FBI Harasses Americans “Every Day, All Day Long” Over THIS?

While the FBI cannot open an investigation for lawful exercise of rights, it apparently can harass people nonetheless for unacceptable speech.

FBI The first and fourth amendments to The Constitution are supposed to protect your free speech and your privacy.

But it appears like the FBI is salivating for every opportunity to toss that document and everything it stands for out the window.

Of course, it’s not like the agency hasn’t positioned itself at the center of controversy since its questionable inception in 1908 (including but not limited to accepting bribes, various scandals, and not even bringing charges against elites like Clinton).

This time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have “jumped the shark” completely, by harassing American citizens at their homes because of their social media posts.

Fox News picked up the story, reporting that a citizen who made some rather interesting posts on her Facebook account about the Gaza / Israel conflict. The agents refused to show their badges upon request:

Abdeljawad told the agents she did not want to talk and asked them to show their badges on camera, but the agents refused, video posted to the social media platform X by her lawyer, Hassan Shibly, shows.

The Washington Times also reported on the incident, and it was one of many media outlets that revealed the FBI harasses people at their home “every day, all day long”:

Ms. Abdeljawad responded, “So we no longer live in a free country, and we can’t say what we want?”

“No, we totally do,” the other agent replied. “That’s why we’re not here to arrest you or anything. We do this every day, all day long. It’s just an effort to keep everybody safe and make sure nobody has any ill will.

The woman then responded, “All I’ve done is exercise my right as an American citizen on a public social media platform with my personal opinions.”

The 1A is supposed to protect against this exact type of visit at the door. But it didn’t, which means it doesn’t protect Americans from the new U.S. version of the Gestapo.

In fact, the citizen who was harassed didn’t even make any violent threats or call for violence at all, according to Reason Magazine’s report:

Abdeljawad’s Facebook timeline is public, so the FBI agents could have found it themselves. For the past week, she has made multiple angry posts per day about the war in Gaza, referring to Israel as “Israhell.” But none of the posts on her feed call for violence.

To sum everything up: An American citizen, who posted on social media some harsh words that are protected under the first amendment, was harassed at her private residence by the law enforcement arm of the Biden Administration.

The FBI tried to explain it away, too…

As Usual: FBI Offers Creepy Statement That Explains Nothing

The FBI statement that was given only after the publication of various media stories that shined a bright light on their egregious behavior was even more chilling, and especially if you’re a liberty-minded person:

“Every day, the FBI engages with members of the public in furtherance of our mission, which is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” McCleery wrote in the statement. “We can never open an investigation based solely on First Amendment protected activity. The FBI is committed to ensuring our activities are conducted with a valid law enforcement or national security purpose, while upholding the constitutional rights of all Americans.”

So as long as the FBI isn’t opening an investigation, that makes it okay for their stormtroopers to visit your private property and harass you about your speech?

(Hint: It’s NOT okay, and “To keep everybody safe” isn’t supposed to be an exception).

When any Government official or agent acts like they have the right to visit you at your residence without probable cause, or without a warrant, that’s wrong with a capital W in my book.

Of course, some people might think otherwise:

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

But that type of reasoning is only used by authoritarians who feel entitled to look into your private life for any reason they might think up.

In the U.S., they don’t have a right to look into your private life unless they have probable cause (which is strictly defined) or a warrant. At least for now.

But in light of this incident and many others from the FBI’s history, the United States appears like it’s quickly turning into fascist dictatorship…

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