September 15, 2017

Interview with Bobby Casey & Siimon Sander of Entrepreneur Decoded

entrepreneur decoded bobby casey interviewBeing an entrepreneur absolutely has its perks; otherwise Bobby would not be one.  But there are difficulties, too.  While he absolutely encourages people to take the plunge, it’s equally important people consider the advice and experience of those already in the pool: be honest about the ups and downs.

He discusses his experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner with Siimon Sander, as well as gives some insights on how he keeps his businesses moving forward.  In the end, successful entrepreneurship and small business ownership is about having realistic expectations, anticipating what may come, and being solution oriented in your navigation in the market place.  It’s a mindset.  And once you have it, it’s really difficult to undo that!

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Siimon Sander is an entrepreneur, podcast host of Entrepreneur Decoded, and CEO of Oscar Hamilton, a podcast production and editing service.