Google Cloud Security Fail: 200 Million Records Leaked

There’s only so much security and privacy people can expect from open-source services like Google.  What can you do to mitigate risk?

google data leak Imagine if everything about almost every U.S. citizen’s property sale or purchase was made public for anyone to grab — without any security whatsoever.

No password protection, no two-factor authentication, not even a second thought devoted to the security of this private information.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you can quit imagining…

Thanks to Google Cloud hosting, a massive leak of more than 200 million property, personal, and demographic records were left out in the open on an anonymous database.

The leaked private data included:

… name, address, email address, age, gender, ethnicity, employment, credit rating, investment preferences, income, net worth, and property information

Other data left out in the open for snoops included:

  • Market value
  • Property type,
  • Mortgage amount, rate, type, and lender
  • Refinance amount, rate, type, and lender
  • Previous owners
  • Year built
  • Number of beds and bathrooms
  • Tax assessment information

So how did this happen? It’s still a mystery. Google failed to respond to requests to get to the bottom of the issue.

And because the database was hosted on Google Cloud: “No other ways to determine the owner were possible because no reverse DNS records were available.”

Having this private information available on Google Cloud is bad enough. But the ripple effects could be even worse for the average person…

Scammers Could Make Their Scams Almost Undetectable

It’s hard enough for the average computer user to determine if clicking a link in an email message could cause their private bank information to get into the hands of a scammer through a strategy called phishing.

But a database leak like this has the potential to make it even easier for a criminal to phish your personal information for their use.

According to The Hacker News, Comparitech caught wind of this leak and warned:

“The detailed personal, demographic, and property information contained in this data-set is a gold mine for spammers, scammers, and cybercriminals who run phishing campaigns,” […] The data allows criminals not only to target specific people but craft a more convincing message.”

If a cybercriminal tailors their message well enough, you might not be able to detect their attempt to steal your bank information. Not good.

The only defense in this case, seems to be erasing your data from the Internet.

How to Stay Out of Public Databases

There are public databases that track your exact location, eating habits, spending habits, your income, your online habits, and many other parts of your private life.

With just a few clicks, a phone call, and a few dollars almost everything a Government agency like the IRS wants to find out about you can quickly be put together into a complete file.

That’s why I want to tell you about our popular “Go Off the Grid” report, which is your blueprint for living a truly private life.

You will discover:

  • How to get your name out of public databases.
  • How to make your physical and digital assets invisible to prying eyes.
  • Ensure your vehicle ownership is 100% untraceable.
  • How to make your wealth completely anonymous.
  • How to protect yourself online.

But that’s not all, inside the report you’ll also find the following gems…

  • DO THIS NOW: The one thing almost no one does to properly hide their home address, and it has nothing to do with getting a PO Box. (page 4).
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  • And more… including how to legally remove yourself from the banking system.

If you are serious about protecting your privacy from irresponsible companies, the Government, and other snoops, then you don’t want to miss this valuable report…

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