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  1. Gary Shields says

    I am a historian and have a degree in finance as well. I am an ex-serviceman. Let me say to everyone, in the book, Seven habits of Highly Effective People, we can observe on pages 120-122 the discription of the vast cross section of America. Some are motivated to empower themselves with family,others with spouces, others with church, others with work, others with possessions..etc. As an ex-serviceman with all the rest added in from above, I would severely caution everyone on globalism. I am enemy centered first. Your lulled into believing America and ergo you, are safe and invincible. Suckers. An ex-marine I knew who never went to college,corrected me on the price of gold 30 years ago in conversation. I told him risks, da-da-da, and he says to me,”What’s the price of gold ?” I answer It’s 180 an ounce now. He snaps my head off and says, “It’s $32/ounce IF WE SAY IT’S $32 and ounce. Your military is unbudgeted,poor,atom bomb dismantled,shrinking in size,no new secret weapons vs. CHINA RUNS ALL THE CENTRAL BANKS and has a 200 million man army,new stealth fighters and bombers—-

  2. Patrick Healy says

    Hello Again Bobby,

    Don’t you find it odd and somewhat coincidental between the hidden recording device at your seminar you spoke of in your 23 September missive and that they would grant you an interview so quickly? I do. They normally don’t operate like that.

    I agree with everything in your comments a 100%, but the vast majority of the American public is so media brainwashed they can’t and don’t want to think for themselves so they just believe mainstream media. Sad. The US is becoming just another “nanny” state.

    By the way – who is the hot girl in the picture?

    • The recording device did not really surprise me actually. I never requested an interview with NPR, they asked to interview me almost 2 months ago.

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