Secret Mobility “Insurance” for You and Your Family

One of the most basic tenets of freedom is mobility.  So what happens when that mobility can be taken away in an instant?

mobility If there is one benefit of freedom everyone has, it’s mobility. Mobility is defined as being free to access services anywhere you want, travel wherever you want, and live where you want.

But that requires being outside the scope of a Government ability to restrict that mobility. If you live in the U.S., your mobility can be restricted faster than you think.

Here’s one way that can happen: The U.S. Government can snap its fingers and cancel your passport. According to Doug Casey:

In the U.S., for example, the government can cancel your passport if they accuse you of a felony. They don’t even need to convict you.

Now I know you may think you’ve never committed a felony, and there’s no way the U.S. Government could pin one on you, but you’d be wrong.

You see, the U.S. legal code is so long and complex that the average American commits three felonies every day — whether they realize it or not.

Here’s what this means: If the U.S. government wants to restrict your travel to the 50 States, they can easily find some obscure “felony” you’ve committed… and CANCEL your passport.

That’s why you should consider getting a 2nd passport in another country. This little 3.5-inch, 40-page booklet can be your lifeline to freedom if your homeland starts to clamp down on your lifestyle.

Mobility is not the only benefit of having a 2nd passport. Doug Casey points out:

“U.S. regulators have a long reach. This is why many, but not yet all, foreign financial institutions now turn away anyone who presents a U.S. passport. To be a welcome customer, you need a passport from a different country.”

Imagine being in a foreign country and finding yourself in a situation where you were denied financial services because you didn’t have a second passport. Not good!

Many wealthy people are already clued into these potential problems and the benefits of having a 2nd passport. Take Elon Musk, for example…

He was born in South Africa and has a passport from that country. But he also holds both Canadian and U.S. passports.

That’s three passports total. So if Musk runs into trouble in the U.S., he doesn’t have to worry about the U.S. canceling his passport or restricting his travel. He can simply travel to Canada or South Africa without any problems.

And there are more benefits…

If terrorists are looking for U.S. citizens to harm, you can use a 2nd passport to “hide” behind another country’s identity.

Plus, there are potential tax benefits as well as generational benefits. (For example, you can “hand down” a second passport to your kids.)

Bottom line: The benefits of a 2nd passport are numerous, but there are still critical details to consider.

How to Increase Your Mobility (And Your Freedom)

Today, it’s more important than ever to have a second (or third) passport just in case your government tries to restrict your travel. It’s also critical that you’re able to safely grow your wealth out of reach of government interference.

So I’d like to show you how to do both.

As you probably know, I’ve been living the life of a “digital nomad” since 2001. And during that time, I’ve learned dozens of extremely valuable lessons about how to keep your options open and maximize your freedom.

I created GWP Insiders to share those lessons.

In fact, I recently updated the entire membership area and I’m relaunching it as GWP Insiders 3.0. And, for a limited time, you can save 70% on membership.

Why should you seriously consider this?

GWP Insiders is a complete roadmap of internationalization strategies for location independent entrepreneurs and investors looking for answers to tax, residency, wealth, and lifestyle questions.

Bottom line, we believe in REAL freedom. Freedom to keep the money you earned.  Freedom to travel where you want, when you want…

Freedom to be private and secure in your business affairs and day to day life.

When you become a member of GWP Insiders, you’ll have access to some of the most valuable and closely guarded secrets the wealthy use to protect and grow their wealth.

For example, you’ll discover:

  • How to obtain citizenship and a second passport in less than one year.
  • The biggest tax haven in the world (most NEVER get this right).
  • How create offshore bank and brokerage accounts to store, protect, and grow your wealth.
  • How to structure your business to minimize or eliminate taxes.
  • The best opportunities for investing in foreign real estate.
  • The best places around the world for living as an expat or nomad.

And much, much more.

Right now, you can save 70% on your GWP Insiders 3.0 membership. But please hurry because this offer won’t last much longer.

To living privately,

Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

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