June 22, 2013

By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher

We at Global Wealth Protection think it is our job to stay – and help you remain – informed with the latest news about asset protection, privacy and liberty.  We develop asset protection and offshore strategies to help you minimize financial risk and maximize gain.

However, some of our content pieces manage to set a few folks off, and their feedback ranges from absolutely unhinged to thoughtful to everything in between.  While most companies would only showcase the most flattering testimonials… we share the feedback of some of the more entertaining folks who can’t stay on topic, but offer some damn good entertainment.

Ever have a neighbor who played their music loud, and when you went to complain about the volume, rather than turn it down, they turned it up even more?  We are that neighbor.  There will be NO toning down the rhetoric here… 

So, WELCOME, to the second edition of…

Strawman Saturday!

Strawman Saturday 2nd Issue“A straw man argument occurs in the context of a debate―formal or informal―when one side attacks a position―the “straw man”―not held by the other side, then acts as though the other side’s position has been refuted.”  This is the working definition offered in the Fallacy Files.

Consider this the highlight reel!  And Strawman Saturdays are for entertainment purposes only, so sit back and check out some behind-the-scenes communications…


In response to Paul Seymour’s article “Offshore Re-Education Camp: Lesson 3B”, Bobby is presented with the always nice False Choice:

BR writes:

“…You keep saying your company is not about tax evasion, yet you post these blogs railing against efforts to find tax evaders.  Either you are trying to protect them or subtly endorse them, or not.  Sometimes you have me questioning the legitimacy of your trade…”

Bobby responds:

“On a philosophical level, tax evasion is no different than theft evasion.  But on a practical level, I would never endorse or suggest that someone risk the penalties associated with tax evasion.  Our business is 100% legal.  It’s as legal as a CPA advising their clients on legal deductions they can claim on their returns.  It is possible to believe that taxation is theft, and still not promote illegal activity.  We offer legal options to our clients, which we can educate you on further if you wish.”

Perhaps it should be noted here, that GWP’s regard toward taxation isn’t pleasant.  That said, it is our goal to help you live as FREE a life as possible.  That is hardly accomplished by getting every one of us thrown in jail.  This is not a black market operation.  To claim otherwise is fear-based, ignorant conjecture.


There are still some folks that think the best course of action is to rationalize with the irrational… and those folks can often be quite irrational themselves.  This was in response to a blog I posted “The Questions of What If & What Now”:

SA writes:

“So I guess you guys think Martin Luther King should’ve just expatriated leaving Civil Rights high and dry?  Wouldn’t surprise me considering you basically are telling people to take their wealth out of the US.  Ever stop to think how that can actually hurt Americans?  I agree that the spying by our government is wrong… but I’m actually doing something about it!  Yes, I vote.  Yes, I write my representatives (vigilantly!).  Yes, I’ve even attended some townhall meetings and protests. 

“I’m doing my part.  And whatever positive effects I can bring, makes a difference.  To liken people like me who care to dogs is really not going to help unify the effort.  I don’t see you guys doing anything that can improve our situation!  Ingrates.”

Bobby responds:

“Actually, we are doing a great deal to help Americans.  We are educating them on current events that can directly affect them, and offering them a way to protect their assets from those events.  I’d say our solutions are far more immediate and noticeable.  We aren’t just sitting here crossing our fingers, and wondering if we’ve helped people.  We offer a course of action for people to take and see the results first hand.

“Ever stop to think if trying to operate in a broken system could ever amount to fixing it?”

Taking personal offense to a general statement directed toward the actions and not the people is the embodiment of strawman tactics.  And the high and mighty – yet immeasurable – claims that their actions amount to more than what we are doing is rather sad.

So concludes another installment of Strawman Saturday!  Join us next week as our Managing Director and Resident Punching Bag shares some more delicious nuggets from behind the scenes!