Challenge: Come at Bobby Casey with your toughest, most complicated questions about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, and he will deliver on answers!

nomadWhat questions do you have about living the digital nomad lifestyle?

Maybe you have questions about where to register your company, the best countries to use as a home base, or how to slash your tax bill in half?

I hope you do. Here’s why… 

As you probably know, all my GWP Insiders get unlimited 1-hour phone calls with me, up to one call a week. So here’s what I want you to do… 

First, sign up to become a GWP Insider. Here’s the link.

Second, schedule your first 1-hour call with me. (Right after you sign up, you’ll receive instructions for how to do this.)

Now here’s my challenge to you…

I want you to write down all the specific questions you have for me…

Questions about taxes, residency, citizenship, passports, banking, currency conversions…

Whatever it is that’s either preventing you from becoming a digital nomad or making it difficult to operate as a digital nomad.

Basically, I want you to try to stump me.

So I want you to bring me your toughest questions about setting up, internationalizing, and operating your digital nomad business.

No matter how strange or obscure the question might be, please write it down.

Now here’s my promise to you…

I will do my best to answer all your questions during our first call, assuming there’s enough time to get through them all.

And if for some reason we can’t get through all your questions, you can schedule another call for the following week.

But you WILL get your questions answered, I promise. And I’ll be close at hand to answer any other questions that will inevitably come up later along your journey.

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To live freely is divine,

Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

P.S. Don’t forget to write down your toughest questions and bring them to your first call with me. I’m already looking forward to it. ;-)