July 8, 2013

By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher

In light of recent events, where the US government called for the forced landing of the Bolivian flight carrying President Evo Morales — whereby detaining his cabinet, crew and him for hours while officials in Austria conducted an illegal search of Bolivian sovereign space — I have a value proposition for Bolivia, Ecuador, and all South American countries.

This proposition is 100% peaceful.  It does not call for any acts of aggression or violence.  It does not call for any trickery or fraud.  It is both humanitarian and legitimate.  Most of all, it is your best play to respond to the unacceptable behaviors of the United States government.

Open Letter to South AmericaThese are the words engraved upon the symbol of liberty on our Eastern shore:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless,

Tempest-tossed to me

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

We had an altar call, an open cry for any and all to come to our country to unleash their true potential and reap the fruits of their unbridled ethic. The response was countless disenfranchised individuals from all corners of the world, of all walks of life, of all religions and cultures and economic status, showed up. They took that risk with their families in tow…

In turn the geography known as the USA was the benefactor of migrant industry. The ethos imported by that open call created such a boon for the US economy, the likes of which have never been duplicated.  THIS was the great experiment. 

Over the course of one hundred years or more, our government has systematically quelled that. With no regard for its own laws. With no regard for human or civil rights. And while the world watched, it behaved in a manner which disgraced humanity itself with utter impunity.

People mistakenly look to America’s history in revolution, as if we were the discoverers of such a thing.  Revolution has been happening throughout the history of man.  But our Revolution, while it may initially have been about secession and freedom, has since become a historic artifact.  Ironically, those who participated in the Revolution are still regarded as heroes, but those who espouse their beliefs today are condemned, marginalized, and ultimately targeted by our government as “domestic terrorists”.

America has violated the trust of every other country.  It has taken the lives and liberty of countless innocent individuals.  It called for the temporary kidnapping of the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, and his cabinet, and violated his sovereign space.

South America, do you seek an impactful stand against this juggernaut? The imperialistic brute of the world? Do you think closing an embassy or denying trade is enough? It is not.

What can one or any country do against such a seemingly unstoppable force like the United States?

Deny it trade. Fine.

Close the embassy. Okay.

Don’t just stop doing business with the government, START doing business with the citizens. The business of expatriation. There is a population that is listening…

What if you opened your borders to disenfranchised Americans? Give the productive population a legal and swift path to citizenship. You would essentially be receiving the US’s tax base and work force. The lazy won’t come to your country: because they are lazy. The rich may very well come if the terms are right. The middle class… the most industrious of us all… the innovators and the workers… we begin to trickle over. We will answer the call.

First a few will come.  They will establish themselves.  They will call their relatives and tell them of how wonderful it is in your country.  Those relatives will come.  You can have the same prosperity the USA once enjoyed from this very experiment! 

People are a zero-sum game.  Your gain is the USA’s loss.  You would literally be using the free market forces to pull the rug out from under the USA.  Without force, without invasion, without one shot fired or one life taken: you will have peacefully used your own means from where you reside to conquer the USA.  Our vulnerability has never been in might.  It’s always been economic.

Some have used the tactic to scare the United States into spending itself into an economic stupor.  They failed to anticipate our endless line of credit.  But now that they are spending like drunkards, go for their revenue source: Its People.  Simply offer your country to all of us… with a simple affordable process. 

Full industries have flourished in other countries who’ve seen the desperation of Americans to disassociate from their broken system. 

Two years to establish ourselves and prove to be a citizen in good standing. First two years we’d be legal residents. By the end of the 2nd year, we can relinquish our US citizenship and receive one from you. In that two year period, offer us your diplomatic protection with a non-extradition agreement (with the exception of violent crimes) and a means to earn under your country’s name.  Protect our privacy.  Do not share our financial information with the US, as countless EU nations have done. 

We cannot starve the beast, if we are complicit in feeding it funds.

Why do I think this will be effective? Because in the last election, of the entire voting population, the one who received the MOST popular votes was NO ONE. That’s right. NO ONE. NADIE. The majority of the voting public has all but given up on our system, and simply did not vote at all.  They would rather have no one at all, than the pathetic choices our system offers.

There is a market for freedom, and we are looking for a country who isn’t just riding on the coattails of an expired reputation. Those who are loyal to this nonsense will stay here. Those who are loyal to this nonsense tell those of us who dare question it to leave! 

It doesn’t matter if the entire continent participates or if only one does.  It only takes ONE.  THIS is your leverage, Bolivia.  This is your leverage, Ecuador.  You think you are powerless against the United States?  You are wrong.  Either the United States will watch us leave, or it will close down its borders and deny its own citizens the right to freely travel.  So either you will gain our productivity, OR you will expose to the world that the Emperor in fact has no clothes.

Starve the beast.

With my best and most sincere regards,

Kelly Diamond

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