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May 12, 2014

By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher

Penny for your thoughts?  Next time you see a penny, think of its relative size to an RFID chip!

penny for your thoughtsI usually assign about a 1:20 ratio of news coverage to what’s actually going on. For example, there’s all sorts of things our government is doing about which no one knows a damn thing. Then there are the stories where, if you just happen to have enough foil hatted friends on Facebook, you might find out by way of obscure alt-media outlets. Then there are the ones that fill up the better-known alt-media outlets, and the mainstream media wakes up long enough to read the headline. If the MSM decides to spin it into cotton candy and rainbows, then I know something is wrong. If the MSM itself is startled by the story, I’m already aware of it and start getting scared. And if the MSM reporter lives long enough to do a follow-up piece, well, then, it’s just too frickin’ late to do anything about it.

Discussions and even news coverage surrounding surveillance is increasing. It’s become a running joke that we now have a new cloud system in the National Security Agency. All our files and passwords are backed up there, so if you ever lose any files, just submit a request to recover to the NSA. That only surfaced because of Edward Snowden. Prior to that, it was just murmurs and speculation, and a collection of discredited sources.

The FBI and the DHS have been playing a strong role as well in aggressively seeking out “leniency” from legislators and courts to just do an overt data dump. Proprietors of more secure technologies have given the virtual finger to the US Government and the ever-growing surveillance state. If you recall LavaBit and Silent Circle just closed their doors (the alternative was to sell out on their privacy policy) and re-opened as Dark Circle.

While I’m thrilled that when it comes to emails and internet use, tech innovators continue to stay steps ahead of the government, I’m terrified about the use of RFID chips. My news feed reads like some futuristic dystopian Phillip K. Dick novel! I mean, should I expect the transition between chips to three reliable psychics in a pool to happen in the next ten years? In every movie where the overlords are tracking the citizens, the citizens wind up maiming and disfiguring themselves just to get off their radar.  In Minority Report, for example, it was retina scans.

I’ve discussed in the past how biometric tracking is being introduced under the guise of preventing “undocumented immigrants” from “stealing jobs” from Americans. Right. Because our government has this amazing ability to show restraint. Just follow the bloody trail of innocent people dying and getting brutalized by our local police!  Getting finger prints, or DNA samples by way of road-side check points is just one way people are getting on this ever growing registry.

The RFID chip is what is commonly used for tracking lost pets! Put another way, it is what we use to track our PROPERTY. It’s already in our passports. Now it’s being introduced that kids be implanted with it or have at least their school badges. That’s received considerable push-back. Amongst them, are the devout Christians who do not make much distinction between the RFID chip and the Mark of the Beast. Easy enough to marginalize them for their beliefs, but whether it’s a story out of the Bible or a movie that was SUPPOSED TO BE FICTION that sets off the red flags, those who oppose it all came to the same correct conclusion. I’m not concerned with how they arrived at that conclusion, the point is, whomever is issuing the chip is the “owner”, and whomever is the recipient is the property.

It’s been subtly introduced in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) that adults receive one. You might be thinking of the one that goes in your forearm or your hand. Don’t. There are tests being done on a chip that goes in your brain. Preposterous? I don’t think so.  They are honing the technology and testing it now. Two things about the story in that link I just provided: 1. It’s from a small alt-media source, but 2. There is a link with a member of the MSM addressing the very real possibility that everyone will have a chip in the near future.  After all, Walmart is already set up to scan your retina and is readying itself to have “SoloHealth Stations” that will read your RFID chip… a chip they might very well be installing in people soon!

The State is really insecure. I’ve dated people like this, but I had the very wonderful option of breaking up with them! The break-up process with the United States is not pretty. Ever NOT call one of your psycho exes? (Call read as “check in”.) What happened? The suspicions escalated. The questions trickled in at a rather rapid pace. Perhaps they started to snoop into your call history? Hacked into your Facebook account? Called your friends to see if what you said was true?

Well, as it turns out, when people try to go off the e-tracking grid, it’s not only a little inconvenient, but it’s interesting to see what the government thinks of people who are a little camera shy with their actions.

Banks have limits on how much you can withdraw in cash. Well, as it turns out, stores have limits of how much you can buy in gift cards. A store “reserves the right to limit the daily amount of prepaid card purchases and has an obligation to report excessive transactions to the authorities,” according to one woman who tried to dodge the marketing tracking bugs during her pregnancy.

Marketers are rather ruthless with their use of technology to reach their target audiences. But wanting to sell me something isn’t nearly as unwelcome as wanting to create a bullshit narrative to be used against me in a court of law at some point in the future should the occasion arise. I’m not bothered that a business went out of their way to find me and offer me something I might find of value. It’s an offer to engage in peaceful commerce. Annoying as it is sometimes to get telemarketers on the phone, I can hang up without a SWAT team showing up at my door, breaking it down, and killing my dog.

Think of it for a moment: if you want to really go off the grid, what would you have to do and would that paint a depiction of a criminal by the US Government standards? Dealing in cash or alternative currencies. Growing your own food. Using alternative forms of energy. Handling your own recycling and composting the rest. Collecting rain water. All this ridiculously peaceful activity has the earmarks of criminal behavior!

I was once pulled over by a cop because I had a license plate frame on my car. I asked what the problem was. He said, “I can’t see the state your license plate is from.” I said, “But you have a clear description of my car and the license plate number.” He said, “Yes, but I can’t see which state it’s from.” I said, “Why would you need that?” He says, “To see if you are a criminal. I don’t know if you’re a criminal or not.”

Sure you do! I’m innocent until PROVEN guilty. Running my plates is not how we prove guilt. Running plates is how you figure out who I am… not what I am. But that’s not really how it is anymore, is it? I find it rather ironic that those who argue the social contract say that by virtue of being in any given country, I consent to their government’s actions to or against me. Well, by virtue of being in the United States, it’s assumed that I’m up to something nefarious and criminal… So all you social contract advocates… do you STILL consent to their actions?  Because you’re a criminal, and it’s just a matter of if and when you’ll be arrested for it.

The assumptions are escalating. The government assumes I’m a criminal and I’m dangerous. I assume the government is out to get me. The government assumes I’m hiding something because I guard my privacy. I assume the government finds me expendable for the purposes of propping up the illusion of safety.

If the MSM is doing a story on it, their angle might be way off… but there is something there. Don’t use the MSM as any source for facts, but more as an indicator of how government activity is escalating in any given area. Expect a follow up to this… as there is considerably more to cover.


2 thoughts on “Science Not-So Fiction”

  1. I actually was running for congress when the first affordable care act came out and I read the first half of it. It mandated an implanted chip. I have not read the one that was illegally created in the senate and passed with a simple majority in the house. You know what I said did happen but it can not. Any bill must originate in the house and pass with a 2/3 majority. Smoke and mirrors we pass what the donor want and I voted against it so give me more money and I will work to repeal it. What a great scam. Sorry folks our republic is gone. A fascist dictatorship is where corporate and government are entwined and the dictator passes laws by executive fiat, now called executive order to bypass congress.

    1. Kelly Diamond

      Executive order pretty much renders congress irrelevant right? And then when you look at the number of lawyers holding legislative office, that’s an interesting portal for the judiciary branch to infiltrate the legislative one…

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