The Fat Lady Is Singing…..Without Her Twinkie

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Just how bad does American business have to get before people finally start to get it? Hostess, the maker of the Twinkie, has filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in the fattest nation on Earth. Does anybody else see just a tad of irony in that? This was the second […]

Let’s Get Out of Here!

by Steve Hilgart, Director of Conference Operations and Marketing When I first heard Bobby tell me that I should get a second passport, I thought, “What a silly idea! I don’t need a second passport! I’m a United States citizen – the greatest country in the world! Why the hell would I need a second passport?” But […]

Lets All Hold Hands and Jump Off the Cliff Together!

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent The Western World’s economic policies are destroying any hope of a real recovery. More importantly, I fear that it is completely intentional, as most things with government and big business are. Think back 10 years ago, and how you viewed the world then, as opposed to now. How would […]

True Patriotism

by Paul Carleton Seymour, Director of Client Services I recently traded a few letters with a distant cousin I ran across while researching my family tree. I’m quite proud of my ancestry. I always have been, even before I found out how much they’d contributed to founding, and then building America. That’s slightly beside the […]

Its Just Math

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director Over the past few days, I have debated a couple of people about what I consider to be the death spiral of the US economy. Of course Europe and Japan are in a similar position, but for the past few days, the debate has centered on the US economy. There […]