Offshore Re-education Camp: Lesson 4

June 25, 2013

By: Paul Seymour, Director of Client Services

I was recently asked to start doing a periodic radio broadcast on Radio Free Latin America (RFLA), called Offshore Re-education Camp.  It’s being piped in to the USSA from a secret location south of the border via short wave radio signals.  The aim of RFLA is to offer a ray of hope to our poor countryman still trapped behind the curtain with apparently, no way out.

The show, hosted by Paul Seymour, Director of Client Services at Global Wealth Protection, will provide the truth about offshore entities and bank accounts to those peoples who are continuously bombarded with the party line, and have no access to the truth outside of RFLA.

For those of you who are unable to catch the live broadcasts, we’ll be periodically printing a transcript of the show here at GWP.

Originally broadcast at 02:30 Tuesday, June 24, 2013, transcript follows:  Lead-in tune, in case you missed it: “For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught.  To say the things he truly feels, and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows, I took the blows, and did it my way.”  In one of our last face-to-face meetings before I went into economically/legally forced exile, and before he died in 2005, my Dad said this was my theme song as far as he was concerned.  He also said, in the same conversation, that I was quite eccentric… but meant it in a kind way. 

Offshore Re-education Camp Lesson 4FANTASTIC!  That’s what I be talkin’ ‘bout PEOPLE!!  After only three-and-a-half de-programming lessons, I’ve already gotten through to at least one of you.  I’d like to figuratively call up to the front of the class, Mr. Edward Snowden.  Let’s give this patriot a huge round of applause.  Take a look here to understand who he is and why we’re honoring him today, in case you’ve been asleep for the past 2 weeks.

This brave man has done us all a great service.  In so doing, he took a huge risk and probably, in many ways, destroyed the rest of his life at the hands of your tax-supported Uncle Sam.  Look at you, Johnny.  You have all the skills and abilities of Edward here, if you’d only apply yourself.  (Gimme a minute, I just cracked myself up.  You have no idea how many times I heard that as an under-achieving kid.  Well, I showed them.  Just look at me now…)

One question I have about all of this is, why do we have to rely on a foreign newspaper like the Guardian to tell Americans about what’s going on in Washington?  Didn’t our ancestors fight a war against the British in order to have freedom from tyranny?  Well, obviously the worm has turned.  The US press has become about as informative of the truth as the former TASS agency that we used to laugh at during the cold war.  If you want to hear the Central Party Central Party Logo line, just flip it to Fox or CNN.  At least the New York Times was involved with disclosing Wikileaks’ dissemination of the truth… before jumping on the sheeple band-wagon and smearing Julian Assange – as did the Guardian for that matter, unfortunately.

Let’s listen to a few words from our star pupil:

“You have to decide what’s important to you.  If living un-freely, but comfortably, is something you’re willing to accept, and I think many of us are….if you realize that that’s the world you’ve helped create, then you become willing to accept any risk.

The greatest fear I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change.  People will see in the media all of these disclosures.  They’ll know the lengths that the government is going to, to grant themselves powers, unilaterally to create greater control over American society, and global society, but they won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things, to force their representatives to actually take a stand for their interests.”

You and me both, Mr Snowden.  Let’s take a look at what’s actually happened in the two weeks since June 9, 2013, when a British newspaper revealed his statements. 

  1.  As of today the neo-fascist controlled Amerikan government has declared him a traitor, and asked for his arrest and extradition to the USSA so that he could be properly tried by a kangaroo court, disemboweled and hung.  Presumably after being duly tortured in public a la Bradley Manning, that other patriotic hero who has also sacrificed his life for his principles, and his fellow undeserving countrymen, if not his now-dead country.
  2. In their defense of basic human rights, countries like Hong Kong, Russia, Cuba and Ecuador have duly refused to comply with the US government’s request.  It’s amazing how similar this all is to the cold war days, when citizens of the USSR and China, having been refused the issuance of a travel license, used to run to the US seeking asylum from totalitarian governments, and their human rights abuses.  I haven’t heard of that happening for a very long time now.  I guess everyone is surprised at the lack of cooperation the US government can expect after a couple decades stomping around the globe saying, in the words of the smirking chimp-“you’re either with us, or you’re against us”.  If you’re against us, we’re gonna kill ya…  Not exactly classical diplomacy, and the current lack of sympathy should have been foreseen in all those what-if scenarios the taxpayers have forked out billions for.
  3. The US is “shocked” that the Hong Kong authorities have allowed Mr. Snowden to leave, even after some bureaucrat had revoked his US travel license without due process, and in direct conflict with the outcry of the US citizenry to protect his basic human rights.  See my previous article on this topic: “Subject of a Tyrannical State or Citizen of a Democratic Republic”.
  4. Predictably, the corporate-controlled US press is quick to publish such statements, as made by US Representative John Boehner, on how he thinks NSA leaker Edward Snowden should be dealt with: as an enemy of the state.  “He’s a traitor,” Boehner said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “The disclosure of this information puts Americans at risk. It shows our adversaries what our capabilities are. And it’s a giant violation of the law.” Boehner said he believes all of the programs detailed in recent days are legal and that he has been briefed on them.  He said Americans’ privacy is “absolutely” being protected.  “Every time that I’ve been in a briefing, nine out of ten people in the room are lawyers there to protect the privacy of the American people,” Boehner said.  What a completely detached, and dangerous buffoon.
  5. Quoting the Guardian: “National Security Agency director Keith Alexander said on Sunday that whistleblower Edward Snowden betrayed the trust of Americans and defended the broad surveillance programs as necessary to prevent another terrorist attack.  He read from a 2012 intelligence committee report about a law that broadened the NSA’s authority to perform surveillance even when US communications are involved that said after “four years of oversight, the committee has not identified a single case in which a government official engaged in willful effort to circumvent or violate the law.”

Mr. Snowden, shamefully for the Amerikan sheeple, has had to request political asylum in Ecuador simply in order to protect his life from the US government.  You know, legally mandated extraordinary rendition to an offshore torture dungeon, which those who’ve taken an oath to protect the Constitution have made legal.  That’s why I have to laugh out loud at both Alexander’s and Boehner’s statements that what they’re doing is completely “legal”, while Mr. Snowden’s heroic and patriotic actions are hugely illegal, and somehow bad for Amerika.  Of course, when they say that our privacy is being respected, we can all take their word for it.  The same people who are trying to make us all guilty until proven innocent by burying FATCA in the HIRE Act, and targeting political groups for dissenting against the unconstitutional bastards.

These kinds of statements make a guy ponder the concept of an angry mob erecting guillotines in strategic locations around Washington, and putting them to some positive use.

According to FOX news, in a refreshingly unbiased piece:  Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino spoke to reporters while in Vietnam on Monday saying his country is analyzing Snowden’s request. (I can’t decide if it intended negative, inflammatory spin mentioning the country that defeated Amerika while defending themselves – as any true American would do – and thereby trying to invoke a negative image of the Ecuadorian Minister or not.) He was critical of the U.S., saying it’s unlikely Snowden would receive a fair trial.

He said earlier that the asylum request “has to do with freedom of expression and with the security of citizens around the world.”

“There are some governments that act more upon their own interests, but we do not,” Patino said when asked if he was concerned about potentially damaging Ecuador’s relationship with the United States. “We act upon our principles.”

“We take care of human rights of the people,” he added.

Ouch.  That should sting a little.  Especially since everything he said is so absolutely true.  Now freedom-loving American patriots have to run and seek shelter in Ecuador in order to be protected from the totalitarian US government.  I see very little sympathy being generated for the neo-fascists on this one.

Some would say that the only sensible course of action is to cut bait and run.  I myself, 10-15 years ago while foreseeing all of this very clearly, had to get the hell out as a matter of self-preservation.  In those days (as with today), expressing such views could put one’s life in imminent danger, and those of us with such foresight represented only about 2% of the population.  Today it’s all proven, and the questions is, what are you going to do about it?

Some incapacitated-from-thinking-clearly, collective heads-up-their-rear-ends, and fogged-over-by-the-sheeple mentality, disparagingly called me a “runner” or a “coward”.   I had to recall the adage—“Walk (or run) away, and live to fight another day”.  As a consequence, here I am.  Had I stayed, I most certainly would not be here today, I’m quite sure.  After all, George Washington is immortalized for slipping across the Delaware River in the middle of the night thereby preserving his ability to fight, and then ultimately defeat, his enemies.  Getting slaughtered by a stronger force the next morning would’ve made that a bit more difficult.

Some would say that the US government is so out of control, that physical escape is the only action that makes any sense.  That trying to make any difference is futile and demeaning.  That a single person couldn’t possibly make any difference.  That, I think, is the self-fulfilling prophecy that got us here.  If everyone takes on that attitude, then obviously there will be no progress.  It’s almost the exact philosophy which ultimately justifies the sheeple mentality, actually.

Therefore, I tend to disagree.  I have a “what if” scenario of my own.  What if 100 million or so US citizens suddenly got as disgusted as we are?  Therefore, instead of comprising only 2% of the population, you suddenly found yourself in a near majority, with political momentum, and therefore having some power behind you.  Suddenly it wouldn’t take so much courage to speak your mind.  Under those circumstances, your stay and fight vs. walk away and survive to fight another day, decision might be greatly altered. 

I have a “how” question as well.  I’d love to know how, and in what innovative ways, a 100 million angry citizens would manifest their disgust.  How would they go about restoring their broken-down, utterly corrupt government, and restore the basic human rights protecting principles of the once globally revered US Constitution?  Possibly over decades even restoring US credibility around the world.

We all know that I’m a bare, and bird-chested wimp, sitting down here in Latin America just naively crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.  Apparently, Latin America has replaced the once great USA as the last bastion of freedom and principles?  In addition to protecting yourself, and your families, from a totalitarian, out of control government, you will eventually find that you need to help stop the spread of Amerikanist, neo-fascist totalitarianism.  That would preferably be done in Washington rather than having to face the jackboots in your newly discovered refuge, wherever that may be.

Therefore I urge you to go ahead and take few seconds to make a couple of mouse clicks, and sign a petition in order to urge your congressmen to uphold their oaths.  I, just yesterday, signed this appeal sent to me by the ACLU:

We stand opposed to any attempt to treat Edward Snowden as a traitor. Our government must also not pursue the case against him outside the ordinary course of American justice. He is entitled to the rule of law and constitutional protections that so many before us died to defend.

Snowden is innocent until proven guilty before a court of law and he must be afforded all of his rights as an American citizen. If he is brought to an American court, he must be afforded every opportunity to defend himself and convince a judge that what he did was justifiable and patriotic, even if he is charged with violating laws that themselves pose a threat to our democracy.

Finally, we say as Americans that we are tired of seeing liberty sacrificed on the altar of security and having a handful of lawmakers decide what we should and should not know. We are tired of living in a nation governed by fear instead of the principles of freedom and liberty that made this nation great.

The time it took me to read it, agree with it, and make the mouse clicks necessary to submit it to fascist, enemy of the people number 1, Charles Schumer, was easily less than one minute.  I can afford to take the risk that it was time wasted.  After all, what else is a guy to do?  Nothing?  That would make me a supporter of the Central Party Central Party Logo, and I just wasn’t cut out, nor raised that way.

Hasta la próxima muchachos, y mucha suerte.

Paul is an escaped Big 4 CPA (F/S auditor), and Corporate Controller/CFO who found a natural home in the offshore industry with Bobby Casey and the gang at GWP.   Contact him at [email protected] to learn more about the realities of economical offshore asset protection.

6 thoughts on “Offshore Re-education Camp: Lesson 4”

  1. I agree that Snowden is a hero not a traitor. I am in Malaysia today and there is an article in the New Straits Times about this issue. “The Snowden Effect in Sino-American Relations and I quote “In the eyes of many people the US now appears to be guilty of doing the same thing it was accusing China of doing. and possibly on an even bigger scale. President Obama’s assurances to Americans that the Us government was not listeniing in on their phone calls or reading their emails exacerberated anger and suspicion in Europe and elsewhere that Washington was spying on thewm and indeed on everyone else regardless of whether they were allies of the United States. A debate has raged as to whether he is a traitor or a whistle-blower —he is undoubtedly a whistle-blower. —-The genie is out of the bottle and can not be put back in. Within the US there is a need for a wide ranging debate regarding the extent to which Americans are willing to give up their privacy in return for security. —-“It can be argued that what Snowden has done will inthe long run benefit not just the people of the US but also people around the world. —-Previously China had the reputation of being a control freak and the US was seen as a bulwark for democracy and human rights. —- But now Washington stands accused of not just spying on its own citizens as is done by the Chinese government but of intruding into the private communications of virtually every person in the world. There is real danger that from now on the US will be seen by the rest of the world as not being much different from China. The reaction may well be “a plague on both your houses.” The author is Frank Ching. His email [email protected]. (This was at end or article).
    My comment: The US is criticizing Russia and Hong Kong but didn’t the US some months back grant asylum
    to a Chinese dissident whom China claimed as a traitor but the US considered a “political prisoner.?”

  2. Let me address this point-by-point so as not to further muddle the situation.

    First, yes, I agree that the sheeple mentality is collectivist. I suppose it’s practically the definition. Secondly, and just as obviously, I agree that looking out for number one is individualistic. I don’t agree that I actually offered any “solution”

    I think you’ve overcomplicated what I did, in fact, “advocate”. Much more simply stated–that participating in the democratic process is far more likely to produce positive results than not participating. I hope I don’t need to repeat again why.

    I’m unclear on some of your comments, Kelly. Are you saying that the USA is no longer a democratic republic? Are you further stating that we should be happy to hope for a benevolent dictator instead? Who exactly are the unelected bureaucrats you are referring to with such magical powers’ Please enlighten me.

    The key here might be your definition of “entity”. As I understand you, you think maybe the congress is some sort of body that can’t be touched nor changed? I’m proposing that it can be torn down and replaced. If you’re proposing otherwise, than possibly an all out revolution might be called for. I hope you’re wrong.

    1. Kelly Diamond

      “Participating in the democratic process is far more likely to produce positive results than not participating.” I don’t know if this is true, though. When has the democratic process produced better results than say… civil disobedience? Have more people benefited from the democratic process than from each looking out for their own best interests in a counter-cultural or even underground way? Slaves benefited more from the underground railroad than from Lincoln riding roughshod over state’s rights, for example.

      I don’t know if we are much of a democratic republic. We purport to be, but I remember seeing a post a while back saying something to the effect of “Politicians should be like NASCAR drivers and wear the logos of their sponsors.” In many respects, and perhaps I’m just over-dosing on cynicism, I don’t think we really have much of a say in who gets into office. The “Central Party” — as you have aptly coined it — has seen to squashing and quelling the voices of any emerging third parties, and marginalized anyone who would seek to disrupt the status quo. Large banks sponsor both sides as “insurance policies”… Goldman Sachs for example sponsored BOTH candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Phillip Morris has done the same in the past. If you’re not in a swing state, then why even bother? If you’re in a red state, the libertarians still don’t stand much of a chance. By the very strictest sense, yes we are a “democratic republic”, but I just doubt the average citizen really has any pull or say in it via the channels you suggest.

      By no means am I advocating apathy! Please don’t mistake my disagreement with your points to mean do-nothing. I am all for finding our own individual means of subverting, dodging, or circumventing the system in place. I mean, I know I could get the desired result of protecting my wealth more immediately and effectively if I put my assets offshore. I can’t say the same is true for voting or petitioning for my right to keep my property in tact.

      I don’t know if me not engaging the current process entails waiting for a benevolent dictator as much as it is says I don’t have time to wait for the process to let me know if I can be free… so I’m just gonna go be free rather than wait for permission. Nullification has done more than compliance and working the program.

      Unelected officials like Snowden, Drake, Binney and Manning have done more to bring transparency to our system than the elected officials. They acted as individuals, not as a collective. Unelected ambassadors did more to protect Manning from further inhumane torture than our own petitions. Other countries have done more to provide protection for Snowden than our own Constitution. Our system has failed when we’ve needed it the most: Watertown, Gitmo, Rendition, Japanese Internment Camps, every war since WW2 being undeclared… Our heroes have criminal records and most of them were unelected individuals! Rosa Parks, MLK, Jullian Assange, Ed Snowden, Brad Manning……

      I’m saying any framework that relies on the “right people” being in office, and a general public to unanimously put them there is not going to go well as evidenced by our current circumstances. I question the ethics of anyone who runs for office, because they are essentially seeking a position that allows them to regulate people’s lives.

      Ultimately what got us here isn’t that people don’t participate in the system. I would say it’s nearly 300 years of voting for lesser evils, the expansion of government agencies (including welfare programs which essentially bribe the pubic for their vote) and endless warfare that got us here. All it takes is a big plan and a little fear and any government can pull this: Constitution notwithstanding.

      What is at stake for any politician? Lifetime of retirement and healthcare, secret service for life, speaking tour, memoirs, revolving door into private sector shenanigans… That’s the punitive measures that await the politician if he DOESN’T get reelected! If he does get reelected, then he just keeps on with the tyranny.

      I have further issues with a Congress that silences even the elected dissenters! Remember CISPA, when a few principled representatives simply wanted to include some verbiage of requiring a warrant before searching? They were shut down and shut out. What about Obamacare which was “deemed” into law? There are work arounds within the framework itself. The integrity of a centrally planned system such as ours was compromised from day-one. Why are there less signatures on the ratification of the Constitution (40) than there are on the Declaration of Independence (56)? Ever wonder why 16 of the original signers of the DoI walked away from the Constitution? It is my guess that they saw the writing on the wall: inevitable failure and a slow road to dictatorship.

      I don’t know if a revolution is in order or imminent, but I would prefer not. That only will lead to putting another bunch of oligarchs in place, IMHO.

  3. My rapidly depreciating American two-cents: I always saw the “sheeple mentality” as collectivist in nature. So to look out for number one would then be individualist in nature. Your solution, if I’m understanding it correctly, is relying on the collective then to migrate in solidarity in a different direction. So the sheep collectively agree to not go off the cliff. Or the sheep bleat in unison that the slaughter of one of their own is not good. Is this the liberty win you are seeking or advocating?

    And, how, exactly, does petitioning the very entity who seeks to destroy the likes of Snowden help anyone? It took other countries and international pressure to get the US government to let up on Bradly Manning. It would appear that the battle is better fought by the unelected individuals who happen to be in a position to do something. The elected ones are just puppets on a string, already bought and paid for. I’m not seeing the case for using a broken system to fix itself… and acts such as voting and petitioning are just operating within and legitimizing a broken framework. A framework, whose integrity was at best precarious if it’s already allowed things to deteriorate to such sunken depths.

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