by Steve Hilgart, Director of Conference Operations and Marketing

Warning: Several sarcastic parenthetical comments ahead… continue at your own risk.

The presidential elections are like a train wreck. You don’t want to see it, but you can’t look away! Everywhere I look I see fear and uncertainty. It’s been foretold that a democracy only lasts until its people learn that they can vote themselves rights to the treasury (For some reason, it takes people about 200 years to figure this out – so we’re right on schedule).

But to lighten the mood, I wanted to share with you some breaking news…!


Presidential Candidates Found To Be ALIENS!

Ok – so maybe Obama and Romney are not actually aliens… but you never know! It’s probably not the craziest thing you’ve heard in this type of newsletter.

I believe we had quite the choice for this election! (Well, the illusion of it anyways)

We could have voted for the Democrats, who tax and spend, or the Republicans, who cut and spend. “Well I’m voting for a third party!”, you say? The aliens have an answer for that too…


All Hail President Kang (I voted for Kodos)!

As you can see, I’m having way too much fun with this, but…

Enough Messin’ Around

There are a lot of things that are now outside our sphere of influence; the new taxes that will be levied against the rich, the ridiculous amount of spending that will pass uncontested, and the amount of free Obamaphones being handed out.

But you didn’t become successful focusing on that – you focused on things that were in your control. You and I both know there have been times where the cards were stacked against you. But when your back was against the wall, you didn’t react by breaking down and crying, you responded intelligently.

And it’s obviously time to do just that. The election is over, there’s nothing you can do about it now (some believe there was nothing you could have done before, either!). Take a breath, slow down your thinking, and let’s take a look at…

What We Should Do Next

As much as I hate to admit it, Bobby is right (ow, my ego…). It doesn’t make sense to fight a system on their terms. When 51% of the people decide it’s time to take your money – they take your money. But this system isn’t going anywhere – at least not anytime soon (and there’s not really a better system to replace it)!

So is it time to do as Ayn Rand suggested and Shrug? Do we give up on the country and leave? Do we let the looters fend for themselves?

Or do we sit and take it? Become the teat that every Obamaphone-wielding ‘murica lovin’ looter wants to suck on? (Wow… that visual wasn’t planned when I started…)

I don’t know where you’re at yet, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to shrug and walk away. For all its faults (and there’s a lot of them), the States are still a pretty nice place to live (I especially like the bacon).

Don’t get me wrong – I still have that voice in the back of my head that says “For how long?” (and it gets louder every day)… So it’s time to implement…


Normally, at Global Wealth Protection, we teach the Geo-Arbitrage Strategy. It’s a way of internationalizing you and your assets so you are not beholden to any one place, person, or government.

It makes a ton of sense, and as complicated as that sounds – it’s fairly easy to implement. (You’ll be able to learn all about it in the GWP Insiders, opening soon.)

For today, let’s cover 3 keys things you can do right now that will make a huge difference.

1. Create A Veil Of Privacy

Rockefeller had it right when he said, “Own nothing, control everything”.  He learned this lesson the hard way when the government decided to dismantle his company.

I had to chuckle at every station covering the election when they showed a graph representing incomes for the Unites States. There were only three categories: poor, middle class, and RICH. Since when did we eliminate things like lower middle class, upper middle class, lower upper class, middle upper class, higher upper class, and all the other categories?

At the moment, many reports such as the Washington Post define middle class as about $50,000/yr in income.

So wait – now all of a sudden anyone who makes over $50,000 is “rich”?

With this war on the rich brewing here in America (as it over boils in France), it makes it a necessity to create a veil of privacy for your assets. NOTHING should be owned in your own name. I am not a perfect example, but I do not have any significant assets in my own name.

How do I create this veil of privacy?

While I don’t want this newsletter to become one big pitch-fest, these are the services we offer at Global Wealth Protection, so it’s going to be hard to avoid (by the way: you should buy our stuff! ;-) ).

You create a veil of privacy by moving assets into Private LLCs or Trusts. With LLCs especially, some states don’t require you to record the names of members or managers of your company. You can store lots of significant assets in one of these private LLCs and no one will know you own it.

Trusts are like the icing on the cake. They add another complete level of protection. You can do some pretty cool things to create a completely cloaked financial fortress.

We put up some training videos a while back for LLCs and there’s a couple videos you can watch over here.

2. Proper Legal Protection For Your Assets

There is a lot to be said here, but I can share one vital thing that I missed throughout the years as an entrepreneur: the operating agreement.

This is a separate document that is created with an LLC that basically allows you to decide a court judgment before it even happens. Confused yet? So was I.

Let’s say that you own a chain of sandwich shops. Someone eats one of your sandwiches, gets heart burn, and sues you for everything you’ve got. Well, since you have an LLC, the worst thing that could happen is that they take all of your companies’ assets, you shut down and open again next week. They can’t take your house, they can’t take your car – your family is protected.

But now let’s say you rear end that same guy driving to your store. He claims neck and back and appendix damages – he sues YOU personally. If you don’t have the right operating agreement (which 99% of people don’t), this guy can now take your house, your car, AND YOUR BUSINESS! (Holy crap, right!?)

But when you go to court, the first thing the judge will ask for is this operating agreement. And if it states in such eloquent words, “screw you looter”, the judge will abide by that agreement and kick him out of the courtroom – justice is served!

A ton of work goes into these operating agreements, we have a proprietary one that Bobby created a while back that has been tested and is bullet proof. I can’t say too much more about it because he might kill me, but I’ll just say you get one when filing for LLCs with GWP. (Dang nabbit, there’s another pitch!)

3. Geo-Political and Asset Diversification

That’s a mouthful. And it would take a long time to describe all of the strategies we implement (which is why you should get on the early bird list for GWP Insiders by clicking here).

But let me try my best to keep it short and sweet.

The more jurisdictions you spread yourself across, the safer you are. Think about it this way – if you own everything in one country; your cash, your house, your business, your investments, and your bank accounts – what happens if that country goes down the crapper? You, my friend, are out of luck.

We can sit and argue whether or not the States are headed that way – but let’s say if you had:

  • 2nd passport in Italy
  • Residency in Panama
  • Company registered in Seychelles
  • Investment portfolio in Gibraltar
  • Investment Property in Mexico
  • Bank accounts in Latvia, St. Vincent, and New Zealand

Would you feel safer? At this point, even if one or two completely collapsed – you would still be safe and able to recover!

Some might say this is a bit extreme, so maybe you start with three, or even two. But putting all of your eggs in one basket is like betting on the horse that’s running towards the glue factory! (I’ve been a fan of idioms lately)

There are a lot of possibilities here, but the idea is that you place your assets in protected places around the world. Not in just one place.

So, What Will You Do?

At the risk of sounding cheesy (which, I may be made of it), it’s time to ACT! Make some decisions as to what you want YOUR next four years to look like. We, here at GWP, want you to be able to say “I was going to lose my entire fortune… but thanks to GWP…!”.

Ok – that was cheesy. On that note, have a fantastic day and go sign up on the notification for GWP Insiders, where we’re going to share all the nitty-gritty secrets we can’t share with the public!