will go and next time could be longer and much worse.

england covid restrictionsWhen Covid-19 hit, the United Kingdom took to tyranny like a duck takes to water. They were among the first developed countries to impose widespread lockdowns, face mask mandates, and vaccine passports.

The UK government used rising case counts to justify these draconian restrictions on its citizens. And given the fear mongering coming out of the British press, it seemed as though things would only get worse.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted many of the restrictions as of January 27, 2022. Mandatory COVID-19 passes will no longer be needed to gain entry to large-scale events. And face masks will no longer be legally required anywhere in England.

This came as a surprise to many people who thought that England would continue to suffer under “Covid tyranny” for much, much longer.

I sincerely doubt anybody expected Great Britain to lift restrictions before the United States. I know I didn’t.

And yet here we are. A tyrannical country the U.S. once waged war with to attain its freedom has given its citizens freedom before the U.S. How’s that for irony?

Is This the End of Covid Restrictions?

It would be tempting to think that other countries will follow the United Kingdom’s lead. But tyranny is not that easily expunged. If history is any indicator, lockdowns and restrictions will continue in Europe and other developed nations for many months to come.

So while it’s encouraging that Great Britain flipped the script, it would be unwise to assume other nations will follow. Will Australia or New Zealand or France suddenly lift all restrictions in their countries? I sincerely doubt it (although I hope I’m wrong).

Truth is, it’s much easier to remove freedoms than it is to restore them. Being the realist I am, I believe it’s far more likely that countries keep restrictions in place than it is that they revoke such nonsense.

The Next Pandemic Could Steal Even More Freedom

While we appear to be near the end of Covid-19 restrictions, people are waking up to how this pandemic was carried out and how it was used to steal personal freedoms from citizens around the world.

Some evidence suggests the pandemic was premeditated and planned. Now whether that’s true or not, one thing should be quite clear: Power-hungry politicians now have a blueprint they can roll out anytime they want to restrain the public.

They can simply claim a “virus” is spreading and that it’s not safe to do anything outside your home. They can order local businesses closed again, mandate face masks again, issue vaccine passports again… or whatever other ridiculous rules they choose.

Doesn’t matter if a pandemic actually exists or not. All that matters is whether a certain percentage of people believe it. And with the full power of the mainstream media, you can make the masses believe just about anything — even if it’s not based in reality.

What It All Means

It’s harder than it’s ever been to predict the future level of freedom in any particular country. There’s no way to peek behind the curtain and see how politicians are being manipulated, bribed, and threatened to toe the line. Even countries that appear to be relatively free could become tyrannical the next time world rulers decide to roll out the pandemic script.

So what can you do? First and foremost, start looking at other countries around the world that are less restrictive and tyrannical — especially the ones that didn’t impose restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sweden, for example, is the highest profile country that did not follow the world when it went crazy.

Secondly, look at getting a second passport or possibly even dual citizenship. Should another pandemic be used as a pretense to lockdown entire countries and steal personal freedoms, you’ll want options — preferably more than one.

How to Keep Your Options (and Exits) Open

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