Food War III

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Who knew that the rap artist Nelly was actually a savvy investor? From the song “Grillz”: “Got 30 down at the bottom 30 mo’ at the top All invisible set in little ice cube blocks If I could call it a drink call it a smile on da rocks […]

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Recently, I sent a link to about a dozen friends, of a 45 minute interview conducted by a world renowned pschycologist with the infamous “Iceman”. The Iceman was a contract killer for the Mafia for over 30 years. He earned the nickname because he would sometimes store his victims […]

Uh…Oh… Primary Silver Just Became Secondary

by Scott Causey,  GWP Resource Correspondent Can You Afford to Stay out of the Silver Market? On July 23rd, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson made the following comments at the signing of the coinage act that officially removed silver content from the United States’ coins in circulation. “Now, all of you know these changes are necessary for […]

Exponential Growth

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent We all take things for granted; our wives or husbands, fresh clean pottable water,  using the ATM card at every corner and having Charmin (US dollars) dispensed to us. Many decades have gone by since the last time most humans in developed nations have had to use any semblance of […]