Interview w/ Jake Desyllas on The Voluntary Life

September 5, 2014

With: Bobby Casey, Managing Director of GWP

voluntary lifeThis is a great rundown on geo-arbitrage!  Practical information you can use when assessing what might be right for you.  Encouraging information pertaining to the international life.  Take a listen…


Check out Bobby’s interview with Jake Desyllas on, Episode 170!





 Click below to listen to this interview!

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  1. William R Nicholson says

    Nice subject matter with a genuine person whom cares about people and freedom. I do not recommend listening though due to the huge amount of background noise plus many unintelligible segments where skype signal was sporadic. The interview next time should be with a better net connection and with perhaps Mr. Casey speaking from a sealed sound proof vault at a local mental health facility. The crying baby in background would have driven common people like me into that padded cell…… Other than that , I thought audio was ready to publish …..

    • LOL. As a PT (perpetual traveler) I am not afforded the luxury of a portable studio for every radio show appearance. In this case, I had no choice but the hotel lobby in Rome. During that trip I was in 6 countries over 10 days.

      • William R J Nicholson says

        Yes , I fully understand your environment and that you travel. I understood that at the outset but only wish you would have waited to both record & publish a much better recording. The recording should never have been released with so many flaws ! I think the person known as Mr. Casey deserves a much better presentation & if you ever see that guy in the shaving mirror , maybe you could have a talk with him about this ?

        • That would be nice except I am almost constantly traveling so you must do the interviews when schedule allows. In this case the only available time I had for the following 2 weeks was in a hotel lobby in Rome.

          • William R J Nicholson says

            I’m glad you were able to satisfy Mr. Casey with such a poor presentation. After-all the people on the other end of the conversation don’t matter. A poor recording that no one should have ever released is apparently not an issue. It satisfied Mr. Casey & to He _ _ , with the audience ?

          • LOL – this was Mr. Casey responding to you. And yes, I’m satisfied. I would love to be able to have a portable sound room but alas it is not possible. But I find it ironic that you can only focus on sound quality and not the information provided.

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