Become an Offshore Real Estate Mogul….and Live for FREE

April 6, 2015 by Bobby Casey A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a client of mine, Frank, about his travels. Frank is a good friend and a hugely successful entrepreneur. He runs a company with an 8 figure net profit margin, but remains very down to earth. Frank was recently in the […]

Name Just One Freedom Lost

by Paul Seymour, Director of Client Services How Much Freedom Have You Lost? Last week I shared some very personal information (Subject of a Tyrannical State, or Citizen of a Democratic Republic?) intended to give a name and a face to some of the damage done by abuses of power which have become routine in […]

Economic Collapse is Unavoidable

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director February 11, 2013 Sitting by the beach here in Nassau, Bahamas today I am reflecting on the common thread that ran through every one of the speakers from this week’s Freedom Fest: Global Financial Summit. Economic collapse is unavoidable. There is no stopping this monstrosity created by parasitic governments from […]

IRS: No One is Too Old, Too Poor or Too Sympathetic to Avoid Prosecution

by Brian Mahany, Esq – Legal Correspondent We have long said that the IRS and Justice Department is not letting up in their assault on taxpayers with unreported foreign accounts. Despite our warnings, many people with offshore wealth are still sitting on the fence. That “wait and see” approach could land them in jail. Why? […]

The Most Important Lesson

by Stephen Hilgart, Director of Marketing and Conference Operations When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I was lucky enough to be introduced to some amazing mentors. One man, by the name of Jim Rohn, played a huge influence in my personal philosophy. Today, I’d like to share one of his most important lessons. […]

A Foundation of Quick Sand

by Scott Causey, Resource Correspondent Every person on earth starts off with a base level of knowledge and inherent biases when being introduced to new skillsets. The inate skills, abilities, knowledge, and biases within that organism will determine a starting point for obtaining actionable new skills, or knowledge base. How critical is it then for […]

Offshore Trusts and Foundations – 23 More Days

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director December 7, 2012 Offshore trusts and foundations have been the main area of interest for our clients over the past couple of weeks. We have been bombarded with requests to set up a offshore trusts or foundations for clients who are seeking to escape the estate tax trap before the […]

J.M Keynes just called Obama Stupid

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director November 30, 2012 Even John Maynard Keynes would call Obama stupid right now. As much as I despise Keynes, even this capitalism destroyer would not raise taxes at a time when the economy is still on such shaky ground. In my humble (but accurate) opinion, the ideas developed by Keynes […]

Go Against the Flow, Stupid

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Two things will always be true about capital controls: they will always fail in the end and they will always protect the guilty. The Swiss have printed unprecedented amounts of francs to peg their currency against the euro. In the end, that decision will have a cost that is […]

Destruction of Perpetual Wealth – 40 More Days

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director In 40 days, massive changes occur in regards to estate taxes. For 2012, you can give $5.12M gift tax free to your heirs. If you are married, you can give $10.24M. This threshold equates to the non-taxable portion of your estate when you die. The estate tax is currently set […]