July 19, 2017

Chris Reynolds interview on The Entrepreneur House podcast with Bobby Casey

entrepreneur tax retirement abroadAre you an entrepreneur? Did you know you can legally avoid paying self-employment taxes?  Did you know there are less restrictive IRAs that allow you to invest outside the typical custodial menu offered domestically?  Are you interested in or “shopping” for a new country of residence with tax benefits?  We cover ALL of this and more in this 30 minute interview.  This is an information packed half hour that can at least get you started down the path of location independence and financial freedom.

Have a listen and enjoy!

01:35: Digital Nomads Today and Who They Are

03:25: Latvia and Why You Might Want to Consider It

07:56: How Affordable is Europe?

08:46: Comparing Living Expenses Inside the U.S. vs Outside the U.S.

10:52: Global Wealth Protection

14:53: Time Outside the U.S. Needed to Incorporate and Avoid Taxes

20:55: Countries with Great Tax Advantages for Digital Nomads and Location Independent-Entrepreneurs

22:54: What is a Global IRA and Why You Should Consider One

28:50: What it Takes to Build a 7-Figure Location Independent Business


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