“Exit Visas” in Canada?

October 6, 2014

By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher

CanadaOver thirteen years after 9/11, and we are now, more than ever, under heightened security measures. Insofar as the War on Terror is concerned, I would say it has been an abject failure of epic proportions. The reason being: Westerners are STILL terrified.

fear mongering canadian exit visas

We’re told to freak out about the FLU now. This rotation of fear-mongering is brought to you by the top seller of flu vaccines: Sanofi Pasteur MSD.

We’re told to freak out about the latest brand of terrorists. It WAS the Mujahedeen. Then it was al Qaeda. For a little while it was the Muslim Brotherhood (they are more like irregular guests on the Terror Show). But now, it’s ISIS who might be lurking under the beds of patriots.

We’re told to freak out about Ebola. Ebola was brought here by returning American citizens, but that’s not where your attention need to be. It needs to be on Mexicans attempting to cross over the U.S. border. Because not only are they trying to steal your job, they are trying to get on our welfare AND they are bringing every disease known to man as they represent the End Times.

We’re told to freak out about “anti-government” radicals. Heaven forbid we had a free exchange of ideas and allowed people to think for themselves! No! Please, let the government get the masses petrified over a mere thought that doesn’t involve the state!

All this is meant to distract you from the ever-growing police state, the endless wars, the expanding welfare state, and the total path to destruction the USD is pacing. Don’t look at the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing measures. Blame the rich for inflation. And please do not entertain the idea of blowback when it comes to anything to do with national security.

Perhaps you and I are smart enough to know better. It seems so obvious to liberty minded folks who tend to dig a little deeper than the veiled layer we’re given. But to the addled rest, they consume this tripe three meals a day and often ask for seconds. So when the Canadian government partners with the United States to share and track information regarding third party nationals’ and legal residents’ travel activity, people aren’t alarmed.

What if Canadians were required to get an Exit Visa to leave the country? An Exit Visa, as in permission to leave? Because a passport isn’t enough? Nope. It isn’t enough. They don’t just want to know THAT you’re leaving, but to WHERE you are leaving.

All of this because why? “According to CTV News, an estimated 130 people who have connections to Canada are suspected to be fighting alongside the Islamic State in Syria.” You got it! Because there are 130 suspects who have connections to Canada!

Not 130 guilty fugitives. Just suspects.

Whenever I get into discussions about immigration or emigration, I inevitably find someone who wants to soften the suggested intrusions on my liberties. “I’m not saying we need to go into full lockdown! I’m just saying we should take some common sense approaches to keeping diseases and terrorists out.”

Uh huh. And since when has the U.S. government EVER demonstrated restraint, much less anything resembling common sense, when it came to controlling the plebes? NDAA. The Patriot Act. The Ed Snowden Revelations. GITMO. All of that tells an entirely different story than that of “common sense approaches”.

Right now, one can only hazard a guess as to the implications of requiring an “Exit Visa”. Traveling is one of the greatest exercises of freedom there is! Look at what traveling lead to for people like Cary Grant! Talk about a rags to riches story. Traveling leads to opportunities, encounters with people, a new life, a taste of something different… and it can be done on a shoestring or as lavishly as you wish.

Still, everything from sobriety and border check-points down to passports and now Exit Visas seem to make this exercise of travel rather tedious, to say the least. Tedious isn’t the worst of it. Costly becomes an issue when it becomes only a certain class of people being able to afford the government hurdles of coming and going.

I find little consolation in knowing I’m a prisoner for my own safety, or in being told that I am free to go if I can pay the ransom… errr… “Exit Visa”. I haven’t decided if this is a revenue scheme, a control scheme, or both as the reception on my foil hat is a little fuzzy at the moment. But while I understand (not agree with, but understand) why someone would want to track who comes into a country, I’m a little confused as to tracking those who leave.

As you may already know, the US has installed little chips in their passports. If it’s for the same reason as one would install a chip into a dog or child, it’s to track the individual and monitor where they are. This policy was started back in 2007. Canada has recently added this feature to its passports. Which makes me wonder even more why the Exit Visa is necessary!

It seems like Canada and the US are tag teaming the travel restriction policies, so eventually, this will be introduced here in America. Somehow, I don’t think this is going to end up being used for terrorists. It’s going to be implemented under that guise, but like any widely cast net, it will be used for something else. Who knows? Outstanding parking tickets? Possession of weed 10 years ago? Expired driver license or registration? Outstanding tax debt?

Remember, this is how sobriety checkpoints started. It does a piss-poor job of catching drunks on the road, but it does a great job of generating revenue from people who know their rights and refuse the search. The TSA was started with a similar purpose as well. It hasn’t caught ONE terrorist since 9/11. It has, however, resulted in several molestations and a large collection of stolen merchandise. Neither of these programs can justify their costs given the negligible results. The former leaves the streets abandoned elsewhere while concentrating its efforts on one portion of the roadways. The latter is just unaccountable theatrics costing over $1 BILLION and nothing to show for it.

How much do you want to bet that this “Exit Visa” program will fall into a similar useless category leaving the people with a little less civil liberties, no additional safety, and a scoop deeper into debt as a country?

6 thoughts on ““Exit Visas” in Canada?”

  1. Obama wants every terrorist and African national to come to the US to destroy Amerika and make us a 3rd world cess pool.

  2. Dear Kelly,
    Read your text. You present a very strong case about this luddicrus idea of an exit visa in Canada. When you check who is behind this, I’m not surprised. Minister Blaney is as clueless as they come. He is a walking sound system; insert a cassette and he will parrot out the most insignificant things from the government. The government here is our “Dear” prime minister, Stephen Harper. This man is a maniac in micro management; he wants to decide what his ministers are going to say, almost word for word.
    Stephen Harper is a wannabe republican. He gets his inspiration from all the crazy things republican coming from the South of our border.
    People in Canada are getting sick and tired of this unofficial “chickenhawk”. I hope that in 2015, for the general elections, we canadians send a clear message to people the likes of Stephen Harper: we don’t want you, out !

  3. Permission to exit? Coming to a country near you. The combination of FATCA with Exit visas will result in total power of the police state, both as to your assets and your person. Kelly nails it again in this important piece.

    1. Thank you, Jim. I can’t help but think this is a power grab considering what an over reaction it is otherwise toward the small number of “suspects”. But that’s what we’ve been reduced to here in the US, and Canada is oddly very quick to follow suit it would seem.

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