Tax Free Tshirt Company in Nevis

As I mentioned previously in my blog, I have discovered a way for some of you to defer taxation on your business income.  This, of course, requires an offshore asset protection strategy.  There are many details involved and lots of restrictions, but I am going to use a theoretical example to illustrate.

Joe runs a custom t-shirt company from California and sells his products all over the world through his website.  Joe has a very successful business and sells $2m per year in t-shirts with a 30% net profit margin earning $600k per year after his $100k per year salary.  After Joe takes advantage of his tax benefits, he pays 30% in tax or $180k.  That is a rather large check to write each year.

Today, Joe runs his business from Nevis.  He formed a Nevis LLC, rented a small office in Nevis to hire an administrative staff there to handle bookkeeping and customer service.  He sold his computer servers and has outsourced his server space to a firm in India.  He does all of his banking through Denmark and uses Paypal for website payments.  He has essentially severed all physical business ties in the US.  Granted, Joe still lives in California and still earns his $100k per year salary, for which he still pays his personal income tax. 

However, Joe no longer pays income tax on his $600k in net profit, saving his company $180k per year in taxes.  Joe now has reinvested his earnings into his business and expanded into a web based golf shop.  The golf shop operates on the same premise as the t-shirt shop and allows him to grow his business and his profits.

When Joe decides to repatriate some of his income from his offshore business he will certainly pay income tax on that amount.  But until that time, Joe can defer the taxation and invest his money as he sees fit in order to continue to grow his wealth. 

I understand this program doesn’t work for all of you.  In reality, it can only work for a few.  But for those few, it is a tremendous advantage.  For those of you that cannot take advantage of this, maybe it can’t be an option for your next business venture.  Certainly there are many variables to this situation and each must be individually evaluated. 

If you think this may work for you or if you have any other questions regarding your asset protection plan, contact me via email or at the number listed on our contact page.   Until next week, live well.

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