July 4, 2013

By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director

I’m reminded by friends and family that it is the Fourth of July, but from where I sit, I see very little freedom and independence in the USSA.


Mourning the Death of America, Celebrating SoveriegntyToday I sit in a coffee shop with my partner in crime, Steve, sipping cappuccino’s and hammering away at our keyboards.  He is working out details for our upcoming Global Escape Hatch this September 18-22 in Bocas del Toro, Panama while I am pontificating on what was once a great country.

Reading the Facebook posts and emails from friends still trapped in the slave nation called Amerika, it saddens me to think that there are millions of people celebrating a holiday called: ‘Independence Day’. 

The forefathers of America declared independence from a totalitarian state 237 years ago for lack of freedom, various forms of taxation, and lack of autonomy.  They wanted to be free and they demanded it. 

In so many words, they told their slave master to “F” off! 

And yet today we simmer in the pot of slavery praising our puppet-masters for doing exactly the same things our forefathers would no longer tolerate.

I received an email today from an unnamed family member which read, “Happy July 4th to you!!!! I know that you know what July 4th actually stands for and we all need to be thankful that our forefathers were willing to pay the price for our freedom. I know that I am.”

In a sense, this family member was correct.  Our forefathers paid a price to declare independence.  However today, our slave masters rob more than 50% of our labor in the form of taxation, enslave multiple generations with inflationary policies, imprison their serfs for a different opinion, indefinitely detain citizens and others with no due process of law, spy on us and steal our private communications without anyone’s consent, murder innocent people in faraway lands with unmanned drones, and the list goes on and on.

Freedom in America is dead.  If you are too blind to see it, you are asleep at the wheel.  You are blinded by ignorant patriotism.  You should go back to your daily grind and watching Sports Center on Sunday.  Your slave labor is much appreciated – so says your master.

So today, while you are barbequing in the backyard, drinking beer, and watching the disgusting display of explosive light shows all across the country, think about what America looked like to your forefathers, and wonder if they would be happy with what Amerika has devolved into. 

Would they be leading the marches and demonstrations in the streets like in Cairo ousting sycophants like Mursi?  Or would they be sitting with you on your F150 tailgate drinking a Bud Light watching fireworks celebrating the loss of freedom and privacy that America once had?

My guess is they would be the ones standing at the steps of the capital building carrying torches and pitchforks.


As of this week, it looks like my relaxing summer has basically been wrapped up.  Now travel season starts.  Time to pack the bag and keep it at ready. 

Next week, Steve, Kelly and I will be at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I will be presenting the topic, “Create Your Own Financial Fortress”, where I will discuss ways to protect your life and your wealth in these tumultuous times.  Later, on that same day, I will be on a panel with Jack Reed, Doug Casey, Peter Zipper and Jeff Berwick discussing, “Safe Places to Live and Invest in a Dangerous World”. 

We will have booth #223 at the event so if any of you are around, please drop by for a chat.  We will also be giving away 1 oz. Silver Austrian Philharmonics every day.  I have a few time slots open for 30 minute consultations so if anyone wants to reserve a time, please email me here to schedule a time.  In your email please send me some details about what you would like to discuss and what you are trying to accomplish.  I have a very limited amount of time so please understand if we are not able to accommodate. 

I am also available for liquid bribery in the after-hours….

After Las Vegas, Steve is off to a bachelor party in the Bahamas then a funeral…er…wedding in Minnesota, and I will be heading to Panama City, Panama for a few meetings.  Then on to Bogota, Colombia to work with one of our team members, Paul, and celebrate one of Colombia’s biggest holidays (or so Paul says…).

This is just for the next couple of weeks.  After that, I’m off to Zurich to speak at the Global Access & Continuity Conference.  Then back to Panama for Global Escape Hatch from September 18-22 in Bocas del Toro, Panama. 

Then Italy, Belize, Panama, USSA, Colombia, and whatever else pops up between now and December.

Over the next few months you can expect to see more articles from me personally during my travels, as I provide you with some ‘boots on the ground’ perspective from these locations.

Until next time, Live Well!

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