by Bobby Casey

worlds dumbest coupleToday, I want to introduce you to what may possibly be the world’s dumbest couple.

Last month, a cashier’s check totaling $847,215.57 was made out to the US Department of the Treasury.
Peter and Joan Petrasek had drafted identical wills naming “the government of the United States of America” as their sole heir. The Petrasek’s had no known living relatives.

The married couple have been living in Seattle, Washington after fleeing Nazi persecution. Peter was born in 1927 in Czechoslovakia and was 12 when the Nazis invaded his homeland. During WW2, Peter was placed in a German youth camp and in 1949 met the criteria for refugee status and entered the US zone of occupied Germany.

Little is know if Joan except she was born in Ireland. She married Peter in Ottawa, Ontario in 1951 and within a decade they had migrated to Seattle. Peter worked for Bethlehem Steel and Joan was an upholsterer.

Joan died in 1998 at the age of 79 from breast cancer while Peter lived another 14 years until dying in 2012 at the age of 85.

It took a few years, but eventually their lawyer was finally able to fulfill the couple’s request of donating their entire estate to the US Federal Government.

According to Peter Winn, an assistant US attorney who managed the couple’s donation, Peter Petrasek wanted to make a statement about how much it meant to them to be American citizens.

The government deposited the $847,215.57 check into the general fund.

disgusting check
According to CBO estimates, that means the US Federal Government spent the entire amount in 7.6 seconds.

Despite the harsh article title, I don’t want to be too hard on the Petraseks. We need to consider Peter’s perspective coming from Nazi occupation.

When he came to the US, it was exponentially better than what he left. But much like the boiling frog, the degradation was slow for the Petrasek’s – so much so he was still deeply brainwashed by the propaganda machine that continually convinced him (and YOU) that America is the greatest country in the world.

But take a look at the US Debt Clock and review what you see…

Currently the US Federal Debt is hovering at about $57,000 per every man, woman and child in America.

Consider that astronomical sum for a minute and what it means.

That is DEBT. Federal DEBT!!!

That means the US government has spent more than it collects in taxes (which are already astronomical) for decades and left each one of you with a $57,000 bill…..and counting.

And Peter gives it all to the US government for them to burn through in less than 8 seconds.

Just 10 years ago the US federal debt was standing at an already astronomical $25,000 per person.

That is more than a 100% increase in only 10 years.

Now ask yourself, “Does the government really have my best interest in mind when making policy decisions?”

Numbers don’t lie friends.

You can spout your political rhetoric all day long, but when YOUR personal obligation for the US political parasites’ ineptitude have grown by over 100% in 10 years, you may want to consider doing something about it.

Of course you can get in line every couple of years to cast your useless vote like all the other sheeple if you like.

Or…you can take personal responsibility with the individual approach for correcting the situation on an personal level.

That means coming to terms with the idea that you are not someone else’s burden and conversely, you are not responsible for someone else’s life as well.

There is also peace to be had when you understand that YOU cannot change the system, but YOU can improve your own quality of life dramatically by taking certain actionable steps.

And like Peter, you should seriously consider internationalizing your life, your wealth and your livelihood as the path to personal freedom.

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Until next time, live well

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