The tax loopholes expats and offshore nomads enjoy are significant enough to tip the scales on your decision to test drive this location independent lifestyle.

tax loopholesMost of my GWP Insiders save 50-100% on their taxes after working with me. 

Of course, to accomplish that, it means they also need to structure their businesses to take advantage of every single IRS loophole available.

I help them with that, too.

But in this message I’m going to give you a taste of what only one of our tax strategies can do for you if you’re considering living a truly free life as a digital nomad.

This tax strategy is beneficial for digital nomads, because after passing just two qualifications, you could exclude $112,000 of your earned income (or $224,000 if you’re married).

Put simply, the strategy boils down to staying out of the U.S. for most (not all) of the year, and making sure the IRS doesn’t think you’ll be coming back.

But that’s not all, because you can also exploit up to four tax loopholes with the same strategy if you structure your business properly around it:

LOOPHOLE #1: You can turn yourself into a “hedge fund manager” and slash your taxes on things that the IRS doesn’t consider earned income like dividends, capital gains, interest, royalties, etc.

LOOPHOLE #2: Take advantage of a special “tax free allowance” that averages about $40,000 per year just because you’re a digital nomad.

LOOPHOLE #3: If you have kids, or your spouse isn’t a U.S. resident, you can take this “blank check” tax deduction if your business is structured properly.

LOOPHOLE #4: I’ve educated many CPAs about this little loophole, even CPAs that specialize in foreign reporting. You can structure an LLC as a specific type of subsidiary. Then we can help you optimize it and save you more than $22,000 on your taxes if you make at least $147,000 annually.

Do you think any of these loopholes could benefit you? I imagine they would.

I frequently help my GWP Insiders leverage the power of tax optimization strategies just like what I’ve described above. I’ve put the entire blueprint inside the Member’s Area, with all the specifics (and a whole lot more).

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Which brings me to my most important point if you’re considering living the digital nomad lifestyle, or you’re already moving in that direction… 

It will be cheaper to talk with me now than later.

I can promise you that.

After we talk and your business is structured properly, we can then assign you a CPA or accountant who can manage the business entity, do all the filings, etc.

That way everything goes smoothly for you while you save tens (even hundreds) of thousands in taxes starting from day one.

It will also save you a ton of time and money, not to mention all the headaches of having to redo and refile paperwork.

People from all walks of life become GWP Insiders, like:

  • A Canadian eCom entrepreneur living in Portugal making 6-7 figures net. He needs to know where to register his company and how to get out of the Canadian tax system without owing much (or anything) in Portugal.
  • A German SaaS company owner living in Thailand.
  • A Brit who is nomadic with a digital marketing agency.
  • An American with a digital products business living in Mexico.

Even though my clientele is diverse, they’re all facing similar challenges. 

They all want to create the right business structure and optimize it for a low-tax (or no-tax) multi-jurisdictional approach.

And I’m the one guy they come to for help!

So if you’d like to exploit every possible tax loophole, while avoiding the #1 most common business structure mistake (plus others unique to your situation)…

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As a bonus, the insiders-only content includes the 2022 edition of my Offshore Banking Report where you’ll discover:

  • The 9 best licensed offshore banks for 2022, plus my commentary on each.
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To live freely is divine,

Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

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