Happy Parasites Day

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director

Today is the day that the American sheeple line up at their local church, school, or town hall to determine the Chief Executive Parasite for the next 4 years.

Some of you side with the Democrats liberal social agenda. You think that old white men should have not say in how a woman manages her own body. You believe that gay couples should have equal treatment under the law as a married couple.

You also likely believe that we have a moral obligation to take care of those less fortunate than us and the government has a role in enforcing such humanitarian social agendas.

Others of you side with the Republican mantra of lower taxes and incentives for business. You believe in the trickle down effect made so famous President Reagan.

Most likely you are Christian and quite possibly a fundamentalist who thinks the country is reaching a point of moral bankruptcy with gays getting married, abortions for promiscuous women, and throngs of welfare recipients draining us all.

Or maybe you are Libertarian – socially liberal and fiscally conservative. You think no one should interfere with the choices you make in private and you also want a smaller, less powerful government.

Unfortunately most of you in the latter category will still vote for either the Obamessiah or the Rominator because you feel that a vote for someone like Johnson would take away a vote from your chosen ‘lesser of 2 evils’.

I for one, refuse to vote.

I refuse to validate the state with a vote.

I refuse to chose a lesser of 2 evils because….wait for it….they are both evil.

From my perspective both are losers and will drive the country further and further into its current path of destruction. Let’s take a look a each candidate and see where we stand:

The Rominator

Romney wants to lower taxes and simplify that tax code. In reality the US needs to eliminate the income tax altogether and stop stealing from its citizens, but at least Romney is considering something in the path of ‘less’ taxes.

So while that sounds nice, do you really believe the government will be capable of making the necessary budget cuts to compensate for the lower tax revenue? Or do you think the lower tax rates will lead to higher tax revenue? History says no.

Historically tax revenue in the US has hovered around 18-20% of GDP. Currently under Obama, it is around 25%, but there will certainly be a reversion to the mean here. The people won’t tolerate high taxation for long. They will ‘opt-out’ of the system.

Romney’s healthcare plan is eerily similar to Obama’s, meaning we cannot expect to see any real change in the healthcare industry. Of course, why would we? Healthcare is the 4th branch of government and the one that pays for all the BMW’s and Mercedes’ you see driving around in Washington. It’s hard to imagine the parasites voting away their perks.

Romney has no real plan for our overseas wars. The US has hundreds of military bases in nearly 200 countries worldwide. Military consumes approximately 25% of the federal budget. But like healthcare, defense contractors spend a lot of money in Washington to ensure we remain a warring nation. It’s hard to imagine the scenario where military actually shrinks here.

Romney has no real plan for Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security. These line items equate to approximately 50% of the federal budget. With an aging population and longer lifespans, it’s hard to imagine this area getting cut.

The economy is in the spotlight with this election, so in reality all of the other issues are secondary. Romney wants to lower taxes but has no plan for cutting spending. Next step QE-Infinity. Guess where that leads? I’ll give you a hint – Weimar, Germany.

The Obamessiah

We’ve seen what this puppet is capable of. He cannot produce an original thought. He hates small business. He loves banking and healthcare (just follow the money trail). He is a war monger.

He wants to raise taxes to fill the gap. He proposes that this is a necessary step to get the US back on a balanced budget.

The problem is that he has no plans whatsoever to shrink the government. Obamacare will increase both public and private costs for healthcare. Already companies like Sears are eliminating their company heath insurance plans in lieu of just paying the fine and giving some cash to their employees to buy their own plans.

Some companies like Darden Restaurants are cutting most of their lower paid workforce hours to 30 per week to eliminate the need to pay for health insurance. Is this what he was after?

Obama has increased public debt more than any other president in US history. He has bankrupted the country pushing the responsibility off to the next generation.

He thinks you are morally obligated to take care of those with less money than you and he is willing to force you to do so under threat of violence.


What’s a person to do? You don’t want either scenario, but you feel you must make a choice because at least you can get some of what you want at the expense of sacrificing things you don’t.

In the Obamessiah vs. Rominator battle, we all lose.


The solution is simple, but maybe not easy. The idea is to find freedom in an unfree world. In my view, this can only be found thru internationalization.

This means taking the necessary steps to protect your life, your family and your finances to ensure that you not only survive, but thrive.

It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. At a minimum you should consider an offshore bank account to move a portion of your nestegg outside your home country.

Maybe step 2 is to buy some real estate in another county. Maybe just a vacation rental condo or small apartment. You can rent it out for now, or use it as your residence at a later date if necessary.

Get some of cash converted to precious metals and store them offshore. We have a very unique bank we work with that allows you to buy precious metals in an allocated holding online for storage in a Swiss vault.

If you are looking to move your wealth offshore but stay under the $10k reporting requirement, this could be a unique option since you can hold less than $10k in your cash account, but hold any excess funds in precious metals – all available for buy and sell online. Email me if interested to learn more.

Ultimately I would recommend you move outside the US. I cannot explain the freedom this one step gives you, but it is truly worth the experience. When I first left the US, my wife and I agreed it was only for a 6 month test. We kept our house, cars, etc. and vowed that we would give it 6 months as a trial. The rest is history.

In today’s world, the only way you can truly find freedom now is through internationalization. What steps are you taking to achieve this? Or are you content with slavery?

2 thoughts on “Happy Parasites Day”

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  2. Hello Bobby,

    Regarding the article of today, 6 November 2012:
    Your comments are pretty much spot on from my viewpoint being of Libertarian leanings. When I owned industrial businesses in the US the only votes I cast were with my checkbook and I got results. The last and only time I physically voted was 30 years ago – a useless exercise.

    On your recommendations above (steps 1, 2 & 3):
    I would also add that a secondary income generator should be set up by someone before any expatriation (step 3) to ensure continued cashflow. To obtain the ability to legally work abroad, even self-employed, can often be difficult as I am sure you are aware.

    There are a few offshore countries that give automatic permission to work if one simply sets up their own IBC to operate. It’s just a matter of exercising the prudence of advance planning and research.

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