According to a recent Bloomberg article, Russia is adding Australian and Canadian dollars to its international reserves.  The Russian central bank deputy chairman, Alexei Ulyukayev along with Dmitry Medvedev have recently suggested that the world needs a new reserve currency and the US dollar no longer should be used.

Central banks around the world have been diversifying their own reserves out of the US dollar and into other gold and other commodity currencies like the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and Brazilian real.  This shift in central bank policy around the world can have a significant impact on your wealth if you are completely in US dollars.

Most Americans believe the US is the land of milk and honey and will always be so.  History proves otherwise.  The US has been on a downward slide for many years and as the snowball rolling down the mountain, it has gained too much momentum to stop.

If you have all of your assets denominated in US dollars, now is the time to act.  You don’t want to be permanently tied to the woes of the US economy.  Diversify your assets through ‘geo-arbitrage’.

From a practical standpoint, this just means to spread your wealth around the world.  Register a company in a low or no-tax jurisdiction.  Open a multi-currency bank account offshore.  Hold some of your investments outside of the US.  Buy real estate and gold.  But the time to act is now.  Tomorrow may be too late.